Hence as the subject says.
Lets get drifter ships BPC drops, i am fine if they made with super crazy skill requirements. Perhaps drop them in higher tier Abyss drifter spawns?


What role would they fill? What gameplay would they add? Why should they be added.

Ships for ships sake isn’t healthy


You mean like Trig ships?

You mean like SoCT ships?

You mean like special edition ships?

You mean like prize ships?

You mean like faction ships?

You mean like empire federation / navy ships?


Why don’t you ask for Autothesian BPs as drones too?


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Maybe get the Edencom Ships in a good place.


Trigs have unique game play around them.

I’m not sure why you listed special edition 3 times.

Then I’m going to assume the last two you meant pirate and faction ships?

Who all have slots and niches in the current meta?

See those are an example of just adding something to add something then trying to tack a gimmick on after.

These can never really get into a good place. Because of how they work anything balanced for common fleet sizes breaks in large fleets

well technically, drifter ships or more frankly, jove ships are in game, just not available for us… they are CCP’s ships that they can fly or used to fly… not really sure if they are still in game for their use or not.

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That’s true about every npc ship in the game lol.

Doesn’t change my point about adding ships just to add ships isn’t healthy when it comes to what players have access to.

At what daily / weekly player count will it have to go low enough to get these ships into the game in order to keep people logging on?

The player count is still in decline, something the “don’t change things” maximilists keep omitting or forgetting.

Trig ships actually do something different to the ships we had before they existed, i’ll agree with the majority of the rest though

That being said i wouldn’t be upset if they added the drifter BS as a flyable hull, i don’t care even if it was as terrible as the praxis in terms of bonii

A well written thread, now 4yrs and going.


Edencom Frigate and Cruiser can be really good. No idea about the BS.

They’re just really expensive.

There are already too many ships, many of which I’ll never pilot but maybe there are players who’ve piloted all of the ships now present in the game and do want to have the opportunity to fly other ship, are you one of those?

Choice is difficult isn’t it, just like shopping in the supermarket.

That’s the real problem right?

I don’t think so but maybe. Too many choices may be a problem for undecisive people but may not be for those who know exactly what they want. I guess it may be a case of preferences or caprice.
Personally I wouldn’t care one way or the other if they added more ships or not, I just know I’m not going to use all the ships that are already present in the game, can’t talk for other players.

The skill point sink would be enormous, just like with Edencom. Imagine the booster packs that could be sold. Glorious profits, profits, profits. What miserable soul wouldn’t support this?

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Would give me something to sink my 3.6mil unallocated SP in to lol

Jove ships were taken out over a year ago. Or, at least, the ability to save hacked fits and spin them in the fitting screen was. Same with the Polaris frig, which only shows up if an ISD links their fit in chat. it’s a shame, because the Jove ships were truly beautiful, imo. However, you can spin the Drifter weapon (Lux Kronos or w/e it’s called) if you click on it in a killmail.

They’d look cool.

Probably not much…but they’d look cool.

Cool looking.

Leeroy Jenkins knew cool. Let’s be Leeroys.