Concord cops not doing enough, need 911 button

I know, right? You’d think he was in TEST, or the Little Bees, or any number of corps populated by narcissistic egotistical maniacs.

In other words. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

LOL! You must be new here. Or willfully blind to the fact that there are no “well adjusted” players.

This forum is kept alive by the 10 or more threads a day demanding CCP change game mechanics to suit whatever it is that the creators of said threads want.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Thank you for another example as to why a 911 button is needed, 57 billion ISK loss due to gankers?

The theory remains, could he have survived the attack if he had temporary invulnerability and the gankers knew the cops were on the way?

Better yet as soon as the proposed short term super-shield was visibly deployed, say with a bright golden aura around the ship, to indicate the player had temporary invulnerability and the cops were on the way, would the gankers simply have left? Perhaps.

Visual deterrents are used to deter crime as are harsher punishments for crimes, which in a dynamic system are adjusted as needed. It appears that the unwarranted loss of property of that poor player should have been better protected.

Things change, games change with each new revision, this is not outside of the realms of possibilities.

He could have easily survived under current game mechanics by hauling his loot in other ways, or simply by using the common cloak + microwarpdrive technique used by haulers on the ship he was flying. The gankers punished him for making a bad choice out of a wide array of choices available to him.

The system you suggest eliminates the wide array of choices, and simplifies things to “press button to not die”. This only caters to the people too incompetent to survive under the current (already quite forgiving) system and only punishes the people so spectacularly incompetent that they can’t do the most simple of actions.

Simply put, it’s a bad idea that rewards bad players.

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I already explained it to you , it’s already there automated , or as Xanthellus suggested to you , you can call them yourself in the asteroid belt/ice field where you mine. Details here:

If you do not have a second omega account to use a second character at the same time , just create an alpha account and use a new character for this , get a rookie ship, set safety to red and shoot at a miner in some asteroid/ice belt where you plan to mine. You just called the police. If Concord leaves it means that someone else did the same thing as you in the system (and that’s a hint for you that a gank is in progress) or someone else just got ganked in some place in that system.

At this point you obviously look like a troll .


Now, have you heard of mining aligned to a structure?

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I had to ask what a troll was… lol you guys live in these spaces. I kept asking… what’s a troll, these guys keep saying it… ooohhhh nope not after your “Goat” as it were.

I see how you say the ability to call the cops is there in game, so a button would be easy to integrate into game dynamics. To protect the players that simply want to space mine or the other things there are to do in the game.

Like I said previously, in the futuristic EVE, you should be able to call the super cops when the bad guys start shooting at you. That’s because they are bad guys and have chosen to attack you like NPC’s.

In an MMO this profitable, the cops should be on speed dial, since the criminals will be that much smarter, and better equipped as well.

While I appreciate your attention to this thread, your comparison to bad player vs. new player, still doesn’t address the fact that players that are under paid subscriptions can’t call the local cops when attacked. Sure they show up afterwards that is the broken part of the game.

So you’re telling me that the super-cops of this game, have to wait and have no communication ability with anyone, and are simply auto-deployed to sites of crimes after they’ve happened. Bug in the gameplay dynamics for sure.

A troll is someone who acts stupid to amass attention.

I already explained how this would be abused. There cannot be an infinite number of cops. Otherwise everyone would have one in their closet. This means that by definition, some number of the cops would have to come to you to “help” you. Now, how exactly would these cops differentiate from a ganker in another belt distracting them, and you? This would simply be abused by the gankers in their favor.

There are not infinite amounts of cops in EVE either.

Name 1 game with this feature.

Correct, the cops were purposely programmed with a delay to allow for PvP to happen. This is not real life. This is not a simulation. This is not even TRYING to be a simulation. This is a fantasy MM(MULTIPLAYER AS IN YOU CANT EXPECT TO PLAY BY YOURSELF)O

You’re being an entitled prat


You’ll have to excuse me for now , I have to make a 911 call (flagging your thread).

Now I want this to happen, I get an alt in the nextdoor belt, click call a bunch of times and then theres no one to help the orca for the 2 hours it would take to solo catalyst it.

Once again proving the flaw was purposely put there for PVP not MOB vs Player, the cops show up after the player has died, which doesn’t help.

There aren’t infinite cops in the real world, but they manage to respond to calls just the same. Sometimes it takes longer, other times it is minutes or within a minute.

In a game like EVE which is a simulation, additional dynamics are needed to deal with the time delay loophole created for PVP, whereas the attack of more than one player VS another should automatically trigger the cops, you’re totally right it should be automatic.

Thanks for your support in this obvious futuristic game flaw, can’t call the cops in game but you can in the forums. Thanks again.

Proving my point exactly. Calling the cops is something that should be an ability of the capsuleer or be automatic when more than one capsuleer ship is registering damage to another, then it is proven Mob vs player, a gank in progress.

Smart miners and industry players love suicide ganking. Lazy and incompetent miners and industry players whine on the forums to sabotage themselves.

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I for one do not like the inability to call the space cops when gankers who love shoot em’ up games take advantage of PVP timer loopholes.

Well yes, read more carefully:

Smart miners and industry players love suicide ganking. Lazy and incompetent miners and industry players whine on the forums to sabotage themselves.

It’s well established that you are not smart so it’s not a surprise that you’re opposed to suicide ganking.

Aside from giving you the names to go after, that list has no real value in terms of authorization.

Of the 21 characters involved in the 2 suicide ganks, 15 of them are (and have been for a while) outlaw status.

The other 6 are not far away from that either:

Anyone with a security status -5 or below, can be freely engaged by any other player at any time.

So your killright list doesn’t really change much. You (and everyone else) can already go kill them.

However, it isn’t as simple as finding them and killing them.

Characters that only gank, know how to operate in order to avoid being killed by faction police; and that also makes them difficult to kill by other players.

So going and getting revenge isn’t that simple.

Best thing to do if you want to continue to be a “hard working” miner, is to learn how to set standings for corps, watch local, don’t just sit still while mining, dscan and watch for combat probes within 1AU; and learn to warp off before a gank fleet ever lands on you.

It’s also worth looking for ice belts with other easy targets and just make yourself a harder target. That way, there’s a higher chance that the gankers will shoot the other guy first.


Its 7 seconds. If you cant survive 7 seconds idk what to tell you?

I’ll consider everyone’s advice for now, but I still want a way to alert CONCORD if I spot hostiles. I’ll see if I can’t learn more about EVE’s mechanics before bringing this up again. I very strongly believe that if I see CONCORD gathered around a gate, that I can get their attention. That said, it’s probably not the reality of EVE and its combat, even if I believe it the future that the police are stronger than ever.


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