Australian players welcome too come have a beer and throw a squid on the BBQ with us… :smiley:


Still recruiting and looking for good quality guys who want to get involved. Two EUTZ fleets tonight!

If this video brings a tear of pride to yon eye like it does mine, it’s time to join Alwar Fleet.

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The place to be for EVE PVP really, love this corp!

:metal: :fastparrot::metal:

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Wage war for the Gallente Federation. We are kings. :crown:

Taking back the warzone. Four systems liberated this weekend with maybe a fifth and a sixth today. Maybe. Smash the State. :fire: Wreck face for the Federation. :eagle:

Last week was a good one for the Federation. Alwar Fleet needs you, EU pilot reading this, to finish the job of reclaiming the warzone.

Due to the wild success of our recruitment drive, we will be putting a brief hold on recruitment on the 16th to give our new members some time to integrate, though it shouldn’t last too long.

You snooze, you lose. Best join today.

Still recruiting.

We’re still recruiting! But not for long.

It’s all kicking off in the warzone. Recruiting for two more days!

Recruited some awesome players recently! Be one of them. Recruitment is open until 23:59 on the 16th.

We’re back. Recruitment has reopened!

There might be a livestream of our alliance 5v5 tournament on twitch tomorrow btw :+1:

England lost 2-1 to Croatia tonight.

Oh well. Alwar Fleet is still recruiting!

Hey. How is your Aussie tz? And friendly bump

We have somewhere around 5 active Aussies right now in corp (give or take), definitely not as numerous as either our EU or US guys. :frowning: FEDUP’s AU is sadly spread out over a bunch of different corps, as much as I’d like to steal them all.