Change is coming

(Clockwork Robot) #468

I wanted to try the game, and I was never afraid to lose ships, since you can always get reshipped with a noob ship… Now that the skill points take away thing has been removed, there is never a point where you can’t crawl your way back…

But I have found almost all the guides online speakers though the person reading them has experience in the game. For example, I don’t consider myself a subpar reader, but I could never find a guide to getting myself into a stealth Recon ship. At least not one that made sense to me. And to be totally honest? That’s the kind of thing I would love to do. I’m not afraid to have my stealth ship blown up, so long as I got to have fun with it.

Sadly, I still don’t even know where to begin.

(Ghost O'Mo) #469

There are literally dozens of pvp’ers who would line up to work with you.

Email me, I’m not as new as this character would imply… and I’d be happy to have a mechanic based discussion about your goals…

I’ll even run bait for you…

(Clockwork Robot) #470

Sorry for the late response. It took me a little while to parse what you were saying, and to decide whether or not I thought you were legit.

Let me see if I can redownload the client, and maybe we will chat.

(Evei Shard) #471

Your lack of understanding as to the nature of a company staying in business is staggering as well.

So many veiled tears in this thread from people on welfare that don’t understand that it takes money to run a company and that driving off customers means less money.

Or you could just admit that you, like so many others, are actively trying to destroy CCP’s business.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #472

I’ve heard stupid things in my life, but this is the Olympus Mons of stupid

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #473

In an Astero trying this kind of things?

(Madlightning) #474

LOL they don’t they quit the game and say i can’t even get a chance to try and learn the gamei start playing eve back when wardecks were like the boogieman back when evewas

THIS IS EVEONLINE: GOOD LUCK hell is was hard as ■■■■ but when i joined a corp in my 1st few weeks wars were non-exsistant hell i still died in pvp alot and concord. i grew to love eve dispite getting killed losing SP for a few days since close upgrades were major lol

being part of an NPC corp is like basicly jail it forces alot of people to play alone the curve is still steep Wars is the next step for an high sec corp to make ground in eve you gotta build a big corp and improve then next step try and make a powermove to become the next highsec bigshot

i have seen too many corperations full of 5-10 brand new people get wardecced by marmite collective or who ever they get SLAMMED since they decided to base themselves in jita since its a trade hub then all 10 people stop playing lol by week 2-3

(Rivr Luzade) #475

That’s your experience. I did not feel alone in my first 3 months in the starter corp. I had lots of helpful people there that helped me and others, chatted with me and others and generally made my start into EVE a very nice one. If you play alone, it’s your fault, not the fault of NPC corps or wars.

If your band of friends gets destroyed by Marmite because you set up your own corp right away without knowing anything about EVE and then quit, that’s also your fault. There are lots of options available to enjoy EVE with your friends, learn EVE in a constructive and rewarding way and be in a user-created corp. They could have joined EVE University or a similar group in order to have fun, figure out the ropes of EVE, be together with lots of other people and after they got the hang of it, they could start their own corp as they are now equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate EVE, wars and hardship.

Again: User failure all over the place instead of mechanical failure.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #476

The “i don’t suck, the mechanics are broken” mantra is irritating and it belittles the achievement of succesful players. I hate we thing are levelled down to please the weak.

(Predvodnica LSG) #477

You want to say: “Eve is Ferrari and if you are bad driver and kill yourself it is your fault …”

I don’t think so -_-

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #478

You are free to think that, i’m free to think you suck.

(Rivr Luzade) #479

No, what I want to say is: EVE is a wrecked car with the potential to either salvage it into something useful for you or to repair it with some effort. You are an apprentice mechanic in its first days of an apprenticeship, though, which means you don’t know crap about either process and have to learn how to do things. Naturally, in the process you will encounter difficulties (ie. finding things to do), customers with their car problems will ruin your day (ie. wars wreck you) and it will take time and expecting immediate results will only result in frustration.

On the other hand, your analogy is also correct. If you are dumb and don’t know how to handle a Ferrari, you deserve to at the very least get seriously injured or sentenced to a life in prison if you harm other people with your arrogance.

(Madlightning) #480

1st you are wrong with don’t think that i am a victim i enjoy fighting marmite when it matter to me but everyone is not me/

maybe you are too full of yourself instead of trying to address an issue with eve’s newplayer intake

to start i live in null sec, i have fought under against the the major factions out in null where i live almost baiscly full time the other amount of my time has been helping teach new players in high sec how eveworks.

you likely don’t know anything about helping players too full on you Zkillboard or some crap

there is an issue and due to player made factors creating a endless cycle of making people quit eve or learn to become a pirate, eveonline is not only about being a pirate take your head out off your ass

I spend soo much time teaching 1st of all the basicly of fitting a ship for a new player that ■■■■ is almost impossible. 2nd what to keep an eye out for what low sec means and how to make money. 3rd advancement in eve the core basics of PVP and why being a non pvp player is not a good way to think. that include if all you want to do is Mine how to prep your ship for self defence while mining aganist rats does not count always expect pvp ganks prepare to defend yourself(most players get attacked die and repeat x20-30 times then quit

know anything about that? no you don’t because you very well be part of the problem

