Change is coming

(Aedaxus) #426

But it’s quite the blast from the past… I guess the first jetcan theft might occured around that time…
But in those days we did not have the in/outgame organisational structures that exist today.

(Beekeeper Bob) #427

Pure comedy that the few live people left in the game arguing about it’s future…
It doesn’t have one…
If you think the new company isn’t going to either trash the game or run it into the ground, you haven’t been around games very long.

(Rovinia) #428


It is, the fact is that it is, the point is either a player adapts and assume it or would go and play another thing, careful here with the meaning of the words, adapt does not mean one SHOULD go pvping, you can just do what you like, p.e. mining, loner or fleeting, but keeping in consideration it’s a PVP game, if one has a support backup fleet to defend the operations , surely the experience would be definitely more succesful and fulfilling, no doubt then, it will be best to consider it always entirely a pvp game.

(Jenn aSide) #430

The most relevant portion of that article:

The second is that EVE was designed from the ground up with player vs. player combat in mind. Starting solar systems will be protected by police, but the majority of the systems will be open for combat between players.

And yet legions and legions of people who hate nd can’t stand pvp have and still play. it indicates to me that some people just like to be unhappy, like Vegans who go to a Steak House every night and complains about all the meat eating.

There is a divide between PVE focused players in EVE that says a lot about each person as a play. If you come to EVE liking PVE but inderstanding fully that this is a PVP game, and you prepare for (and even use) PVP to enhance your enjoyment, you will love EVE more than any other game that let you PVE.

(BEHOLD the beauty of killing a PVP ship with mostly PVE ships, all the characters on that kill except the guy in the retribution are me)

But if you come to EVER as a PVEr and get mad at all the various types of PVP that can happen to you, you will be sad (and a fool for playing a game you aren’t suited for).

(Beachura) #431

Your argument was well crafted, and I appreciate that this element must be included in discussions otherwise people lose that sense of achievement when they do succeed. Thank you for contributing.

(techzer0) #432

Never said there was.

So not 100% pvp. K thanks. But why are you repeating yourself like salvos?

Yet there is pve. So not 100% pvp. Which is all I was saying.
Do you know how much 100% is? Maybe it is a language barrier.

(Ima Wreckyou) #433

Yeah it has to be a language barrier. Or maybe you think in terms that you have seen in other games and are not capable of understanding that those are different in EVE when people explain it to you. Anyway this leads to nothing.

Speaking of Salvos, do you know him? Your pedantry is astonishingly similar to his.

(techzer0) #434

Being accused of pedantry is an admission that I am right.
You could have said that a day ago and saved all of the idiocy.

(Mingja) #435

PvP and PvE have a symbiosis with each other. One can’t live without the other. Well, technically, PvE could live without PvP, but that wouldn’t be a fun game either.

It was about time to nourish the PvE a little. Glad to see CCP realized that.

(Vixen Vix) #436

I have no idea why some argue that EVE is or should be 100% PVP only. EVE is PvP AND PvE game. Or if you prefer PvE AND PvP game. And it is a sandbox (means rules can change). CCP do this all the time (defender missiles, moon mining in hisec, etc.). Ship balance changes have impact both on PvE and PvP.

Sandbox means that game may look differently in 2018 than it was in 2003. The creator of sandbox decides about it to reach his goals eg. player population, engagement, ships preference, eliminate griefing, friendlier environment and easier learning curve for newbros, etc. Other non-sandbox long-lasting MMO do the same.

This change is for newbros.

Some (low skilled hisec only carebear) PVPers scream now that change that CCP will introduce in December will kill their PVP. Well…there must be some reasons why this will kill your PVP playstyle:

  1. You are griefing on newbros and never did real PVP (you prey on the weakest and have no real PVP skill, you just repeat old routines).
  2. You are afraid that if given time and learned these newbros would be better than you at PVP sometime in the future (you are megalomaniac, you don’t want to share the universe with anyone, the less ppl play this game the better for you, your goal is to play it alone someday and own New Eden exclusively).
  3. Your PVP playstyle is just plain stupid (you don’t understand that by discouraging newbros by killing them in a harsh way and causing that they drift away from a game, you are eliminating your future PVP targets…oh I forgot you want to achieve point 2).

