Bug, exploit, or scammer paradise?

I don’t know why you placed that image, I don’t care, but I like it.

Who’s the actor ?

Judging by all the posts of people who have a hard time mining in highsec of all places lately I would say we already had a few iterations of that.

This is not a scam or bug, this is evidence that the school system failed to teach this person basic math.


“When in Rome, do as Romans do!” (proverb)
“В чужой монастырь со своим уставом не ходят” (Russian variant of the same proverb)

In any case, CCP needs to change number format to add an option for scientific notation then there would be no way to confuse 1.0e+9 with 1.0e+12 in prices AND the number of zeroes are already calculated for you for ease of use! This makes even more sense since CCP changed market pricing to 3 significant digits…

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Yes, and CCP should also use hexadecimal system instead of decimal, because it’s easier to handle the numbers after decimal sep.

Also go from kisk base value to kiisk (remember : 1ki = 2^10 = 1024 while 1k=1000)

They can ask Microsoft engineers for that change :smiley:

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Engineers are not always right… just take standard Harddrive measurements; the standard is that it takes (based off the metric-system) 1000 to get 1 ( 1000kB = 1MB, 1000MB = 1GB… etc.); now for those that know the basics for the binary-numbers and how data is stored know that this is totally wrong… 8bit = 1 Byte and then it goes to 1024 to get 1 (1024 byte = 1kB, 1024kB = 1MB… etc.)

this is why harddrives will alway have smaller capacity than what is written on the label (and in the description on the store’s page).

There is nothing wrong with how CCP have chosen to display numbers, which is the general way that most countries have it, comma = thousand separator and point = decimal separator. I can understand the frustration, but if you apply some common sense to the numbers, EVE always round up to the nearest 2-decimal’s place, so when the game write 3,400 billion why would you then assume it meant “3.4”?, it goes against all accounting logic. The specific contract may be a scam but no harm done, atleast not for the OP, as he mentioned he did not have enough to fulfill the contract.


Should have been showed in Trillions to avoid any miscomunication.

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No it’s not.
1kB = 1000 B (=10^3)
1kiB = 1024 B (=2^10)

Harddrives are actually expressed in the correct number of bytes, becasue it’s better for them to express on base 1000 than base 1024 (makes the number bigger) . So the number written on the hard drives is actually correct.
The incorrect one is the number written in the OS that are made by people who want to rewrite the wheel and claim they were the first one to build it.

The only reason to use base 1024 is because it’s a binary ■■■■ to the right(kB = B>>10), so faster to perform than a real division (takes one cycle instead of like 5). but the gain is just stupidly bad with the loss of precision on bigger sizes. It was okay to have 1024/1000 loss of precision( so +2.4% for kB), but for MB it became(1024/1000)² = +4.8%, for GB it’s 7.4%, and for TB it’s 10% error, and PB 12.6%.

That’s just wrong. You think they have smaller capacity because you are used to base 1024 for no reason other than being told to, while it’s been proven already (see nasa in 2007) that using standardized unit is required to avoid conversion issues(so base 1024 prefixes will need to go).
Creating non-standard numeral system only leads in making more errors.

BTW my post was ironic. Of course CCP should not use hexadecimal base.

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Is this thread still open?

Does the OP need more mockery or is he done?

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I’m not wrong; all electronic data is stored as sets of 0 and 1’s, regardless of the medium it’s stored on, and as such must follow the binary-system.

Now it doesn’t mean that NASA’s research is completely wrong.

And THAT is just completely wrong.

NO computer don’t “must” follow binary system.
They use binary representation of number to represent physically the numbers. And that’s where it ends. You can show numbers in a decimal, hexa, octa, binary representation, it’s a choice.

If you have 1000 eggs then you still use the decimal system, not the egg system.
The hard drive is a series of bit (resp Bytes, does not matter), when you have 1000 ot them you have 1kb(resp 1kB).
If you decide that now 1kB is 1024 kB then you are WRONG, just as if you decide that one kilometer is now 1050 m because it’s easier for you to use (because each distance between two towns is actually a multiple of 1050m). You are making a choice, that seems interesting for you, but is actually stupid. It is stupid because the language is supposed to make people exchange ideas, and this choice make people misunderstand your idea and you misunderstand theirs.

so the notion that 1GB=2^30B is a STUPID idea, that has been kept because Microsoft engineers were unable to accept their mistake and kept pushing that bug as a feature.

Also there ar other reasons why the HD have less capacity that what is said.
The main one, is that what you see from the OS is a LOGICAL drive, so a part of the usable bytes are used for things helping the storage of the data bytes, like verification code, master table, fragmentation, etc.

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I so so wish we still had signatures

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It’s 1.000 eggs anyways and NOT 1,000 eggs…

1,000 eggs would be ONE egg :slight_smile:

Because a comma(and NOT a point) seperates anything UNDER 1 in civilized countries :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does smaller values say 3.5 billion instead of 3,500 million?

Shouldn’t 3,500 billion be written as 3.5 trillion?



This is not a scam or bug, this is evidence that the parents failed to teach this person basic manners.

Another word for fuel.

Fuel uses the egg system now.

How any mockeries to the egg these days anyway?

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So git gud in game. And then git gud in real life too.

A bakers dozen cubits.