Concord cops not doing enough, need 911 button

He was in a Procurer, read the thread.

What a wonderful bait thread, do continue. :popcorn:


No that is not impressive as we have already mentioned. I started a new acc today to gank and in literally 4 hours of wh-ing I have amassed over 340m starting from a tutorial char. That’s roughly 68 ganks.

It really is. You made a few hundred million ISK, were ignorant enough to think that it is a large and impressive amount of ISK instead of pocket change, were dumb enough to lose it all to easily avoidable ganks, and finally were entitled enough to come to the forums and whine about how CCP needs to make the game easier so you can’t lose again.

I think all players should be at least able to do that.

Nope. EVE is supposed to be a challenging game where many players fail. Stop demanding participation trophies and learn how to play.

Yes it is. 100s of millions is poverty levels of isk. Back in 2010 I started plexing my main account with isk month 2 doing nothing but PvP and started plexing an alt with isk month 3.

I did, your point?

It’s obviously a bait thread although it is a bit odd since the guy actually lost 300m.

He was not in a Venture.

That was the point.


Hi as you are new to the conversation and most don’t read the entire thing, the problem appears to be ganking squads in high-spec space preying on hard-working miners.

The response time of the cops is at question here. The lack of a 911 button is what is being raised here aside from the comments shouted from the spectators.

Please read the current situation and realize that the player style has changed to warrant a modification to the response time and player interaction with local authorities. Just losing a ship isn’t enough, the crimes in progress must be stopped before the destruction of the very expensive mining ships.

From the comments made by the criminal organization they regularly prey upon miners.

LOL absolutely golden. Entitled af. Definitely running locates on this guy xD

Does the ship really matter? I meant that I rarely get such high quality tears.

Just mine in 1.0 sec if you are so needy, the response time is like 6 seconds. In 0.5 it borders on 24

I did read the entire thing and tbh your point is invalid. As soon as you undock you should be prepared to get killed. Thats what this game is all about. You should find a way to prevent being ganked (someone told you to chek local and d scan) highsec means that the security level is high, not absolute. And a 911 button would make the server crash because you would be spamming it.

Thank you for the empirical data adding to the need for a better response time. The gankers have the obvious advantages to the lack of a interactive response system with the nearby concord or other authorities.

68 ganks, those poor players deserve a memorial… Or a system that can help them enjoy the game too.

This is just a game after all, and the more people playing isn’t going to be accomplished by blowing them all up.

We lose way more players to lack of PvP content than we do to suicide ganking.

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There is an interactive response system. Your 911 button would just mean a ganker would stick in the next asteroid belt spamming it in order to pull CONCORD away, meaning that your ships would have even less of a chance.

They most certainly don’t need anything, I am am sure they are quite content watching Netflix in the other room.

Yea it is because no one wants to play smash space rock simulator.

Yeah but that’s a buried truth, buried in lies like the very existence of industry and mining, and terms such as high sec and hard to rationalize explanations of the functions of Concord and Faction Police.

Also you need to be prepared to not only lose your ship and pod, but to also be griefed about it.

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I am a hard-working miner, not entitled. It seems you are fixated on an incorrect definition to my character. The CCP is funded by new players buying subscriptions and by miners making the game move forward, eventually the criminal organizations that prey upon the innocent are bound to raise their heads above the noise and when they do, the get noticed and dealt with.

My authorized kill list is already pretty long…

Then kill them.

not that you are able to…

Nothing will change except on your end. That’s really all there is. You CAN do things to avoid getting ganked. They will reduce your mining income and take away from your enjoyment of mining, but that’s the way this game is.


go get them tiger

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Thank you for saying something rational for once.