Adapt. Change your decade old PVP playstyle or do whatever you want.

(Ima Wreckyou) #437

Killboard checks out

(Vixen Vix) #438

Killboard checks out
OMG! You don’t leave hisec! Low skilled hisec only carebear PVP! Carebear trapped. Bingo!

Forum checks out
Looks like I prefer game more to sitting on the forum writing nonsense like you.

(Ima Wreckyou) #439

I literally live in w-space and only descend on k-space to bring the wrath of James 315 onto illegal miners where bob sends me.

It seems it’s always the carebears with the 100% red killboards that try to tell other people what PvP is. They must be the real experts :rofl:. Maybe get a mining permit when you fly in our territory, this Stratioses are not cheap.

(Feilamya) #440

Reading this thread is like

(Vixen Vix) #441

Missed point. I write on PVP changes that will be made to wardecs. It has nothing to do with CODE ganking play-style. Time for you will come. It’s only a matter when CCP will make statistics out of numbers and do math if hisec ganking is beneficial to New Eden.

Ask Ernst what I wrote to him when he sent me that minier permit form to the pilot of Strat. He didn’t want to continue the conversation :smiley:

(Ima Wreckyou) #442

Was it EULA breaking?

(Buoytender Bob) #443

What the final changes to the WD mechanics will be, we all don’t know. However, I hope that any changes they do make will be based on both business and game playability data. The business data was not too encouraging:

CCP workforce was 600 in 2010, now at 298
Profit for 2017 has dropped significantly ( still profitable,paying taxes on 3.4m)
Paying (Omega) accounts continue to drop
New character origination/creation now equals or falls below pre-alpha levels. We all know how many alpha(non paying) alt accounts are out there.
PA execs have always been far more aggressive when it comes to generating a corporation profit than CCP. $200,000,000.00 is the devs incentive to make sure that EVE moves closer to BDO in regards to growth,retention, and profit.

The current gameplay was not sustainable without either reducing development, support, and gameplay or by greatly increasing Omega account costs to defray the cost of adding alphas/declining new Omega accounts. Driving players away that could turn into long term customers and content generators is not a good business model. The devs have more reasons than ever to design a healthy game system; 200,000,000 more reasons at least… I would prefer CCP to be the ones to choose to design the new gameplay and not be forced to change in the future following PA’s criteria.

(Aaron) #444

Data can not lie. Well it can, but in this case the data provided by @Buoytender_Bob is accurate.

Solid business decisions will be key in Eve online’s survival within the game market. I know many of you think that catering to gamers who want changes to wardec mechanics and more instanced features is a bad idea, I would argue that any decision made must be a business decision closely linked to what the gaming community wants.

CCP isn’t and won’t be the last business who has to make tough decisions. If we look at Marvel Entertainment, they had to sell the rights of X-men to Paramount (please correct me if I’m wrong). They were paid well but the only draw back is they had to cut out X-men from their Marvel universe, they can’t make an X-men series, nor can they have X-men in any of the Avengers films (Professor X worked with the Avengers in the comics, And Nick Fury gave missions to Wolverine in the comics). These stories may not be explored on the big screen due to business decisions.

The point I am trying to make here is that business is tough and brutal, Marvel may not have had the money to start up a Series/Movie arm to their business so they had to sell their prize jewel (X-Men) to achieve it.

Maybe CCP has to make Eve more appealing to other gamers in order to survive. I think we should chill out and see what they come up with.

(Lurem Sebra) #445

I look at it this way theres no real difference between PVP and PVE their pretty much both the same concept except one is vrs AI and other vrs player, if your still makeing isk your still and forever will always be a carebear,

So pvp players chest puffing about carebears well if you think about it, your a carebear as well cause when you kill someone and scoop their loot your makeing isk :slight_smile: