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But I do.
And if ccp wanted to prevent colonization, they would have done it.

I didn’t say they wanted to stop colonization, just it didn’t go as they intended, but they weren’t against it.

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True, that was factitious of me, but Captains Quarters has been discussed so much over the years it’s become a meme in itself. I for one would love to have it, be able to walk that ramp and just see my Omen in it’s glory.


I miss being able to leave my ship and walk down that ramp, I really do.

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The thing is captains quarters could have been so much more than it was
It’s a shame that it’s almost become out of the question
The station environment could be much more, customisable and immersive

There are entire other games that are basically just captain’s quarters.

Fleebix is probably floating trial balloons of how they’re gonna spin the 10 yr anniversary of walking in stations.
oh, did you know it’s in may? my how time flies.

From what I understood it wasn’t very good or well thought out meaning that because of that not many people used it. That means that the 3% number is fairly meaningless in trying to figure out if it would be worth it or not if done again but done well this time.

The monetization possibilities that CCP lost when they closed the CQ is astounding. Just how much money would CCP have raked in if they had offered holographic pole dancers, a pet or two welcoming you home after a roam, the chance to play poker with your buddies? The ideas are near endless and with the past history of CCP and PA, to see this oportunity lie fallow, almost lays to rest the idea of PA monetizing everything.

Oooooh, is that a new skin offer?

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(Ran out of hearts but not emoticons.)


It was just a badly thought out feature entirely, it would have slowed down every single activity while docked, not to mention bloating the client

All in all the feature was doomed to eventually fail, there was no way they could have scaled any kind of multiplayer station environment, it would mean dealing with instances because there is no way the contents of 4-4 would work

If I’m really honest I never really ‘got’ the captain’s quarters but I recognise that this might just be me because I know that A lot of people like them being there.

I think @Epiphany_Blacque makes a really good point though, had it all been a bit more than superficial and overly glossy interior decoration and a ramp that you could awkwardly walk up to look at your most recent ship, maybe then I would have ‘got’ it.

I do vaguely remember some of the discussions that took place at the time when the whole 'walking in stations concept was being considered and debated and I do recall that views were pretty polarised. Aside of the technical considerations (@Cypherous makes a very valid point above … “it would have slowed down every single activity while docked, not to mention bloating the client …”) broadly speaking it all split into two opinion camps;

Camp 1 was, very roughly summed up, “we need to be able to leave the captain’s quarters and walk around the station, interact with others and so on, this is really important. Wouldn’t it be awesome to open the door and leave the captain’s quarters?”

Camp 2 was, very roughly summed up, “EVE is about flying spaceships, in space, everything else in the game is a secondary priority to this (until this part of the game is perfect) because this is really what EVE is all about. We have no interest at all in walking around chit chatting.”

For the purposes of full disclosure and all that, I will readily admit that, broadly speaking, I was in camp 2. I wasn’t virulently anti-walking in stations, and had CCP introduced I would have been fine with it. It was just that, for me personally, the whole avatars walking around stations wasn’t something that I found particularly compelling and had it been introduced, I doubt I would have use it much.

EVE, for me, has always seemed a little bit like the back story to Anne McCaffery’s ‘The Ship That Sang’.

It might be because I am disabled, it might be that because of this and the fact that, in RL, I will never ascend to the stars, but to me, EVE is a total dream game because I love the idea of flying in space.



You make some great observations and appreciate your honesty.
I think for me having some iteration of CQ would increase the immersive experience within the game.
I think CCP themselves said they wanted EVE to be much more than just a spaceship game.
I think it would support retentive and 3-5% of 1.3 million is still ‘significant’
When you look at how other games are evolving their offer and content, like Elite dangerous for example, I think CCP need to do something similar.
Don’t get me wrong I’ll stay playing EVE until I’m senile :joy:, I think we need something more than the releases.
Let the players decide how they want to play, be it PVE or PVP, let them customise their ‘CQ’ environment, ship skins, apparel etc etc
Ultimately if it increases or retains players then surely that’s a good thing.
It’s those little points of difference that make good games into great games with longevity
@CCP_Fleebix roughly how many players leave each month ‘Ballpark figure’?

Where are you getting 1.3 million from exactly?

And even if its accurate, the resources required can’t really be justified for 3% as they won’t all be logged in at once so the day to day use is 3% of about 30k, which is a pretty insignificant number of players, we’re talking, less than the number of people in jita on a daily basis small

CCP still have to support it, they still have to maintain code and test it every update to make sure it all works, and the more they add the more they have to test, and with those numbers it really isn’t worth it in terms of the added QA time


Uhh, a direct response from ccp, how exciting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But don’t understand me wrong, I don’t want the CQ back, it was fu**ing boaring.
I want to have “walk in stations” not just in name, but in action.
I would like to have a “Space-Pub” in J4-4 to hang around with mates.
Maybe instead of the Hypermarket-Lottery some Slot-Mashines like in Fallen Earth for the gambling addict.
Maybe some rentable shops as extension to my corp-office (I remeber my time in SWG when I set up my shop for days).
I want a CQ where my friends could visit me.

But instead, ccp wastes its precious programming resources such exciting things as the “Red Dot” and RMT.


Just some idle musings due to having been dragged back to BDO for a bit… could a EVE / BDO cross-over ever work?

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Bit of a necro and my 2 cents as someone who was falsely banned and only recently let out of jail:

The biggest reason CCP doesn’t post is simple. They know that anything they say will be taken as The Word (outside of certain subforums like Off Topic and whatnot). Thus, they obfuscate, lie, and twist words and meanings to suit their current course. This in and of itself is bad, but it’s made worse by the simple fact of human nature that one cannot keep lying forever. Sooner or later, you’re going to let something slip, or contradict yourself, or worse yet, something is going to leak. And the shitshow that occurs is much greater than what would’ve happened if they were honest in the first place.

Add to the cauldron the meme that isn’t really a meme that CCP only listens to PL because there are devs in PL and multiple PL players became devs, and the number of times CCP has said one thing only to turn around and do another (Hypernet and Somer Blink, anyone?), and the general xenophobia of Icelanders not trusting people born outside Iceland, and you have a perpetual powder keg that wants to blow.

Hell, look at the Brisc scandal. CCP shot first, which was bad enough, but they didn’t even appear to bother to ask questions or do any investigating until Brisc threatened to bring lawyers into the case.

I heard that Brisc had to park gunboat in the Reykjavik harbor before CCP would even talk to him.

They’d rather post on reddit while the ISD lock every post.

EVE-O forums are dead.

They do not respond because they are corrupt. Most of the money they make is likely from whales and you have to have RMT for whales to stick around. So many of their changes are dancing around trying to leave space for RMT to remain.

Which is why CCP stays so silent. The risk of disclosing their (likely many) shady business practices is much lower if they do not engage with the community.