Change is coming

(Balos Tritapo) #650

So your solution for EVE loosing players(which is undisputed even CCP says that too much PVP hurts its buisness) is to keep the status that scares away said players?

WOW…snotty approah…

MY playstyle is the ONLY one and all that not follow MY playstyle can leave?

Well…they WILL leave and in a short amount of time even you will realize that all those coloured economic reports CCP spits out every month are just a blindfolder,a blender covering the real situation of the game…

It’s so OBVIOUS that,given the fact that CCP already confessed that PVP is bad for the buisness,the whole story of the actual situation was never told…

Why should CCP should change the course f.e. regarding war decs? why should they confess the “PVP problem”?
You just confess what you have to and in 99% of all cases it’s just worse…

Wake up and look behind the curtain if you dare…
Look behind

(Pretty Mystery) #651

Has to be a troll. Surely nobody this deluded and oozing hypocrisy is allowed to access the internet?

(Balos Tritapo) #652

You mean yourself in constantly denying the obvious?

Well you are right…:slight_smile:

(Pretty Mystery) #653

Crap. You demand, you cry, you lambast and you stamp your feet shouting “ME ME ME ME ME ME ME” and then you accuse others of arrogance, selfishness and snottiness?

Are you 12?

(Jonah Gravenstein) #654

Ironically this is exactly what you keep saying to the people that disagree with you

Well you’re not the Wizard of Oz so I’m assuming that you’re hiding behind the curtain with your meat and 2 veg swinging in the wind.

(Balos Tritapo) #655

I only demand what other games already have BECAUSE THE MARKET WANTS IT and what EVE has to get in order to survive…YOU denying the need of it are the fail here…

(Pretty Mystery) #656

The market, that’s all we hear from you. It’s boring, it’s incorrect and it doesn’t apply here. You only THINK whatever this fabled trend is applies here because it’s something YOU want. Because YOU can’t be bothered to play the game how it’s meant to be played.

It’s that simple.

But keep typing. At least while you’re typing here you aren’t crying on several other forums elsewhere trying to spoil perfectly balanced games for other people, which I have no doubt you do on a regular basis.

I can only liken this to stringing a telephone scammer along so he’s not bothering an old lady somewhere…

(Pix Severus) #657

If the market wants it, why has WoW been hemorrhaging subscribers since they patched-out all emergent content from the game? Why are Blizzard now releasing a classic version of the game, bringing back content from when the lines between PvE and PvP were blurred?

(Humongous Trithead) #658

Balos you are not being genuine, i have you in another thread asking no begging for it to not change.

“Please no…i can’t stand any form of modding crap…please leave a game as it is intended to play by the designers” A balos quote.

(Galaxy Pig) #659

LOL keep praying, carebears. Superman will be along to save you from your own incompetance, eventually!


(How YaDoing) #660

Keep praying ?
The link i posted, is a link, to the eve’s own update site.

Our prays are heared, think you guys better start the praying now.

You know what’s next on our carebear list ?
I will use the magic word so PA hears it.

I would pay, real money, for flying Capitals in High sec.
There, i said it. Think CCP/PA should contact me for more money earning idea’s.

(Mortlake) #661

Interesting suggestion, though I highly doubt there are enough homeless hostels in Iceland to accomodate all the staff.

(How YaDoing) #662

Oh oh, always nice reading a post from Mortlake. You devil little eve player you :slight_smile: pinches mortlakes cheeks

How’s the staying at home collecting welfare business these days Mortlake ? Any tips ?
Seeing i be coming back to Eve soon, and alot of others with me, we would also like to have no other life then playing Eve all day.

(Mortlake) #663

Me too. Mid December. With catalysts. Thankfully wars are no longer an issue.

Wish you’d post with your main though. You’re clearly a very frightened young man.

Fly safe.

(How YaDoing) #664

You keep coming with the same responses.
Give me the name of your main…

I allready answered all those questions earlier.
Now please, come with the wellfare tips before you forget them too !!

(Balos Tritapo) #665

So playing no game at all because the server going offline is better than playing a game the mainstream would play?


Well you would get it if the “no change at all please” people would get their will…

Let’s hope they don’t…

(Mortlake) #666

You haven’t answered anything, but that’s ok, I like a challenge.

What do you want to know about ‘welfare’? It’s not called that here, it’s called unemployment benefit and there are several types depending upon circumstances. Most now claim under the umbrella of universal credit unless they’re disabled in which case they receive disability. I don’t get either as I have a job - yes I know, hard to believe I’m sure, considering my level of activity.

Oh look, Balos has turned up to bolster your lies and misdirection. Comedy timing or what?

(How YaDoing) #667

This, this last sentence tells it all. It tells your whole persona.

Your right, I wrote the mmo news articles. But before i did that I gave CCP/PA all this false misleading data to make this anti Eve pro players decisions.
Then i logged in on the Eve updates website, to write this whole misleading false patch notes for coming december.

I feel sorry for you Morty. You are not in contact with the current Universe. Holding on to old believes without listening or hearing the changes around you. If you have hate towards these changes and need a outlet, by all means, my pilot name is How Yadoing.

But i advice to look in the mirror, it’s your own fault Eve got sold.
The changes coming are your own fault.

Hey Balos ! Howyadoing :slight_smile:
you like this Mortlake guy to ? I’m gonna like his posts, I love that old dinosaur.

(Mortlake) #668

Ironic considering you’ll be as extinct as me if you have your way.

(How YaDoing) #669

I am havin my way. It’s coming in December.
And there is nothing you can do about it Morticia.


Fly save