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If some of the members were as entitled as some are here, I don’t blame them.

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I think the omission is like a protest

I’m going to guess you didn’t play SWG, because they took the game from a player driven economy with 34 different professions where all different types of players were interlinked to a game of a loot driven game with 9 classes.

Most of the player base felt betrayed of this blatant attempt to convert it into a WoW clone. This subject is off topic, so I’m not going to go on… but the questions were justified. Imagine Eve becoming a space version of WoW literally overnight… I think players would be entitled to answers.


Sure thing, I agree with you. What players generally refuse to understand is that no matter how long they been playing, those games are business properties and no matter how much they paid over the course of a game’s life, the owners of a game are FREE to change direction whenever and however they want. I know it’s kinda douchebaggy to say that but it remains true regardless of anyone’s feelings.
Now another off topic one: Star Wars. No matter how strong the hardcore fans felt about anything, Ms. Kennedy was able to tank the whole franchise because why? Because she could.
Players forget, no matter how many millions of hours and thousands of $ € £ they spend on a MMO game IT IS NOT THEIRS and decisions will be made regardless or in spite of what they feel, even if they know for sure and yell it on rooftops that a certain decision will tank the game for good, the investors will more often than not want their return sooner than later.
It’s ugly, granted, but it’s the cold hard truth.
All we can hope for is the desire for game owners to continue to give players their enjoyment in spite of flat or slightly better gains.
It’s the whole reason why I prefer single-players games. Paid for once and enjoyed over and over until pc breaks or interest wanes. Some of them have a multi-player component to them but it doesn’t beat online mmo for PvPers. That’s the conundrum game players have found themselves since MMO’s became a thing.

They were just really polite and quite like. during the actual interview they had paperbags over their heads instead of their helmets which was pretty funny. It was just a quick hi and bye.
Ian Anderson was … less nice.

I told this story on a musicians forum and I got like 4 other Jethro Tull quotes.

CCP has no control over /r/EVE, it’s completely player run. That being said we do chime in there when we can as that is a platform of players just like the forums.

But to address us the topic at hand we do respond when need be, but often times you guys the players actually have mashed out the discussions to it’s logical endpoint before we get to it, and if not we are actively monitoring. We at CCP are lucky enough to have the ISDs to help us moderate the forum and the CSM to help us gauge player sentiment because besides he official forum we are active on Twitter, numerous Discords, a few subreddits, Facebook, Twitch (both our own and we actively participate in streams with our players), player gatherings and events (though these are mostly digital during covid times), responding to tickets and chiming in on whatever new social media platform might pop up next week.
We are also active in-game, you might see us pop up on rookie channels and a lot of us are actively playing the game outside office hours.
All this is besides the day-to-day 9-5 office work that goes into whatever jobs that respective dev has.
As someone mentioned there are not many companies as involved with their player base as we are are, and we do try and answer as much and we can, but there’s literally tens of thousands of you, and only a few of us :orange_heart:
But we are here.

Watching you.



And yes the devs read your suggestion threads, and good ideas get discussed.


I love you

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I know.




I just named my Mobile Tractor Unit after you


That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.


It is a fair point, CCP could make marginally more effort to communicate. It is strange that CCP devs are more likely to communicate via Reddit, Discord, Facebook, Twitch, or Twitter than via their own forums.

Several months ago, player bounties were removed, and expected to return at the end of the month. Months have passed with no update, it wouldn’t be difficult for someone at CCP to acknowledge this, and provide insight into whether we can still expect anything. It’s a reasonable question, and it would be reasonable to respond.

The forum moderators can also be a little overly zealous. For example, the other day I stated that I like the controversial ‘red dot’ feature, and a moderator flagged this as ‘trolling’. In fact, I actually do like the red dot feature, and it’d be a shame if CCP removed it because they were unaware people actually like this feature.

So it’s sort of a dual communications problem - CCP fails to effectively communicate to the players, and they also fail to effectively listen to the players. CCP often likes to hold the CSM up as an example of good performance, but it just highlights ineffective communication, as CCP should be aware that many players are derisive of the CSM for specific reasons which CCP could address.


Does anyone even remember Eris Discordia?
CCP used to be very active on the forums well over a decade ago, but then again, there weren’t that many social medias well over a decade ago.

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I didn’t disagree that game designers can do whatever they want with their game. But when you make changes that fundamentally alter the game, you don’t go radio silent and then start banning people when they want answers.

And when it comes to MMOs, I’m not just a customer… I’m an investor as I’m paying a sub fee and I can’t retro the game to a previous version like I can with single player games. So, when it comes to MMOs, I expect more communication.

That said, I feel CCP does better than any other company I’ve ever played a game from.

Well, it would help when there’s a disagreement if CCP could say what the actual case is, at least from their perspective.

But isnt that the Community Manager’s role? To engage?

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Then where’s your financial return?

Its pretty disrespectful that after getting what you wanted, you couldnt even be bother to say thank you.


True, to be honest we’ve just been a bit swamped; the community team has been completely revamped in the last few months, both in terms of organization and structure, so we haven’t been as active on the forums as we would have wanted, but you will be seeing a change in that in the coming months.

Now now. Play nice.


Ha fair dos.

Thank you for responding :slight_smile:


Investment (noun): the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.

Well, I guess I don’t need it to be a financial return for it to be an investment. I do get a material result from it: entertainment.

Entertainment is not material result. Entertainment is Time spent doing or watching something that affects your feelings.
You can’t resell the Entertainment you get, you can only consume it.

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