Concord cops not doing enough, need 911 button

CCP is funded by Bots, Botting companies, and Whales. They dont give a damn about the player experience at all.

Also you are extremely entitled. You’re asking CCP to remove swaths of content from other players so that you dont have to be bothered with paying attention. ENTITLEMENT.

PS: My authorized kill list is the entirety of the Eve online playerbase lol.

He could try to snuggle them perhaps.

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there is nothing wrong with snuggle… the excessive complaining is kinda bad thought

There is already an automated “911 button” , it’s called Concord response timer:

It gets activated the moment suicide gankers turn flashy red in space , but it’s just like irl , it takes time for Concord (police) to arrive.

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Unlike real life, they actually turn up.


You’d have snapped and chewed thru your computer power cord by the time you paid for a fit procurer mining in hisec. People who do this are unbalanced and have issues. They need to be shot at (ingame) or they could spread this morbid, mindless pursuit and warped ideology to more new players.

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From the very little experience I have, you used the right ship with an ok fit. That means that there was a super high chance some other miners, who hadn’t made the right choices, would have been a far easier target than you.

It’s really just like the bear joke: when a bear chases your group you don’t have to be the fastest, you just don’t want to be the slowest. So look around to see the other miners, if there’s perhaps a hulk there they’ll go for that one but if you are the easiest target then perhaps rethink your mining.

That or you made it personal. Perhaps you reacted in local, perhaps you bio or corp info triggered them. In which case, and any case tbh, stop making yourself a target like with this thread.

It doesn’t make any sense that in this super advanced futuristic realm that my capsuleer can’t call the cops. That is the broken part.

You don’t have to, the cops are called automatically but they’re just too late to prevent it.

You CAN however lure those same cops, probably with some donuts, close to you and that would severely hamper a gankers options where he’d probably have to lure those cops away himself before having a go at you. Which would be your call to gtfo.


Saying something isn’t very realistic is a terrible justification for a game mechanic. What matters are things like fun and balance. For example, space is huge, and takes a long time to traverse New Eden even at the speeds that Eve allows, so it makes no sense for an unlimited amount of police to show up in any system across HS in as little as 7 seconds. But, I doubt we’re going to hear you touting realism when it comes to an infinite supply of indestructible concord ships that have fast travel turned on.

I have to be able call them when they are needed, My capsuleer’s life is in danger and like real cops chasing other bad guys around they will not know about the crime except through forensics.

Your statement about luring cops away from a hit site is another reason for a 911 button, thank you for your input.

Imagine the world without the ability to call law enforcement, that’s EVE currently. Some future that is. Perhaps that should be the new advertising slogan, “Come mine asteroids where you can’t call the space cops.” Or how about “Criminals unite, the cops can only come after you commit the crimes.” even Baldur’s Gate had guards show up when the fights would start or when crimes were being committed if they were close enough to detect it, and these future cops in EVE have super star destroyer levels of technology, I’m sure they could get a call from a capsuleer in trouble and respond from a system away even quicker than it takes to destroy Omega-class ships.

If that’s not the case, then 2 things are needed: First a 911 button, and second, an affordable super-powerful short term shield, kind of like the invulnerability you receive when you leave a station. So you push the button and for a set period of time (30 seconds or some other time amount) you are invulnerable but can’t warp out to allow the time for the cops to show up if they are close enough. Otherwise the shield expires and the gankers that stayed can have at you but realize that the cops are on the way.

An in-game Omega 911 button should be considered due to this obvious flaw in the game structure. Once you start messing with Omega class ships and equipment, you have #1. Paid for a subscription, #2 mined, made (market) or bought/traded for millions of ISK, and #3 spent the time gathering and assembling Omega subscription equipment.

Your real-world Omega subscription has technically paid the “911 Tax” to be able to call the cops if Gank-mobs appear to be attacking you while playing.

Your demands of adjusting the game mechanics to suit your playstyle are incredibly egoistic, most well-adjusted players adjust their playstyle to suit the game mechanics.

Most reasonable pilots in highsec factor in dying to a highsec suicide gank as an operational cost and accept it happily, as there are many ways to reduce the likelihood of it happening.

A few mining barge losses may seem a lot, but you’ve learned the lesson for a relatively cheap cost. A friend of mine lost a 57b hauler that he autopiloted through uedama. He cursed a little, laughed at his own stupidity and moved on with his life.

You’re mistaken, they are called automatically as Concord shows up don’t they.

Let say someone attacks you irl and you call the cops going “helphelp I’m being attacked”, but the attacker manages to kill you within 20 seconds. Somehow, amazingly and completely unrealistic, the cops arrive 21 seconds after you called and take out the attacker, but you’re already dead.

THAT is the situation, the police ARE called but they’re just late which is (lol) realistic.

You kinda misunderstood me on the option for you to lure in the cops before something happen, it’s a mechanic where you can pull in concord to your belt so if someone would go criminal in that belt the cops would already BE there. Limitations, details and effort applies.

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Posting facts about the kill logs is allowed, the letters I’ve got say I can ask any EVE player for assistance in the kill orders which includes everyone in the game.

This particular thread is pertaining to the unregulated ongoing attacks in the game, in particular High-Spec space.

I wasn’t talking to you with that post. If you look in the upper right hand corner, you can see who I was replying to. And if you click on it, it will show you the post in question (and it even has an up arrow that will allow you to jump to it).

Of course, since this is your thread, you’ll automatically get notifications of new posts regardless of whether they were directed to you or not.

It definitely sounds like you don’t want capsuleers to be able to call the cops, I’m absolutely sure that’s what you’re saying.

It appears like the cops only show up after you die because the suicide gankers do their job correctly: they know how the space cops operate and how long they have to kill you.

The space cops do their job, which is to enforce a minimum level of effort and cost to killing another pilot in highsec space.

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The main point of my argument was in my first sentence. So, I’m not sure if you’re trying to troll me or not.

But, I do have that thing with that guy at that time, so I better get going. Have fun with your thread.