Blockchain /nft not happening in eve

I made a final correction
“And owners have the option to stamp their ship(being part of the previous owner list) after having owned it for half a year”

Hey if you pay me 1 billion ISK for a custom made very special one of a kind T1 frigate or destroyer or 2 billion ISK for a similar kind T1 cruiser I will make a post on my EVE blog that certifies that that specific ship was made just for you by me personally handcrafting it using my own blueprint copy to create the manufacturing job. :wink:

You just give the builds an ID, then you can just sell that number. Not even the fitting, just the number. cally it crypto and people will be all “investing” into it. Let the people mine out all of your ID numbers using gargantual computing power so it looks like they put in an effort and thus validating worth to them, it a psychological trick. Then your ID numbners will be the next monetary unit and it will be only going up in value and well, anything desperate people want it to be. Untill you pull the plug. :wink:

Another video about how great NFT works for computer games.

I liquidated my 401k and sold my house and put every dime into crypto. This is the revolution folks get in while you can.

The real problem as reported is they are losing 15million USD per week running EVE and the well is soon to run dry.

Player created NFT is still an option.

Steam Bans NFT

How dare they!!! They do not understand, that NFT is the future and how great they are?

BTW, is EvE online not on Steam?

I do not understand what you mean.

As I know, CCP is really losing money, but elsewhere, and is milking EvE online to fill the hole they are digging on other projects.

EvE online and EvE Echos are profitable, they create profit, not loss.

If that is what you meant, not sure about that.

EVE is not profitable anymore reported upwards of 15million dollars per month now in operating loss

Reported where? We havent had any information other than the PA Q1 2022 unless im missing something?

It’s a troll, just mute it.

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NFTs the way we know it, needs to go.

NFTs the real meaning, they come to stay.

I want to present the idea that anything inside a public ledger maintained by a crypto chain is a NFT.

You cannot eat, you cannot grab it, their value is dependent of other sources (electricity / computers / crypto chain). Their only value is intrinsic to the fact they exist in that chain while that chain is available.

Selling very idiotic pictures is just … stupidity?

Yea and then fission gets discovered and NFT’s from energy drop like a rock.

Need another limiting factor.

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