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You are a subscriber (and thus customer), not an investor. These are wildly different roles; please do not conflate them. One can be both subscriber and investor by investing in the company separately from game purchase actions, but paying a sub fee only makes you a subscriber.


I didn’t get what I want though. They all posted here to save face. I bet they haven’t made a single on-topic post on any topic but this one on the entire front page of the forums.

You would lose that bet.

That’s quite on-topic for a thread premised around responding to Ratteni’s commentary in a recent interview.


Ok Fleebix lets rock. Walking in stations with customisable captain quarters make it happen and i’ll let you marry my credit cardXD o7

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No one wants to hear this , but I tend to think that if this forum were less generally toxic, maybe ccp employees might chose to talk here.

Years ago after the whole incarnate fiasco, Hilmar promised better communication, including on the forums. EVERY SINGLE TIME someone with a DEV tag posted anything it turned into a feeding frenzy of BS that no one gets paid enough to endure. Shortly after, developer levels of not posting on the forums went back to normal.

I don’t blame ccp employees one bit for preferring just about everywhere else that is not these forums to talk to players. And I think ccp management’s apparent decision to not make devs post here is the right one, being forced to communicate in a super toxic space wouldn’t do good things for employee moral or retention.

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I dunno. When I imagine the CCP work environment, I imagine something pretty toxic.

Indeed they do, you’re welcome for black ops by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you just need to go read my post about command bombers from 2019(Command Bombers shameless plug) and realise they would be dope and add them, could even be a trig exclusive bomber seeing as we love triangular hulls :stuck_out_tongue:

Pwetty pwease :stuck_out_tongue:

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Technically, one could write a book about their entertainment and get a financial package. In that regard, the time and money turns into an investment, as it gives you material to write about.

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I don’t blame them either. Just the CSM get enough crap here as it is, let alone the ISD.
CCP-Freebix is courageous but then again, once you’re threatened by Ian Whatshisface I guess you can handle anything :sweat_smile:


If we’re being technical here, it’s only an investment if the player spends the time and money with the intent to write the book. Deciding after the fact to capitalize on experiences is not the same as investing in something.

A person can be said to have invested time and money in the game for their enjoyment/in the furtherance of their corp goals/etc - but that is fundamentally distinct from being an investor in EVE/CCP.

If more than 3% of the player base would use it like last time, who knows? As always though; EVE is forever so it’s more likely than not that it might happen sometime between now and the year 3000 :robot:

It’s actually quite nice. Great coffee.

I’m quite enjoying this philosophical “is entertainment an investment” topic though, especially in light of people, mainly in the US actually seeming to be flocking to investing as a form of entertainment by itself during these lockdown times.
If investment is purely a form of a monetary function I’d agree that EVE is not an investment, but we’ve established that, at least for some, EVE has been a functioning learning platform and a positive social platform, so I tend to agree with the argument that EVE is an investment.


We invest in many things that are a net negative, just for entertainment. Gaming as a whole, going to the movies, Netflix account, expensive mobile phones we don’t really have a need for, expensive cars we don’t really have a need for. Sports, etc etc etc.

Most of us work to make money to spend a portion of that money to recuperate from work.


I guess it’s a question of phrasing, are you spending on what is considered to be a net negative or are you investing. If it’s investment you’d expect some kind of a return. I “invest” in games as a way to zone out and meditate for a while, and I think most people would agree that sports equipment is “investing in your health”.
On that note that’s probably one of the purest investing-by-proxy you can do as not investing in your health is very likely to be hurting your wallet in the form of doctor visits later in life. Stitch in time and all that.

Be careful with that argument … and indeed how you interpret it.

If I pay CCP, in order to invest my time in EvE as I see fit, surely that means any ores (minerals) I mine in-game really are free?

Time used has already been bought & paid for and the value of what is subsequently done with that time still belongs to me - not any in-game or player-driven algorithm which looks to dictate greatest rate of return in isk?

Cool, so CCP is doing that closaky camping thing and when stuff goes off the rails you guys pop in and debunk the latest nonsense?
I like this, a lot.
Thinking back though I do see them fairly often in here, mostly in posts about updates and patch notes.
I would seriously get a kick out of Dopamine popping out with “oh good, can I have your stuff?” once in a while, that would be hilarious.
The CSM as I understand it are supposed to represent some segment of the player base, ISD makes sure things here, and in places like Rookie Help don’t devolve into slug fests, spam, and general idiocy, and CCP pops in as needed to talk about things more or less directly related to game mechanics. Have I got that right, or am I missing something?

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That’s actually a facinating question, prior to this pandemic I wouldn’t have had an answer for that, other than “I like this game” but now, after almost a full year of what feels like solitary confinement I would have to say “sanity”. It’s strange to me, being someone who’s always been ok with being off by my self somewhere how much more intense Eve got once being unable to interact directly with other people started to sink in. As it stands right now Eve makes up the bulk of my social interaction and we near as I can tell is doing the same for a lot of other people as well. It is an investment in both time and money in that respect, it’s replacing all sorts of other stuff like going to the movies, a coffee shop or restaurant, or a concert or something, all of which boil down to an investment in personal and interpersonal stability and enjoyment of life. There may not be a financial return in any direct sense, but there is in terms of simply having something fun to do when a lot of other stuff has become unavailable.
I think it’s a good investment personally, I’ve made a hell of a lot of friends in Eve, ones who I suspect I will know for the rest of my life. I’m happy to pay for that, and I get a lot out of it.
This was happening before the pandemic, but I noticed it a lot less as I had other things going on and needed to pay attention more to things like my business.
Obviously this doesn’t make me a board member or anything like that, I’m just someone zooming around in a spaceship in a video game, but I’m still dumping money into it because to me being happy is something worth investing in.
That last bit makes me wonder though, why does getting blown up make me happy? What the hell?


I just searched to post on the latest release threads and they are both closed.

CCP, stop licking stamps on reddit and locking your offical threads!

If I were a game developer and my boss told me that I was in charge of adding a raffle feature to a PvP game… Or if I was commanded to remove the asset safety feature from citadels owned by casual players… Or if I was told to make a change so that nobody could undercut the nullblock owned TTT… Or have anything to do with that horrendous Pochven debacle…

It seems like these changes would be very, very painful to make for anybody that actually loved the game. Also, if it were a great work environment then why have all the original developers left?


Well, I was one of theese 3% .
Sometimes, when ever I visit Jita or Amarr once a month or so to buy/sell stuff.
Sadly there was nothing else to do in my quatier as sitting on the couch and drill in my nose.

A few years ago ccp said that about 3-5% of the players live and act in wormholes.
Meanwhile the number drops drasticly.
Will that means PA/ccp will shut down J-Space too ?
It would fit to the same reason.


They weren’t designed to be lived in initially

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