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yo dont feed the troll

Hah. If you truly wish to contribute and raise the standards of the information presented here, great – however, it is rather difficult to sift through the accompanying sea of arrogance. I think you could help with this.

Yeah, I know. Man’s gotta try.

That’s where you’re wrong pal. This steaming shitheap cannot be helped.
If they actually wanted a discussion, they wouldn’t be here. All of these kids just want to “reeee” and complain because change is scary.

Why shouldn’t they? Many (most?) of them are paying customers.

What does this have ANYTHING to do with the discussion at hand?

Old people. Lol

What they pay for is being changed. Do I have to spell this out for you?

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss and provide your feedback to the Development Team.

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Please show me where it say they’re paying for a specific type of in-game market mechanic that cannot be changed by CCP at any time. I’ll wait. :slight_smile:

Please show me where that matters. Bottom line is if you don’t keep your customers happy, they stop being customers. These are customers. They are complaining about things they don’t like. If those things remain, those customers may go. So why the hell shouldn’t they complain? What other forum (besides say /r/eve) should they complain in? Why don’t you let them? Why are you here?

Because you said:

But they didn’t pay for it. So it shouldn’t matter if it’s being changed.
They paid for a subscription to play EVE Online.A game that CCP is allowed to patch and change around as they wish. This market change is part of that.

They’re getting EXACTLY what they paid for.

Are you implying or suggesting that everyone here who is complaining will stop being customers? Because that’s a BOLD statement.

I’ll ask this right back you about my comments?..?? unless you believe you and the others have some kind of inherent benefit compared to my comments. Which, I don’t put past for someone like you.

CCP requested feedback, which is what most people are providing.

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Are you being deliberately obtuse? Yes, CCP can change whatever they CCPlease. Customers can leave. However, CCP wants customers and customers who have invested significant time here probably don’t really want to leave. Hence, communication. Complaints. Feedback. This forum post.


No, you’re just asking really dumb questions, lol.

I mean… okay?
I’m here to comment that this is fine.

Are you suggesting that only complaint should be allowed here? And that people should not come out in defense of these changes?

Great, so we can end this ridiculous conversation. Please proceed with your usual shtick.

No, I’m suggesting CCP should have sent the request just to you if they were only interested in your very narrow point of view. Lol

I think its about damn time some form of regulation came out for the market TBVH, I have spents years making isk from it not gonna lie and have always found it an odd system; though to be frank this only ‘marginally’ effects my way of trading.


The change to margin trading escrow isn’t good. I put massive buy orders in remote regions, then sell what I buy to profit from increased availability of goods in the region. I usually even sell at jita prices. It’s profitable for me and helps players in the region buy and sell goods locally, without having to go to Jita or Amarr. Usually this is in lowsec too. You’ve nearly ruined my ability to profit by forcing me to tie up all my isk in far less orders. As it stands, t1 fittings are nearly impossible to find on market due to low profitability per market slot. If this patch hits next month I’ll have no incentive to keep market trading as I do. You’ll see even less healthy markets outside of major trade hubs. I’ll be taking down my 1700 trade orders to the detriment of all! The other changes are good though.