Bird is the word and Peacock is their name

Friends of the Intergalactic Summit and voters of Orvolle1.

This landed on my to-be Governor’s desk this morning and I have had this warm fuzzy feeling all day! Still shaking with excitement while I type this, type this I must!

I must meet with this Peacock and bite their ear off for all the juicy gossip! But more importantly I have an ickling this dirt 2. on our fair @Oveg_Drust is his daily visits to the ever lovely @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia.

Word has apparently gotten out3. about this too and fanart is already being sent in!

1. I love every single one of you *kisses
2.Dirt is such a horrible word, “Love ready to be revealed” is better
3. oops, it was me


Are you building constituencies or looking for cooties, darling? Seriously, now. You’ll give politics a bad name.

Oh, there’s an accomplishment for you!

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This is very much part of my policy darling. I give the people what they want, Love! There needs to be more of it in this horrible fake cluster.

Speaking of which, business as usual because more of our lovely fans have sent art in.

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Ewww! Cooties.


I am so sorry for not updating all you lovely people. I was on a business trip to 4-4 for reasons and haven’t had time to update this thread! There is a quite a backlog of fan made posters.

A story like no other!

It could!

I think this bird might be a Peacock 1.

I am looking forward to seeing more wonderful work from all the fans. It’s clear @Oveg_Drust 's bully boys are searching far and wide for @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia, if they only knew Oveg is playing them at their own game! Of course you didn’t hear this from me :wink:

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1. hint hint, nudge nudge

EDIT: who put this here!?

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i’m still not entirely sure what you’re on about, darling, and I do think it is better to be seen in public with spies who haven’t been outed than with those who have been… but I do love a good musical!

There’s no freedom
like Noh freedom
It’s the best freedom
I know!

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The real question is: who removed me there!?

Do keep up Darling! Oveg x Laura love plot! Why else would SARO be cracking down in Placid?! So Oveg has an excuse to be closer to Laura, duh.

I have no hand in the art being sent in, only to fan the flames of Love.

You were there? Why didn’t you come say hello?!

I was inclined to dismiss this as pure projection, but… there is suddenly the matter of a giant new pleasure hub.

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That was actually my suggestion, that we expand the administrative capacity, as well as Pleasure Hub facilities, in the local area, and not the Mistress Brezia’s, though she was supportive of my initiative.

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I’m shy.


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