Most of the people i have gotten to time have learned and understood how things work
and now live in null sec wormhole space, or low sec Teaching people how to grow so they can want more increase amount of peopel roaming low sec to trying to get into pvp. Forcing people to quit the game IS NOT HELPING WELCOME these changes and have already started a plan to help people Learn eve and get out into the PVP landscape

i don’t Teach people how to BE good but how to Get out there and learn the game so for some of yall PVP bandits are more willing to accept people that atleast know how to fit a PVP cruiser and train the right skills so we get less people who try and Speed tank a Marauder(i HAVE SEEN IT ) 1 month old character trying to fit a T2 battleship with T1 mods on the verge of quitting the game because he want to go in low sec and pvp money was not an expense he would just repeatedly die go figure, joined his corp taught him the basics what he was going wrong and that’s that think he quit do to RL stuff i do know he got a few kills but all that was well over a year ago.

i am not full of my self i have been playing eve for 10 years i am an avg joe pvp pilot and

if me and you were to PVP you would win hands down
But i prefer to out think people, and in a skirmish i can probly get a bunch of low skill people to have a chance at fighting back against you far better then i could without even engaging you

(Rivr Luzade) #481

If you weren’t so full of yourself or actually competent, you would have read my suggestion on EVE University. :slight_smile: You haven’t seen that? Well, too bad, because everything you said I didn’t know anything about is being taught by EVE Uni in a very fun and constructive way that involves people and gives them lots of ways to learn and progress on EVE’s learning cliff.

And considering that you are part of CFC, the only things you probably teach them is how to be a good VNI ratter to farm taxes for your overlords. And how to get into a super or titan quick so that they can ruin EVE even more. Considering that you keep saying “Forcing people to quit” goes to show how limited your perspective on EVE is. That is especially concerning after I laid out lots of ways on how to progress in EVE with enjoyment despite or because of wars. I seriously wonder what you were actually able to teach people if your experience and perspective on EVE is so narrow and flawed.

(Madlightning) #482

i made an edit nice try but no i more down to earth then you will ever be befor you start going attacking people on the forums for no reason

oh an PS most people quit befor even learning about EVE university alot of good your posts are if they only seen by more seasoned people

(Madlightning) #483

and 1st of all i bought my 1st VNI Last week to try AFK ratting and its ■■■■ so nice try i rather just use a carrier or even a rattlesnake like i have been its more risky that way

eventhough i am in the the late-CFC since thats not what its called anymore i have always gone against the grain wherever possible I am fully against the Meta

(Rivr Luzade) #484

What edit? You left the parts in your post that attack me. :slight_smile: You also left the parts in that show just how narrow your perspective on EVE really is and how ignorant you are towards other people suggesting already existing solutions to “problems”.

That is true. And in this instance it’s a failure of CCP for not promoting and assisting EVE University more. Instead, they do everything to funnel new players into null sec where they are tax revenue printers instead of learning things about EVE.
However, instead of just quitting those people “unduly” subjected and “harmed” by wars could also try to ask what they are doing wrong or how they can improve on the forums or in other places, or they could research EVE a bit more and figure out that EVE university exists at all. Search queries like EVE Online How to play EVE literally gives you a hint for EUni and other new player friendly groups after just 2 clicks. If people cannot be bothered to put that little effort into EVE, they have no place here. At all. Because everything beyond that is a lot harder to figure out.

(Faylee Freir) #485

Do many people just blindly pick up Eve Online without doing research or reading about some cool story that inspires them to play? I started back in 2012 and spent like 2 months reading the stories of piracy, scamming, and player interaction from bloggers and storytellers. I instantly knew how I wanted to play the game and how to get to that point.

If you pick up Eve Online in 2018 without doing enough digging to know of things like RvB, Eve Uni, Hulkageddon, CODE., Miniluv, Marmite, Goonswarm, BOB, and many other iconic pieces of this game history then in my opinion you’ve already set yourself up for failure. I’m not saying you need to be a historian in Eve Online before you start, but starting the game and not know what you want to do and how to do it is just lazy.

CCP used to do highlights where they would feature certain groups and go into detail about what they do… maybe that would help pre-educate their prospective players.

(Faylee Freir) #486

I’m glad we basically typed the same thing :slight_smile:

This is an adults MMO that requires much more research and go-get-em attitude than most others. It’s like if your new hobby is Archery or RC Cars… you’re not just gonna go pick up a bow and half-ass do it. You’re gonna read about it, watch videos, and do your own good basic research.

(Madlightning) #487

i am not ignorant sometime web guides are for everyone, how is my perspective being narrow about teaching how vast eve is, huh? you go straight to me about what allience i am in or its me that had problems in high when in fact your just tossing shi and hoping it sticks

really seems like you are the one with the 1 track mind.

stop trying to trying to belittle me and try and push a valid point your weak attacks will not get me to back off,

you think your so smart lets hear your ideas on how to fix the current issue on eve a way that someone who does like like web guides. to learning the core basics