Blockchain /nft not happening in eve

This is why I had mentioned " (wishful) new items" to follow the path as those items.

Hilmar does not play golf. He plays blood falcons, on the side of a volcano.

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The rifter USB hub is still one of my favorite doodads.


How did you make that?

open paint brush
set canvas to 24x24 pixel , the same resolution of a cripto punk
zoom in , zoom in till you can see the pixels as squares
paint pixel by pixel

you can save the first picture , the small one , its in original resolution and edit it

quick example


Thank you, I will give that cat a kick!

(figuratively speaking)

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Where CCP’s concerned, it’s always best to wait 6 months to a year to see if they actually follow through.

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From a circle jerk of people? Doubt. They don’t listen to them when they make changes to the game. They just realized that NFTs are garbage. It requires investors and investors are looking for a return on their investment. Not to grow some gamer’s crypto wallet for playing a game. The only way you’re going to get people to invest money into your crypto currency without investors is through player trades for crypto currency where players can purchase some (not for investment, but for spending inside eve) and CCP simply keeps a single digit percentage after the transaction completes. This way the percentages from player trades that CCP would keep can’t suddenly be withdrawn from their accounts which is the issue atm with NFTs. It requires investors and their money eventually gets transferred to gamers which is unsustainable but taking a small percentage off the top between player trades using a crypto currency is sustainable since the amount that can be withdrawn decreases with each transaction and the percentages CCP would keep is unable to be touched by gamers making it profitable once things are in place.


It is good to know the players can trust CCP because we all know they always keep their word as they did in regards to skillpoints, ships, and limited edition assets.

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Well the hype died and people are abandoning NFT’s, so they just decided not to sink money on shipping something that would already be dead by the time it launched

Actually a fairly smart move from hilmar for the first time in years, and to be fair, CCP not having plans doesn’t really mean much when PA own them and can essentially force them through anyway




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Why are people whining about this?

Go clean your room.

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Would be interesting to see which demographic does the most whining,

It is still happening with the Eve IP, just not on TQ. That is clearly stated in the press release.


Shouldent every Ship have a NFT so that you can buy ships from space famous people?

We already have that with Mutaplasmid rolled Abyssal modules, you can see their name on the attribute show info window.

So non-fungible, creator minted / crafted, features are already in the game.

Thats prettty cool!
But not for ships though?

Since players cannot mint / craft unique ships, no. There would be no benefit unless it involves non-fungibility such as random statistics or something.

It’s so I can fly a ship made by this or that person, see who the previous owners were, if it was on grid for a famous event, stuff like that. It’s not good?

Sure, “produced by” or “gifted by” name field. You can just rename it for that purpose.

As for “previous owners”, I don’t see that benefit, also privacy issue. I’m less likely perhaps to sell or give it away if that shows, not to mention spam on the API emissions and show info window.

Somebody queries your spam ship and lag bombs / crashes your client or API tool.

If you don’t think that will happen, you should go check names on items in space, and other games. Intentionally created names to spam/lag/crash clients or take up screen real estate or make hard to parse/type.

Somebody will keep swapping a ship to spam the previous owner list, also means the database would need pruned frequently and for every ship.

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It has to be a stamp, not something you’d be able to rename.
You can find people in zskillboard and see their previous combat interactions. It would be cool to have some of that data on ships.

Point taken about the personal info, it can be skimmed off
-This ship/gun has Killed “X” amount of ships, was produced in “2008” and owners can have the option to stamp it with their name or not.
Problem solved? :slight_smile: