Change is coming

(Rivr Luzade) #488

Simple: Leave. If you do not want to research something, even most basic things, about EVE, you won’t manage here anyway and are no asset to the community. You will end up whining and whinging all over the place with your entitlement issues, and join CFC for easy-mode gameplay. Neither helps EVE to get better.
If you really do not like web guides, you can go around the starter systems or even ask in busy local chats like Amarr or Dodixie where you should turn to learn more about EVE. You can use ingame chats to learn about EUni or other new-user-friendly entities and I have personally suggested those groups via chat or mail to a variety of people.

Again: Solutions already exist.

I personally do not see a problem with wars at all if you are around competent people. The coming changes to wars with the half-measure of only allowing wars against structure holding corps will only increase the grievance because war decers now know you have a structure and will look for it. And other groups who outsourced them can keep farming without impunity.

Also, just 3 anecdotal examples of my experience with wars:

  • When I first joined a user-created high sec corp a couple of weeks into EVE, we also got a war by a then very infamous war declaration group. My corp had a couple of competent people that organized a little defense effort, we found their base of operation, we camped their station and prevented them from leaving that station for a few evenings. Was funny, but also boring because we just sat there. I kept using EVE.
  • Then we had another friendly high sec corp that got a war and we tried to assist. It didn’t went so well because we lost a few things and battleships to the attackers. The friendly corp got hit hard, merged into us eventually and we kept playing in different areas and tried different things. I kept using EVE.
  • We later moved into NPC null sec with a group of people, who turned out to be very enthusiastic but not really knowledgeable. Even I with my barely a year long experience noticed serious issues and that endeavor ended in failure. Welcome to Null Sec. My corp moved to a different alliance with a lot more competent people and we had a smashing success in Syndicate instead. We even worked together with Rooks and Kings, which was an amazing experience back then. Despite the initial hardship, I kept using EVE and progressed further.

Based on these experience I expect people to play “my” way, and not their ways because “my” ways provided me with enjoyment, fun, excitement and knowledge. “Their” ways always seem to end in failure, though. Based on “my” experiences I am confident that “my” way is, if not the perfect silver-bullet to solve all issues, a way to enjoy EVE in lots of ways. Sadly, CCP seems to disagree with “my way”. hums Sinatra

(Aedaxus) #489

Just 10~15 a month per account is what the rule is. You can even play limited for free. If people are slow learners it just makes CCP more . For you it is just a game for CCP it is a business.

(Predvodnica LSG) #490

So now we have to graduate Eve High School and University to play a game ???


(Faylee Freir) #491

I think one issue that a lot of players have is that Rve Online used to draw in a lot of mature gamers. When I say mature, I mean players that tend to have a higher level of patience and determination than others. There was a saying I heard a long time ago that I’m fond of, but I’m not so sure it still applies to the community today: ”When someone quits Eve Online for World of Warcraft the average IQ of both games goes up”

I assume at some point CCP realized that their once niche game would maybe make them more money if they appealed to a wider audience. An audience that probably doesn’t like the fact that other players can endlessly impose their will on them and poop on their gameplay. So sure I don’t blame CCP for making decisions that best benefit them as a business first, but I can’t help but say that even as a player since 2012, I don’t like a lot of the changes to a game that’s been more of a hobby and less of a game.

(Predvodnica LSG) #492

Main problem with this attitude is that increase Blizzard profit and decrease CCPs profit :rofl:

(Rivr Luzade) #493

And that is where you and CCP are wrong: EVE is not just a game. EVE is way too complex, time consuming, money intensive, real-life compromising, involving to be just a game. Farmville, COD, LOL are just games that you can pick up, play a round and forget again. EVE does not allow that. EVE is more than just a game, it is a serious hobby with all constraints and perks a hobby comes with.

Blizzard? You mean the Blizzard that just announced a mobile version of Diablo and got rammed into the ground for it, just like CCP Hilmar got slammed into the mud when he announced Echos? I am still very amused about the fact that he had to beg for applause for this failure of a software. :smile:

(Faylee Freir) #494

No I’m saying that this game has been in the media for its player created content MORE than any other game I can personally think of.

Is it that far fetched to see someone reading an article from any video game news outlet, then doing more research, watching a twitch stream, or anything? I mean in the Rookie Chat where everyone starts, there’s people that will refer you to Eve-Uni and answer all sorts of questions.

(Faylee Freir) #495

If you slowly remove aspect of the game that give it intrinsic value, then suddenly there’s nothing left.

The meat and potatoes of eve Online has always been being able to interact with other players in meaningful ways. Playing a villain was part of that.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #496

If you want to achieve something, yes. Like chess or any other complex game.

(Lugburz) #497

i started playing in 2007, didnt read up on anything originally; just started playing with my sister and dad. sister didnt stay long had to do family things and i spent my first year or two mostly running pve.

Wardecks were not as prevailant back then, code didnt exist. The lofty scam did; someone tried it - i didnt die… perhaps the area i grew up in (rl) was sufficiently like eve to make me inherently mistrustful of people…? inner city is kinda like eve i guess.

I use to steal loot from wrecks from other wardeckers - didnt get decked, attitudes seemed different then i think, people had less money and many wardeckers werent looking for easy targets; and there was a lot of wars happening… and by happening i mean it was a regular occurence to see people fighting on gates, in gangs.

Moved to null for a bit, did stuff, my bro started the game and i ended up back in hs… started wars in hs; had fun for a while but we did notice a decline in targets; especially when we had 10/15 people in fleet with 3 or 4 guardians… war content in hs took a dive… then the wl changes came about i think pushing it deeper into the grave… moral of the story… new groups cant and dont want to fight older groups that have expensive toys; and i dont blame them, they cant win.

