(Moe Shakiel) #41

Get out of highsec…

(Sasha Viderzei) #42

Pfeuh. You’re afraid to shoot some walking programs ? Then you don’t deserve the ore supplies in Highsec, leave it to others that grew some balls.

Damn, it’s not that hard, even from someone not mining in highsec like me. You just have to use a scout in a fast frigate, strap any kind of weapon on it and scout the belts. If you see NPC miners, shoot them so they warp off and GTFO before the defense fleet warp in. You could even skill into a high DPS ship, like a tier 3 battlecruiser with a warp disruptor and try to kill some Mining Barges/Exhumers to steal their ore, and even get some valuable salvage if they are Exhumers. A Mackinaw is jackpot.

Just wait a bit for the defense fleet to depop or ask nicely advices from people that manage to kill the defense fleet. @z0rella_Zazzmataz seems to have some experience chasing the NPC miners (no no, not the botters, the others NPCs).

It’s not hard to mine in highsec, remember it’s the space where newbros start their mining career, so difficulty need to be below the others parts of space, like reward. It’s an excellent place for you to learn how to move around with slow ships like Mining Barges, players and NPC mining operations will teach you competition (yes, it’s also competition if they are AI) and you will learn situational awareness from gankers.

If you want a quiet space to mine, go away from trade hubs, even more from Jita, and maybe go to an highsec island ? You could ask hauling corporations like Red Frog Freight to do the trip.

Also, don’t get surprised when everyone talk to you so badly on the forums when you were just whining that money doesn’t fall into your mouth without moving, and you use NPC miners as whipping boys. Grow up mate, change your attitude and you’ll see, everyone will start to be nice to you.

(Ketrea) #43

why in gods name would you mine in high-sec to begin with? i’m confused lol if you want to actually mine and make it worth the time you come down to null-sec and mine.

(Ash Beldrulf) #44

I agree with the OP. Something needs to changed with the NPC miner or the belt spawning formula. I have seen whole Regions with little to no ore left in them with 2-3 hours of DT. I would think this is because of the NPC mining so heavily and that the amount they mine count against the belt spawning formula.

Possible Solution

  1. Remove the NPC miners from the game.
  2. Leave the NPC miners but no longer count the amount they mine against the spawning formula.
  3. Go to multiple belt spawns throughout the day to allow later time zones to mine.
  4. Have a set percentage of total system ore NPC can mine per day.
  5. Get more aggressive against mining bots.
  6. Stop the spawning formula and go to FULL belt spawns daily.
  7. Have the ice belt spawn as anoms in high sec to help stop or slow downing ice bot fleets.

Something does need to change quickly for later time zones players. No players should miss out on mining or any activities because of time zones.

(Ramona McCandless) #45

Care to name a few?

Because Devoid and Derelik are perfectly well stocked.

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #46

you don’t know? he’s at least talking about imadethatshitup, imawhiner and ihavenoballs. very prominent regions in new eden. don’t say you never heard of them???

(Ramona McCandless) #47

Arent they in the Great Whinelands?

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #48

e x a c t l y !

(Dread Saboteur) #49

Solution-remove you.

Then the NPC miners won’t have any competition

(Millard Audene) #50

I spent a long time mining in hisec, before I moved to null. Even after the NPC miner stuff was introduced, I never saw them mining ice, only ore. Is that actually a thing?

Anyways, I agree with others, improve your game. Either get your combat skills up to the point you can kill the NPC miners, or make friends to help you do it. I had a Blood Raider mining convoy pop into the anomaly I was in day before yesterday, and I pulled in over 235 million ISK of refined minerals. Plus loot and salvage.

Also, MarkeeDragon has been doing hisec mining lately. Tune into his stream, see if you can get involved, make ISK.

(Daoden) #51

Or you could leave high sec.

(Dread Saboteur) #52

Or EVE altogether

(elitatwo) #53

And enter lowsec and get killed by a carrier, dredd, sooper dooper dooper dooper or titan?

(Daoden) #54

Well I live in WH space. We accept miners with open arms and guard them while they mine in our hole. So you know you could stop complaining and find a group like mine.

(Ildrara) #55

Anchor a few Citadels and spawn your own rocks. NPCs won’t mine it and they will be of higher quality. Win/Win

(Odissac Sharisa) #56

Yeah it seems that is the case to be fair, i havent sub’d my account in months I can wait around all day now without spending my money as we are F2P.

(Solonius Rex) #57

Times are tough, even for the empires. They need the ore too.

The thing is, i go out and mine constantly, and theres plenty of ore. Have you tried moving away from the main hubs? Have you tried being not-lazy and put effort into your production lines? Have you tried to stop being so entitled?

(Solonius Rex) #58

Ore anomalies in nullsec already spawn faction battleships that will tear you apart without a proper defense fleet or skiffs. They already have NPC presence.

Hisec, only had weak, useless frigates that a rookie can pop, and anyone above 30 days old can tank forever. hisec needed the competition, not nullsec.

(Solonius Rex) #59

This is untrue. People usually mine in ore anomalies, which provide better ore types. Most normal belts are well populated.

Coming from an experienced nullsec miner.

(Rivr Luzade) #60

We are not talking about the same NPC. You are talking about the useless normal NPC, this topic and my request is about the new AI NPC.

I am not talking about players. I talk about the new AI NPC.

Read before you rant. :thinking: