Code is a group of miner gankers who also proclaim their ways as a law of highsec.
They are a cult worshipping their leader james 315 as if it was their god and they extort miners to buy a permit by paying them to ensure that they are not ganked.
They are tyrants and cultists, pvp sansha.

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I’d never join them but Eve would be a poorer place without psychopathic cults like CODE. Keep up the good content provision.


No, CODE has taken too Citadel PvP of ganking freighters. Run out and gank a freighter, gank another freighter and so forth because its too difficult to actually leave the system and track down miners.

The inability of the common carebear to construct a coherent English sentence never ceases to amaze me.


Freighters? Wait, what, you mean I don’t have to gank Ventures anymore? I can gank freighters??? OMG, we can pipebomb the freighters out of existence, all we have to do is put our pipebomb fleet along the warp path!!!

Click below to discuss how we can pipebomb the freighters out of existence:

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"Strange … Never saw a sign telling the ore belong to them … "

We did put up some containers to mark the boundaries of our territory. Unfortunately, some griefers attacked the boxes and removed them. If you would like to donate some isk, I will be happy to purchase more. Also, when you go through Niarja or Uedama, you can see our website in your overview, so it’s not my fault if you decide to ignore that.

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As much as you cannot change me from referring you as dum dum.

I prefer one Triglavian than hundreds CODE Agents


Well didn’t know uedama was all hisec. If you don’t have signs in all hisec and don’t have manpower to claim, then it’s not yours

Luckily, carebears don’t get to make up arbitrary requirements in James 315’s Highsec.


Hahaha you guys are funny I must admit. Quote any text where I ask anything from your beloved James. xD

Protip: He’s jerking you around. There’s no constructive discussion here.

well, to have constructive discussion there must be a form of inteligence.
That’s a contradiction with the corporation we are talking about, who advocates alts with afk gameplay.

The members of the corporation in question are all very intelligent.

It’s just that they have a insatiable desire to use that intelligence to demean and piss other people off.

Insulting them only gives them ammo. So don’t do that.

Welcome to the internet, y’all! :smile:


that’s yet to be proven.

Some are, that is for sure(I think black pedro is in CODE.). Yet some other show a lack of logic that means they are stupid or play a retard RP, and I consider that playing a retard RP on a forum where people come to discuss out of RP is a sign of lack of intelligence.( IMO intelligence includes the capacity to understand people and discuss with them - eg empathy is a part of intelligence)

In light of your own particular posting habits and pedantic style…

CODE. are a pythonesque Spanish Inquisition, some of us expect them to happen, others don’t and blithely wend their way across the universe without apparent care; then they bitch on the forums about how unfair it is that PvP can happen to them in a PvP game.


maybe you should stop rp’ing then (I really hope you’re indeed rp’ing :joy: )


I know . Txs for the advice