CCP to implement a better mechanic for killrights

I agree with you in practice, but if we’re debating about the merits of a “controlled scenario” or “dictating the terms of the engagement,” just the mere possibility of this contingency is enough to say that this absolute level of control doesn’t exist.

Which brings me back to the beginning again, to reiterate the point: it’s entirely possible to not just survive the baiter, but beat them, if you’re prepared for it.

Only if the baiter is bad.

That’s like saying it’s fine to fly around in an Ibis with 1k plex onboard because if the ganker is bad you’ll survive. Technically true, realistically nonsense.

No it is not.

That’s not what you mean, but that’s what you require. So that’s actually what you mean.

If I ask if you have finally stopped being an idiot, even though the question is about stopping, it actually requires you to be an idiot in the first place, so this is an insult. So maybe I asked it without meaning an insult ; but in reality it means I am throwing insults. Indirect one, but insult nonetheless.

But you don’t know. You are affirming things out of your ass.

I met people who even play in NS, and don’t feel it worth to make a fit to PVP in NS. You give them a NS fit to go get relic, they are happy, but they just don’t want to buy it again after losing it. But if you (I actually) give them more fit, they won’t mind losing it again.

So you are talking ■■■■. It’s not their “nature”, it’s how the game IS. PVP is a negative sum game and it’s actually the only correct decision to not take engagement unless you chose it.

No, you are just talking ■■■■.
All your affirmations till there make no sense in the game.

yes, this! but why are you endorsing this?

and you people keep arguing about pvp. look, things are simple. the game was designed with diferent areas designed for diferent things. null and low and wh are designed for pvp. high-sec is for relaxed play. but if you really want to pvp in high but don’t what to travel several systems to low, you have the duel mechanic.
all this unconsensual high-sec pvp and ganking is really against the core concept of eve and we all know the real reason they don’t reinforce it is because a lot of people would get banned and they think that would hurt player numbers, but in fact it would be healthy in the long run.

This is 100% the most broken part of HS. A structure is considered a ship, but somehow a -10 character can literally sit on the tether from DT to DT. How do gankers get such favor from CCP?

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No it isn’t. It isn’t black or white in that regard, but I don’t see this going anywhere but in circles.

So I’ll just concede that your interpretation, although not at all what I meant in the slightest (a completely different point), is an easy to see implication. My poor wording.

Then I’ll just leave it there, because circular discussions just descend into stupidity.


Aiko, we need to start a petition to get all the high-sec PvPers banned from the game. We can spread word of it on the forums, Reddit, YouTube, and our Twitch and OnlyFans channels.

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ORRRR you can just shoot at them in game!

Drama King?

Here’s what I simply cannot comprehend :- Instead of nerfing gankers, why don’t the regular inhabitants of Uedama DO something about the ganking problem ? I mean…they all just carry on chewing the grass like wildebeast watching one of their kin get munched by the lions. The entire mentality seems to be ’ glad it wasn’t me '. You’d think that with this situation going on for years and years, by now there would be a big Uedama Protection Force to see off the gankers…rather than a handful of AG-ers who don’t seem to get thanked by anyone.

Seriously…the main problem at Uedama is not ganking, it is apathy.

Well, the main “problem” in Uedama is gankers. The next “problem” on the list is apathy.

If ganking wasn’t so easy for people that are too lazy to work…it wouldn’t be a problem…

You’re asking the question that people often ask themselves before they come to a particular set of conclusions, and themselves turn into gankers.

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Along with all the microtransactions too, right?

Because they’re the SJW generation, meaning, they will bleat incessantly until someone else (aka the gub’mint) solves their issue for them.

There’s SJW in New Eden? I bet they don’t much like us Amarrians.


I also enjoyed the “look at zkill on the number of freighters ganked”. Uhm, that’s been happening a LONG time. Little secret, AFK bad

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:sweat_smile: Freighters have always been the major targets for attack. I mean, is water wet? lol

Well, yes, but then being a bit carebear-ish I find it a lot easier to conjure up a ‘justification’ in which I gank the gankers themselves…as they can’t turn round and do a ’ why don’t you go pick on someone who can shoot back ? ’ sort of thing. Plus I’ve never liked doing anything just because everyone else is doing it. Even if I end up being Solo AG Queen ( gotta be a Queen, better than a Princess )…it’s a role I would enjoy…and that’s what Eve is all about…creating a niche.