CCP killed highsec PvP

(Salvos Rhoska) #1256

Goodbye, Ramona.

(Neuntausend) #1257

To derail this thread further: Nobody can tell what you mean by “all due seriousness”, because nobody knows how much seriousness you consider to be due. Considering that you claim you want to run for CSM to end CSM, as well as all your posts stating that you don’t give a rats ass about people voting for you, you might just be trolling. And yes, trolling is serious business, but in a different way.

(Salvos Rhoska) #1258

I wish you wouldnt, but since you did and addressed it to me:

That is not true.
It is futile for me to engage with people that will never vote for me, no matter what.
That is what I stated, whilst answering reasonable questions alongside.
Each CSM candidate has their own potential constituency, you dont have to “convince” everyone to vote for you, nor would that be democratic…

You only need a platform that passes CCP conditions, and enough votes for you to be elected to a CSM seat.

If you want to discuss this further, I recommend you send me that via EVEmail, instead of further derailment, as you yourself put it.

(Saeger1737) #1259

Do you ever post on anything you actually know or is speculation the only thing your good for?

(Whitehound) #1260

Not meaning to alert you, but our dear friend Salvos Rhoska is said to have passed away. A sermon was held here for his passing away.

(Saeger1737) #1261


I don’t see why I should care?

Good riddance

(DioKahn) #1262

According to EvE Vegas… There are only 5 to 10 pvp highsec corps left that can afford war for their members. These corps should be recognized and thanked for making the outrageous war payments and providing what little reputable pvp that is still available sub-cap. I know how difficult it is to provide pvp content in highsec and it is a shame that most are forced into gate camping trade hubs and routes. Praise James315 for his contributions also.

(Anne Dieu-le-veut) #1263

Since this thread was already necroed, Salvos is back in the form of Proteus_Onzo

(Dom Arkaral) #1264

Salvos Rhoska, Norian Rever, Proteus Onzo and finally BROKEN GAME are all banned

No need to worry about him returning :smiley:

(Uriel the Flame) #1265

I think salvos will quit EVE every month. This will be a ritual that goes on for years. :slight_smile:

(mimi45) #1266

After long consideration I come to conclusion:

  • HiSec is not suitable for any kind of PVP
  • LowSec is suitable for solo and small gang PVP
  • NullSec is sutable for roaming gangs and epic size PVP

Now that I come to the right conclusion let CCP do it at last.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #1267


Kiss goodbye to the trade hubs.

(mimi45) #1268

FTFY :slight_smile:

(Jonah Gravenstein) #1269

Trade is PvP, if hisec isn’t suitable for any kind of PvP then you can’t have trade hubs in hisec, nor can you have any activity that involves competing with other players in any form. Competition being a prime part of PvP.

(mimi45) #1270

Those stupid statements have long been sold and everyone believed in them. Consequently, in Wall Street, New York, one would have to travel in armored vehicles under full warfare.

Forget those nonsense. Weapons are a weapon, the stock market is a stock market and stop making it even more equal.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #1271

So trade isn’t PvP, is that what you’re claiming?

When I use sell orders I’m competing with other players for customers.
When I use buy orders I’m competing with other players for suppliers.
When I buy out a competitor and resell at a higher price, I’m competing with at least 1 other player.

I can cause just as much damage through trade as I can through shooting you in the face; ISK being a weapon, albeit a subtle one.

How is that not PvP?

(mimi45) #1272

Trade is an economic activity that connects, enriches and beautifies our world. She is there from the first markets where her grandparents sell egg to buy her granddaughter’s dress. Even from the first merchandising caravans across the desert, through storms, against the robbers, they overtook ways to bring unrivaled goods from distant lands. Let’s remember the valuable craftsmen who worked pretty little boots for small schoolchildren …

All of them are working to make the world a more beautiful and richer place. We can not blame them for fighting when they actually did good all over the world.

This big scam that PVP production came from the scars of lost souls sinking in ignorance and superficiality and we as the enigmatic creatures of immortal capsules have to be on the side of knowledge and good.

HiSec needs to be a place where growth prosperity rich living and good will, must engage trade and economics to flourish and develop and PVP to be expelled into the LowSwc and NullSec heels.

(March rabbit) #1273

You forgot to mention those nice people who made India produce cocaine and forced China to buy it. :ok_hand:

And you completely left aside those who worked hard in Afrika selling slaves to America.

Peaceful traders were they!

(Dom Arkaral) #1274

Can’t you let this thread die for crying out loud…

(mimi45) #1275

If you seek evil you will always find it, but it will find you and slowly enter into you and master you.

Evil you must not looking for, you must push it from yourself to be worthy immortal capsuleers of the sacred four empires.

When we become worthy and righteous, we together will exalt the sacred four empires and make them better and more beautiful, and thus bring a new ray of light into this universe.

CCP has removed the cloud of doubt from the head. The CCP has shifted its burden from the heart and walked right path of the peace and development for HiSec. He noticed that PVP was the biggest fraud he had brought in HiSec. The CCP pulled out of the viking sword of justice and steadily began to sift PVP from HiSec.

The CCP has gone through the lights and let’s all together join him on that difficult task.