CCP Cancels WIS and then Tease It... 👀

I think you’re onto something. Surely the ISD’s wouldn’t fall for that…would they?

I think it’s an auto thing when enough alts hit the flag.

One of the many reasons I think Alphas should not be posting in GD.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Agreed. I was told that a muzzle has been applied.

Check your in-game email when you get a chance. :sunglasses:


ISD is not paid enough. :moneybag:

I thought CCP said that if people abused the :warning: [FLAG] button they would eventually be ignored.

I just woke up from a 48-hour nap. It was exhilarating!

CCP is drifting towards WiS with this:

If anything I think they’re moving closer to making an Eve movie for the big screen than implementing WiS.

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EVE online the movie

Yeah, there was talk about it years ago, if I remember correctly, a CCP Dev was the one who first came up with that idea…

they would have to have a major update right as the movie comes out though

Not sure if that’s needed.

Don’t think there was a major update in the game when Warcraft released their big screen movie…

yes but if they had some new lore they would have to

People love origin stories…

I recall talk of a TV series, not sure about a movie:

The funny quote in there, Hilmar: “We would rather do it well than in a hurry.”

So given that CCP’s idea of “fast-paced” seems to be “sometime this century”, you may want to look at player-made productions:


I’d go see it.

GIve me 5 billion isk and I’ll make lore for the protagonist

Hmmm, maybe it was a TV show…

What I mainly remember is a CCP Dev posted a thread asking us players, based on Eve Lore, which actors we thought should portray the various Eve characters…

here is a tidbit of their lore
Akio was born on the peaceful calrdari home world Then when she was only five she lost both her father and her mother to the home world bombing this left Akio alone in a very big cluster once she became 18 she joined the Caldari navy and was later approved to become a capsular And found it easy to destroy the Gallente navy and soon after left the navy hoping for a bigger challenge she found out that she could attack other capsular and have no one do anything angsts it
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