Best Games Ever

Yes Excellent games the Wing Commander collection, I played all of them on my Amiga 600 back in the day. I think the same guy who made all the Wing Commander games also made Star Citizens which looks pretty good.

In Star Citizens certain ships cost $48,000 US, yes you read correctly $48,000 US. They claim that grown adults will get in massive groups of 500 to 1000 people and finance one of these ships together.

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In terms of MMOs:
Guild Wars (2005-2007), especially the “Factions” expansion. A skill bar as complicated as an EvE fitting window (8 skills to pick from literally hundreds of skills).

for the pvp: Aion (before it became “free-to-play if you feed it money constantly”)

and LotRO online (especially Mines of Moria)

never looked back after joining EvE, if that needs mentioning.

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I played a bit of the “persistent” universe (not really persistent), the whole setup of the game is actually pretty simmilar to WC: Privateer, except that one actually was a finished product.

It’s apparently a collection of all items and ships. The Eve pay2win proponents that want to pay to skip the grind would feel right at home.

It’s like you don’t even have to install the game and can win anyway. A true time saver for the busy successful businessperson with five kids and a dog who still fancies themselves a gamer.

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There is only one game that is the bestest evar in my opinion:

Assassin’s Creed

One MMO that I like:

But I don’t play it often because I suck at it and I quickly get bored of dying. Not the bestest evar anyway.

I also like this one but it’s a cashgrab so I bought a ship that I like and sometimes play it in co-op when I’m bored. Not the bestest evar either.

One single-player game I sometimes play is this one:

It’s immersive and interesting.

I think the Doom series of games deserve a mention. it was one of the first games I played on a Windows PC back in the day and I definitely enjoyed the 2 most recent Doom games.

In no particular order after the first 10 bullet points:

  • PlanetSide. the original PlanetSide, for ■■■■’s sake. the sequel was OK, but it lacks the alamos and ToDs of the original
  • Civ 1, 2, & 3
  • Colonization
  • Cross Country USA
  • C&C: TD, TS, TS:F, RA, RA2, YR
  • AoE 1,2,3,4,
  • AoM
  • Brood War
  • HL 1, 2, EP1, EP2
  • Emperor: Battle For Dune
  • Oblivion
  • Skyrim
  • WC3
  • Gizmos & Gadgets
  • Treasure Mountain
  • Treasure MathStorm
  • Treasure Cove
  • Treasure Galaxy
  • Operation Neptune
  • Oregon Trail 1, 2 & 3
  • Mission T.H.I.N.K.
  • American Truck Simulator

+1 for Guild Wars. I still have it installed and drop in from time to time.

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Yep, that community is still good, better than it was in fact, albeit small. I only need to do a few more things to get the GWAM title - it’s tempting, and not tempting at the same time (lucky/unlucky is like afk mining) :smiley: I miss my suicide bombing necro in the Jade Quarry pvp zone, though it may have been nerfed afterwards. And FoW and UW. So many memories, guildies and friends.

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Anyone ever played Capitalism 2?

That’s an older game that has a stock market and can be entertaining to beat bill gates on the hall of fame!

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I did and was a good game but when it comes to business sims I was more into transportation manager games back those times like (O)TTD, Industry Giant, Transport Giant, Traffic Giant, Port Royale and alike. Also when managing a specific business RCT was also something I’ve spent a lot of time.

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These are probably lame to seasoned gamers but I like playing them. Not the best ever but I can’t afford the best anyway.
War on the Sea
Dawn of Man
Farming Simulator 22
The Sims 4
The Guild series
Total War series
Crusader Kings 3
No Man’s Sky

Destiny 2
EVE Online

I’m a big fan of Lords of Magic: Special Edition for PC, Risk for the PSX, and Mario Tennis for the GBC.


Lords of Magic. Oh, wow. I completely forgot about that game. Fire/Death ftw.


I War circa 1997.
Known as Independence War in the US and Europe.
Best ever space combat sim


Mail Order Monster

Order a monster in the mail.
Raise it.
Train it.
Battle it against other monsters.

The original Pokemon style game from the very early 80s.

It’s the game I’ve replayed the most often. No other game has quite the same level of atmosphere, content, puzzles, and so on. I found Half Life 2 a bit of a let down by comparison. Half Life was a game largely developed by gamers for gamers. By the time Half Life 2 came around, the marketing department seems to have been more in control of development, and marketing departments should not be designing games. Let that be a lesson to all gaming companies.

Sid Meyers Alpha Centauri

Cyberpunk 2077

Myst IV: Revelation

Balders Gate 3

Hmmm no… but I was there on Launch and did give 20 hours to that game.

So was I. And I just chalked all the glitches and wacky mechanics going on as “oh, that’s just the Relic malfunctioning.” It added a whole ‘nother level of immersion and wacky fun.

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Don’t really play games like normal people do as sometimes I would try to focus on a small aspect of that game in question;