Ccp's Vampire mmo World of Darkness killed eve

(Persephanie Mae) #1

I have thought much about Vampires and spaceships.

Years ago, 2010 maybe remember because of Thousand Dollar Jeans, the Monocale, and of course Walking in Stations.

Yet the Captians Quarters we got was ADMITTED TO BE actually ONLY A PROTOTYPE for ccps newly developing Vampire mmo World of Darkness.

This whole dibocal was because ccp was syphoning off eve’s profits to develop the Vampire mmo they bought right too. The World Of Darkness based on Vampire Masquerade.

Looking back, wonder if they would not have done better to just syphon off MORE TIME AND PROFITS from eve to dedicate on World of Darkness

Maybe then the Altlanta office wouldn’t have closed due to massive layoffs.

Maybe they wouldn’t have had to sell the rights to Masquerade back.

Maybe CHICKS. LIKE MILLIONS AND THOUSANDS OF GIRLS would have come into our universe via VAMPIRES game being made by ccp.


Here is proof of my logic. EX-DEV from ccp interview about Captain Quarters, Vampires, Working at ccp, and the death of eve.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #2

To many “maybe”.

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WoD still exists in EvE.

The whole EvE-verse is populated by Brujah.

–8th Gen Gadget

(Lena Crews) #6

This is neither here nor there… but I was interested in seeing that game.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #7

Are you sure about that?

Pretty much every thread that you have started further demonstrates that thinking is an utterly alien concept to you.

(Memphis Baas) #8

Holy crap, people usually bring a month-old post to the front page for no apparent reason, but you’re digging up long-dead issues.

And I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve thought about it so deeply for so long, yet you made an insufficient-quality post on the topic. That’s like going to the desert for 40 years, like in the biblical times, only to come back after all that effort with “I like turtles.”

Maybe, go back to the desert and make another post in 2025? We really don’t need it discussed before then, really.

(LouHodo) #9

I am pretty sure there are a fair number of Malkavian in there too.

(Syds Sinclair) #10

Vampires didn’t kill Eve, CCP almost killed Eve with Vampires, Dust, Valkyrie, and Walking in Stations opposed to Flying in Space.

I can’t fault CCP for wanting to branch out into new IPs. That’s a healthy thing for a Developer to do. What I can do is tell you that when CCP deviates from the core philosophy of Eve, their bottom line struggles. Thank god that they seem to have gotten back on track as of late.

CCP needs to keep the pilots in spaceships, and spaceships in space. Keep Eve dangerous. Once that is achieved, then branch out into new IPs. But for he love of god keep the teams separate.

(Algathas) #11

World of Darkness, Dust, walking in stations, etc all showed a lot of promise. The problem is not any of these things, or even CCP spending money on these things. What company just sticks to one single product? How many game developers only make one game? The problem is the right execution of these plans and not over promising and under delivering on them.

World of Darkenss - I have played other games from that IP and the idea of the MMO did sound interesting. If done right could have been a unique gaming experience. We will never know.

Walking in stations - again, if released in a state that actually provided new gameplay opportunities vs making the hangar options more clunky could have been a boon to EVE, attracted more players and made things interesting for existing players. Think for a moment, how many truely new things have been added to eve lately vs just balancing, nerfing, and re-skinning existing things? Walking in stations could have added a whole new dimension to the EVE universe.

Dust - Another idea full of promise and not executed even close to what it could have been. First, releasing on Playstation only (and a dying platform version to boot), while adding some trigger happy kids that get bored after playing a game for a couple of weeks and move on, did not allow any expansion of their PC player base. Consoles die, but PC games live on, so tying mechanics in a guaranteed to die game to a game that is supposed to have a long lifespan is asking for trouble. They also failed to integrate it into the EVE universe as it was promised. What happened to having Dust battles to influence SOV? What happened to hiring Dust bunnies to fight over rival planetary installations? What about integrating it into WIS and having boarding parties to fight over stations after the fleets break their shields?

Anyhow, World of Darkness did not kill eve. I seem to be able to log in and play just fine as many other people are.

(Syds Sinclair) #12

…I think WoD and Dust were great ideas. CCP’s handling of those IPs set them up to fail though.

With WoD, they should have kept the dev teams separate from Eve. Don’t pull guys from WoD to work on Eve, and especially not for WiS.

And Dust? Where do we begin?

Let me start by saying I love the concept of Dust interacting with the Eve world. I wish they would have expanded on it to be more destructive in the Eve world. But…

They release it on the soon to be obsolete PS3?! What ■■■■■■■ PS3 user knows about Eve? Jesus. Release the ■■■■■■■ game on PC, via Steam, and BAM! damn near every Eve player will also play Dust. And spend PLEX in Dust.

(Blade Darth) #13

It’s like saying that D3 killed Starcraft.

(Nana Skalski) #14

Its another thread by Carrie-Anne’s alt in the morning.

(Rina Asanari) #15

Now that’s a new variation of the “Eve is dying” trope…

And completely the wrong way round.

Because, that WoD game was even more a stillborn than CQ ever was - and given that CQ was sort of a testbed for the features for the upcoming game rather than an integral part of CCP’s roadmap for EvE, it was clear that CQ would be going the way of the dodo once that WoD game was binned.

So, that game has been relegated to the dustbin of history. And EvE still lives. Who killed who, then?

(Salvos Rhoska) #16

All the White Wolf IPs are criminally underrepresented in video gaming.

Anyone of them has everything a MMORPG needs in spades.

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lol !

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Haha I totally forgot about ccp’s vampire game years ago, press F to suck blood

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diabolical debacle?

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All hail the mighty Om!!.. ahh… hang on… he was a tortoise.

I don’t suppose you could edit that so I sound a bit less like a loon who doesn’t know the difference between a turtle & a tortoise could you :upside_down_face: