Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings


(Anderson Geten) #247

ok so please, try the fit people gave here and THEN you can try with your own fit :wink:

(Birk Ernaga) #248


Also, is that web really has 48km range ?

(elitatwo) #249

Chainsaw, if you have enough fitting left, you can nos burner rats, except for the logi frigates. That should give you some more cap if you need.
If the values from SiSi and TQ don’t differ, the nosferatu always gives you the maximum cap in optimal range.

(Anderson Geten) #250

AND THAT’S GOOD :slight_smile:

I just checked, with tetryon the damavik should have 103.8 max DPS, ie 155.7 after spoling, which is not enough to break the rat ;
with occult I would reach 200 DPS but with 384 tracking, ie 63.8% applied DPS, after resists, 18.48 % of your DPS so 36.9DPS applied, it’s enough to break it.

(Birk Ernaga) #252

So what if it’s good following the given fits if I can’t do shit with them x)

On PyFa with all 5 I have 512 tracking and 247 dps at full with tetryon. At all 4 you should be pretty close.
Also web drones ! I wanna try that too

(Birk Ernaga) #253

After tweaking a bi the wolf fit I took the blood agent down ! :tada:

(Sinjin Pava) #254

The posted fits are all still viable. If you don’t have near max skills, you may need to modify some of them a bit with extra bling (as you discovered with Blood agent). If you read through this thread you’ll see that there are several viable fits for most of the burners, but it’s still a very narrow range that work. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a genuinely new fit come along that’s actually a better alternative than the ones posted - though that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

As Anderson demonstrated above, burners are an exercise in math. You should always check posted fits in Pyfa and run the numbers to ensure they work for your skills and implants.

(Anderson Geten) #255

on the fit I gave ? Then I may have missed a few skills
base is 109 damage
*1.2 (turret mult)
/3.5 (fire period)
/0.9 (gunnery V)
/0.8 (rapid fire V)
*1.15 (surgical strike)
=> 59.69 base DPS

with gun V + gun spe V + trig frig V => * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.1
=> 102.6 DPS

once spoooled => 153.89 DPS

(Birk Ernaga) #256

I think the skills don’t add up so simply, the math may be a bit different

Do Burner NPCs have the exact resistance hole ? Seing the fits I was thinking that may not be the case
Also, did anyone tried Vengeance or the Sacrilege against any of the burners ?

(Anderson Geten) #257

the ■■■■ you are talking about ?

They all are combined multiplicatively, and that’s what I do with my formula.

It also is correct with the data I have ingame with my skills (after removing the 5% base added DPG from the first spool cycle).

What is “exact” ? I gave you the burner cruor link, you can fetch their res there. and search for other rats.

(Ploing) #258

sure the venegeance is used by some. please read also the original thread in the old forum linked in the startpost.

the used ships have all its advantages which other simply dont have against specific burners.

(Birk Ernaga) #259

The reason I said that is that I have a different result with PyFa

Ah I didn’t see that part.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #260

Might be worth looking at, although I haven’t used the succubus in a while. The initial fit was over tanked and over capped as the intention was to survive a disconnect. Quickly looking you could get it on but would probably involve going shiny as you would need faction damage mods to save enough CPU for the nos.

These days I use a full gank daredevil with shield buffer. 500 dps 2x strong webs, it’s usually over before I run out of shield, a simple mistake and you might end up in hull, more than that you probably lose your ship so not the most forgiving.

(elitatwo) #261

Or that. May be an option for pilots whom cannot fly daredevils yet or want to try something different.
I went the same way with my Succubus fit just with the difference that I used the nos instead because I knew that you can nos the rats, well those and some sleepers too.

(Ploing) #262


you can also try some of the storylines. Tahron’s Custom Heat Sink is at 10 mill in jita. but as you use the gankdevil these days its maybe not worth.

(Birk Ernaga) #263

I have a problem with the burner worm, when I warp to the site he’s already too far to reach, he’s at more than 10km …
I feel this is just plain impossible
And I’m pretty sure his missiles are so OP they’d one shot drones

(Anderson Geten) #264

that’s why you need an OL MWD. To catch him.

The enyo has enough scourge resist so you don’t need anything else than pith A MSB to tank him.
enyo + a-type MSB + a-type 5mn+ nanofiber = win

(Birk Ernaga) #265

I wasn’t cathing up even with the overload :-/
What is MSB ?

(Ploing) #266

msb = medium shield booster.
but for the shieldenyo you only need the pith a small one.

its also usefull to have some speedimplants like zors hyperlink. try to match something around 5200-5400 m/s overheated.

which ship and fit did u try?

(Anderson Geten) #267

sorry, did not check it.