CCP screws everyone but big nullsec cartels

I’m currently out in NPC null grinding my fingers to the bone trying to make ISK. I’m getting my ships blown up, my pods (with implants) podded, and am not making anything as far as ISK is concerned.

Would I normally complain about any of this? No. I’m not entitled, I don’t expect to be handed anything on a silver platter, I take risks and expect bad things to happen. But I’m told that with risks come rewards.

No, I wouldn’t normally complain. Except that a friend of mine recently joined one of the big nullsec cartels. 100% safety. And ISK handed to him on a silver platter. The guy doesn’t even bother ratting in a carrier anymore. He hacks relic sites, and gets 100mil ISK per pop. Me? I hacked data and relic sites in wormholes FOR A SOLID YEAR, and I think the biggest score I ever got out of a can was 30mil ISK, and that only happened a couple of times, and I took on extreme risk to do it, and had extreme losses. But this guy wakes up bleary-eyed, nonchalantly logs in, crunches on cereal while watching netflix, picking his nose, and casually flying around hacking sites while half paying attention, and gets 100mil scores out of cans.

CCP, either adjust other elements of the game (wormholes, npc null, lowsec, etc) so that reward scales with risk, or remove all other elements of the game and force everyone into sov null.





We should consult the CSM…oh wait…:joy:


Another solo player who feels entitled to have the same things that players who work as a team have.


By players, I hope. If you lose ships in missions, you are doing something seriously wrong. One thing that you do wrong would be to accept Burner missions. Just ignore them, it will help you a lot to get better income and die less often. I have not lost a mission ship in NPC null sec in years.

Speaking of income: I am sitting on ~5M Angel LP. :thinking:

Right, because…

  1. everyone in one of the top few mega nullsec cartels are team players, while everyone not in one of those organizations are not team players by definition, and

  2. by definition, team players in the top few mega nullsec are entitled to everything, while everyone else is entitled to nothing.

Got it - thanks for clarifying.


Please do not attract too much attention to NPC null sec, though. There have been morons asking for the introduction of a sovereignty null sec like anomaly upgrade system for NPC null sec as source of income because missions are hard. Looking at recent history, I fear that CCP will listen to those people and royally screw up NPC null sec.

By players.

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Because we design software around the exception not the rule.


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Ok. A tip: Do not leave the system where your agent is. Ever. If you really want to do missions in other systems, seed ships there. Flying around your mission ship is the worst thing you can do when it comes to combat missions. That will reduce the risk of getting PVP farmed by a whole lot. I have farmed all my LP in 2 systems only. :slight_smile:
That sometimes means you have a 4 hour downtime because RNG throws the worst kind of missions at you but that’s a small price for better safety. If the agents in your current system send you out into different systems all the time, consider moving into a pipier/deadendier area, if possible.

No, thank you. I would rather biomass and destroy every virtual asset I own than to join one of those alliances. :slight_smile:


Not a question of ‘want.’ A question of where the missions send me :frowning:

Yeah, the last kill I was subjected to today, I was in a shuttle and had already delivered my cargo, and was on the way back. I had cloaking device, MWD, and three warp core stabs. Jumped through gate and of course the stupid ubiquitous Saber was there (I swear to you I’ve lost 90% of all ships I’ve ever lost to a Saber). He dropped all his stupid bubbles, I cloaked once gate cloak expired and avoided him. He then calls in 5 of his buddies in Stilletos, Machariels, a Dominix dropping drones everywhere, etc. I was like “wow these a-holes are really desperate for a shuttle killmark.” And I avoided them and got away, but they chased. Rinse repeat at 2nd gate, got away again. Rinse repeat after jumping through the next gate, but this time they got me. It’s amazing what people will do to kill a shuttle. The only real loss was implants, but I fixed that by simply clone jumping into a clone with no implants.

Anyway, yeah, I’d seed ships, but just getting one ship the 50 jumps or whatever out here is already a nightmare.

You aren’t a team player.

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Always only accept the missions in the agent system or systems where you have ships seeded. No exceptions. It leads to downtimes sometimes if you only one or 2 agents available, but it’s an acceptable drawback in my opinion.

A shuttle that can fit a cloak? :thinking: Train for an interceptor and fit it for traveling (under 2 seconds align time). It will solve a lot of your issues.

Use Blackfrog, PushX or another JF service. It is costly but you get the things guaranteed.

I am a team player when I want to be and see benefits. For mission running in NPC Null, you could join a local group that lives there and rat, fight and fly with them. I do not want that for my mission runner because I value my independence, and my other chars are in smaller groups.


Everyone gets that “special” CCP attention, difference is what kind of flours they buy you… if any.

Your friend is benefiting from being part of a larger entity that is able to create an environment of safety and prosperity, you are not.

The risk as a whole between the two of you is the same, they just have people managing the variables to create the most favorable of outcomes.


No ■■■■ Sherlock


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I’m going to assume you’re referring to w/e ship you move in as a shuttle, which isn’t a shuttle. As the guy above me said, get into an insta-warp ceptor. Your problems will be solved. An Ares with istabs and hyper rigs will let you escape any camp and outrun them more so than your typical ceptor.

On a second note, if you see all that there just dock up and do something else for a while. The risk vs reward refers to the risk you possible face, not that you actively face at any given time. If people are actively hunting you or blocking your way only and idiot would press on expecting everything to go their way.

Null is only “safe” because we make it safe, we kill roaming gangs and inform each other of enemy movements/position. Based on what is known to be going on people plan their activities accordingly. Like anywhere else we have idiots that will do what they want regardless, and you’ll see them pop up on zkill more often than not like yourself.

If you want to die less so you can make more of the rewards you receive then use the tools at your disposal to make the best decisions to keep yourself alive. That means not blind jumping gates and traveling around when you know gangs are out there searching for missions runners unless you are prepared to fight them.

Hang on.

So CCP screws everyone except people in nullsec? That is still a lot of people. I suppose it’s one way to grow the customerbase …

This was the Amarr freebie ship. Maybe I used the wrong term? Is it technically a ‘corvette?’ Anyway, I switched out of my combat ship and into this to reduce the risk for the particular mission I was running (deliver 5m cubed of X to station several jumps over).

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Incorrect. I myself am currently in nullsec. I’m just not in one of the 3 or 4 big-name mega nullsec cartels.

So yeah, they screw plenty of people in nullsec - the ones not in a big-name mega nullsec cartel. The only people who aren’t screwed, and instead are force-fed ISK hand-over-fist, are the ones in the big-name mega nullsec cartels.

This game’s biggest joke is that there is some kind of “risk-reward” mechanism. That’s a rich load of bullsh!t. What there really is, is “size-of-nullsec-cartel” reward mechanism.

If CCP just wants to reward people in the mega nullsec cartels, then fine. Remove every other aspect of the game except high-sec. Quit the trolling with wormholes, lowsec, npc null, etc. Just have highsec, and mega nullsec cartel space, and that’s it.


But there is! You take the risk and I take the reward; excellent balance!


I operated in Stain multiple times, I feel your pain…, though I don’t actually agree with you.

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