Close topic please

Well, it is also not your decision when you “decide” on what should and should not be, but yet you keep behaving like you do. The “community” could as well be a bunch of alts who - just like with bumping, suicide ganking and afk cloaking - want to keep up the illusion of there being a problem.

Which is, though, not the point. The point is that this kind of topic just got locked for a good reason, and he made a new one which will run the same course. Hush, go salvosh around somewhere else.


I actually am. Your inability to understand that just proves my statement about you.

Go ahead. You will see what it will earn you.

You havent posted on-topic even once.
All of it has been insults, derailment and trying to shut down the thread.

Most of which have already been community moderated to hidden.

I recommend you delete your posts and go for a walk.

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Hey, when I want to behave like you … I do so. vOv

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Id say immediate Local intel is to blame, and its effects on both sides behavior.

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Too simplistic as an answer, they merely wanted to kill and get out…, it is behavioral. and they would do the same whatever the local system.

How about a big alarm in the local channel when someone comes in the system
and player is flagged if he have pvped in less than 1 hour

There is a place for player like you, It’s WH
So you can go have fun there without whining about NULLSEC

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Ofc they did.
Nothing wrong with that.

They probably would do something similar without immediate Local intel.

But they would also have to work harder to see if there is any prey there, as well as finding before it escapes, as before.

By the same logic, if you like immediate Local intel, you can go to HS.

Incorrect because all you do is warp to the right anomalies…, foresaken hubs for VNI’s for example… I pointed that out in the previous thread, have you forgotten?

They do that anyways.
Nothing wrong with warping to an anom.

What prop mod you are using there is your own choice, insofar as it delays your warp-out time.

Please read the original topic.

This was never about removing local entirely from null sec.

As a solo hunter, the locals already have a huge home-field advantage. Modifying local chat so it creates more interesting and more dynamic pvp opportunities will only make the game better.

They don’t need local for that…

That would not matter

They need Local to see if anyone is in the system, same as you.

They can see that from the map and Dotlan data…

Same as you can.

Now you are just trolling…

You can watch the players in system map data same as them.

That is a fact.
Drop it with the ■■■■■■■■ trolling accusations.

Salvos, you are trolling now…, so up yours!

wow, relax.

If you pay attention while playing the game, any modifications to local likely won’t affect you all that much.

This isn’t about removing local, it’s about making it possible to remove local. Making it so it needs to be set up, maintained, and protected…like real military intel equipment. Modifying an unrealistic and outdated aspect of the game so it creates better content. That’s all.

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