Can we fix the wallet

I actually like and welcome the new wallet mechanics and design. The income/ expenses analysis is especially a good addition.

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First world problems…

Please ignore this thread…

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New wallet is garbage. Incoherent. Go back to original ffs or give the option. We need 3 data points from a wallet… ISK in, ISK out and pending market transactions. Whoever came up with this and over-complicated it should be fired for incompetence.


I like that.

It’s like bottom, but because it’s actually “button” it reminds of butt.
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Big, nice, round butts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the mental images.



Man, that’s brilliant on so many levels! :open_mouth:

First solution is to ignore you.

Seriously, if you think there’s no issue then stop posting in threads that are created specifically to address an issue.


I did that months ago, the forums are such a better experience for it.

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The overview is exactly that, an overview, you shouldn’t need to stare at it for long periods of time. Quite frankly you shouldn’t need to have your wallet window that large in the first place unless you are taking a look at market transactions as a point of reference.

I am not exactly sure how “responsive” you want the overview to be, you can scale it up to fill the void space in the window but that will look 5 times bigger then the other elements in the window and actually look more like garbage then empty window space. Even if you center it within the element it is in, it still would look disjointed compared to the others.

I know it’s difficult to summon up the ability to do, but try to suppress your OCD tendency because it most likely isn’t going to change. No matter what features or functions CCP adds, there will always be a few dozen or so people that can’t stand it and want it changed, welcome to EVE.

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I like it, but it is a bit big! the buttons are definitely too big. There needs to be a compact mode like in Planetary Production window.

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ok octoven the reason i have my wallet window this large is because its stacked with most of my other windows that i use like the market and because i like to see my market transaction with out have to scroll so much and the overview wasnt the main problem to the window it was just a minor one where all the other problems with the wallet was visible

look at this pic below im lucky enough to be able to have my window/wallet at this size and still have space on my screen to see other things.
we dont even have a scroll bar at the bottom of the window so if i had it any smaller i wouldnt be able to see what location that sold or where i bought the item
and you might argue based on my pic, look you can still see everything even with the large ass buttons and yes i can see but you also said who even have their wallet at that size any way so we are now back to my original problem with stuff that shouldnt take up so much space is now taking up alot of space

we could ofc also just do like the other interface that ccp made agency and hypernet just make it fixet size because it seems that ppl just like to get crap ui

and one more thing move the next page buttons to the top its bad design to have it down there i know it make sens based on alot of products out there but all interacteble items are in the top and one is moved so far away from everything else is not good


And above all, get rid of the corporate wallet delay… it messes with my market dopamine shot…

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Got the point?.. :slight_smile:


A design decision by the devs is no “issue”.

It’s something new…which explains the whining here…

You can block people on the forums? How? :smiley:

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Oh, I don’t block people on these forums, I just meant ignore as in not replying to him.

As for your question, I don’t know but I’m sure there’s others who know how to do it.

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Let's block people! (I think)


That you are an idiot? yes sir.

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To add my two cents:
– Why can’t I pin the Market Orders tab to the left side? I have to go into the Finance submenu to re-open it every time I log in, or if I accidentally close it.
– In the old interface, I was able to see all my market-relevant finances in one place: Current total ISK, current escrow amount. Now I have to toggle between two separate windows to get that information.
– The highlighting on market orders is WAY too light, especially for us older players. Can we make that more obvious, or make it customizable?

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Of course that is how you have your windows arranged, others do it differently. My point being that everyone has a subjective opinion and none will be a perfect solution. However, the new wallet UI is progress to the original one.

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