Certain corps and alliance do still get big, brave was one of them (horde was made out of brave) i think theres a group called necrogmongers and theres also conoco; brave grew because it had older players backing it, a few of them necro and conoco just recruit anyone - in all cases they dont really care about individual ship losses; all theyre aiming for is more in fleet. It is easy to recruit and grow if you dont care about your members… it is a strange human trait that many do not notice, all they see is a large group and automatically want to join without any real knowledge - i think disenchanted was a thing for a little bit too?

I feel somehow the game is lacking in smaller corps and alliance content, a good highsec system would go a long way in fixing this but in an ecology such as eve you cant just ‘fix’ highsec without the other areas having their part.
Farming is endemic to eve, as long as it is so easy to farm isk in safety in nullsec people will always look to join larger sov groups and boy, is it ever easier to farm in nullsec now in just a vni… and i know plenty that have afk vni’s to make their isk.
Im sure youll notice with the new jump gate/bridge mechanics it will now also be far easier for sov blocs to strike out of their own little corner 50 jumps away; when wardecks change to structures we all know what this means…

Its an odd set of changes ccp are making, the ecm change for example; un needed and yet from the looks of it heading towards being more powerful vs logistics ships (again nerfing smaller form ups because lets face it, 200+machs dont really need logi). ceptor nullification - to make it more dangerous for roamers… new bridges with no fatigue… fax changes that effect smaller gangs because well, if its half as good and you have the numbers; just field more… to make it easier for null blocs… next up will be command destroyers… why? because it gives a smaller group the ability to mess with a larger group - if they know what theyre doing.

It would appear that ccp are under the impression that large fleet form ups are what people want from the game and that somehow it attracts people to join the game and stay.
theres some truth in that but…
ccp need to watch the streamers, most arent fleets…
they also need to look at kb stats; most people who run in blobs do not lose a lot of ships - because they are risk averse… which means they wont fight unless certain of victory… unlike most small gang groups who will often try something.

just another two cents etc etc bla bla; not like ccp is paying any attention.

ikr nice wall of unreadable text :stuck_out_tongue:

(Aedaxus) #498

So people who just do the ingame tutorial (and the extended profession)are not allowed to mine, haul, manufacture, trade and mission in high sec?
The are not allowed to pay CCP 10~15 dollar a month?

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #499

Of course they are, they just have to think that they are not completely safe ih HS and be aware of their surroundings. You provide you own security, CONCORD is only here for retribution. This is part of the learning process.

(Madlightning) #500

Right to attacking me again you are so petty

so i don’t give a damn how the imperium operates this this time they are my Employer i will fight, kill, die and whatever they we get told to do something we go do it win or lose drama or not whatever alliance your in i bet you do the same or whatever you are part of i have not checked, that has nothing to do with NEW players
for you info i don’t Tell anyone to side with the goons or any alliance that is up for them to decide, and WHEN i do leave the goons to fight for someone else like i have in the past so be it. ill fight against the imperium but right now everyone hates them the most so why not join them plenty of people willing to fight you for no good reason

THIS i disagree with they no doubt should change this for the short term so that a more solid plan can we worked out by no means am i implying this is that way it should stay, war are part of eve at 40+ active member corp should not be in able to decide who should play the game in a current way,

and corps being immune to wars completely HELL NO this is eve this would create unpredictable dmg to the game market as a whole, along as effecting CCP’s bottom line. in the Very long time (plex prices)

Most corps as of right now that you are saying should just LEAVE eve including industrial corporations not interested in PVP want a chance to grow to be in the Group to are saying they should do

PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO DO THIS FORCING them out of eve on their 2-3 week of eve because easy kills on a 50mill wardec cost is cancerous. People need stepping stones most players back in the Golden years of even had this. No tools, no agency bullcrap no real new user guide, but their biggest danger was their own willingness to explore eve. so once again i touch back and say while not off annoying my CEO by doing ■■■■ i’m not suppose to be doing, i am going to use this chance to aid as many people as i can befor a more permanent change happens help a few new industrial people find their long term calling where-ever that might be

when they do get rid of the war-dec immunity(not even implemented yet) eve will be maybe even %0.01 better.

off-note: they need a more viable piracy option in high sec so people can attack other people except with a tiny bit less concord-rape in high sec

(Madlightning) #501

do you think that CCP should soften concord a little so people can learn to self help like don’t chance the concord response time just time till concord blows you face off time like the warp in tackle you but there is a pause before you die a painful concord death like gankers could Reek a little more havoc but self-proclaimed anti-gankers and not in a race to beat concord maybe attempt to kill the would be gankers or die trying.

just curious :thinking: i’d like that more people would die but at the same time more people would be inclined to defend themselves or learn to. high sec should be easy but not easy to the point of brain-dead-ness

(Lugburz) #502

you mean like it is now dont you?

(Madlightning) #503

Like i REALLY hate code but they are Very important to high sec.

they create conflict for people to rally against.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #504

Whatever you change in game, you’ll always have the people who learn, adapt and make profit from the changed mechanic, and those who undergo the changes and always find something to whine about. This will NEVER change.

(Madlightning) #505

God no right now its brain dead (with a side of brain cancer)

(Madlightning) #506

but a Healthy form of conflict would do well in high sec. give people a reason to want to leave the NPC corps and deal with a superficial drama. right now people just leave their corps they made and make a gang in NPC corps and then just sit in eve forever like a tumor and complain the game is boring while they still play it lol

or quit the game some people will not make the cut in eve

(Lugburz) #507

im sure theres some sort of mathematical equation or algorithm that could be applied; id work on that if i thought anyone was actually going to take notice.