CCP Hilmar, CCP Falcon, and CCP Goodfella reveal their plans for an Eve Era of CHAOS in this new interview!

Watch the interview.
It is good.

Welp, how did it turn out?

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Sad part is how many of that have now left the game could have told them what the outcome was going to be?

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24:45 - 28:00 - When asked about transitioning more risk averse players who are resistant to change over to the new chaos era of eve

Hilmar : When we launched the new 64bit client I was surprised by how many players immediately started using it, over 40%. There was not many real immediate benefits and it was an opt-in beta that didn’t directly affect the gameplay of most people adopting it.

Because of that, we believe we have far more innovators playing eve than we original thought. That gave me a different way to think about it, based on the influx and based on the response to the relatively crazy things over the summer, the response and data has been very positive.

We have much less risk averse people than you might think. Eve is designed as a difficulty mountain, but the mountain is broken. It doesn’t go high enough, and it also doesn’t go low enough.

I think CCP Hilmar has no idea that simply doubling the number gets a lot of people hyped for no good reason. How he jumps to the conclusion that there are far more Innovators than he thought is … uh … interesting.

And then jumping to the conclusion that it also means we don’t have plenty of risk averse people is laughable. It’s like he’s ignoring what happened in the last years and who his new target audience was. It’s like when they “didn’t understand” why the downslope of players started back in 2013 despite it going along with their plans of “expanding the fanbase” and griefing away all the long time veterans who made this game what it was, made it grow, made it feel alive.

It’s all propaganda. It always has been. Every single devblog is written partly at least as a propaganda piece trying to fool people into believing whatever they want. Every single interview is filled with propaganda to fool the current and future players. Sure, that’s normal. It’s marketing.

All it takes is having enough fools falling for it, which drowns out those who have legitimate concerns and objections.


It’s not going anywhere, deal with it.

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Drawing the conclusions Hilmar wants to believe in, from any unrelated data source, seems to have been a long-term thing for CCP.

CCP: Adopting beta 64 bit clients has nothing to with in-game behaviour. Particularly since it’s so trivial to reset.

As Solecist said, every now and then CCP puts on a dog-and-pony show of some sort and tries to spin “Yes we get it and we’re doing things for you, our wonderful players!”. And every time they do it, people jump in to say “Yeah this is awesome CCP finally gets it!”.

Nope. They didn’t get it then, they don’t get it now, and until management stops living in an Ivory™ bubble, they’ll never get it.

Just as a note though, I think Burger is the creative director. Usually the C.D. and a few others will head up the design changes, and the CEO is more involved in strategically ‘setting the corporate direction’. Things like green-lighting all the failed/unsuccessful projects they’ve undertaken over the years, that sort of stuff.

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Posting to point out that that’s not the propaganda I’ve been talking about,
but it too is just their usual blabla anyway, though every company does that.

This is more blatant, obvious propaganda, while the one I’m talking about isn’t.

They’ll be relocating from the Ivory Bubble to a Pearl Abyss quite soon.

I suspect their worldview is going to change a great deal.


I hope the Pearl “Abyss” is deep enough that it breaks the ivory bubble when it hits bottom and lets some light shine (real development, not this half assed “Era of Chaos”) on Eve.

Give Eve half the attention that has been wasted of many failed side projects over the years and it could once again be a great game with a bright future.

Until Super proliferation, invulnerable sov and structure spam are dealt with, Eve will stay remain in a state of hiatus.


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