Concord cops not doing enough, need 911 button

Well thanks either way for putting a big target on your head for us gankers. Afterall, your tears fuel our spaceships and you seem to have an endless supply.

Already exists, but you’re obviously not aware of it and if you don’t discover it yourself then there isn’t much we can do to help you in the long run

That being said, concord is not meant to be your protective force, they are there to punish those who commit a crime and not before

The difference in EHP between an alpha and an omega in the same ship is not that massive and even omega fits can get ganked, so literally a moot point, and there are modules to prevent you being scrammed, look up warp core stablisers ingame



Yea that’s what I’m for…



If a dev made a post like that today they’d get fired.


run missions, wait for missions with rocks in them. Mine them.

This gets you rock not as easy as right click belt warp to for gankers.

On an alt I made just for fun when looking for passive activities I see a mission has some rock.

Run the mission, see it has like 3 hours to turn in and a fair bit of rock to mine, I bring out the venture (was given from noob intro quest) and mine. Semi AFK mining while do stuff like fold laundry, pick up the apartment, etc,

This cuts out the lazy gankers. they will just cruise belts. Just leave scanners. And they tend to want the mission runners and/or their npc loot lol. This would be why CCP gave the venture and the tech 2 variants. Smaller sig and such, run some d scans. If pass after pass sees probes getting closer…someone is looking for you.

Yes the description says for dangerous space like low/null. Assume hi sec is not safe and use there too.


They’re pretty rare these days, mission mining got hit with the nerf bat a while ago.

Level 1 and 2 like my alt has been hitting sees enough rock to keep me happy. Its not plexing the account for sure but the common ores are saving me some headaches.

Saw the good rocks were killed in high sec changes. Like on a mission I saw kernite and said awww yeah. And wiped it out with after 10 kernite lol. That crashed my joy at seeing that in the list of veld and usual HS rock.

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If you don’t want to get ganked go join a Null Sec group. HS is not safe space at all. Go into the blue donuts and anything not blue in local warp off, dock up, wait for local to clear, undock, resume, repeat.

I met a guy in fw losec flying navy comets kept telling us he was the space police.

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It was probably not a mob, but another solo player with multiple accounts.

Chances are what happened is you were sitting in a belt, twiddling thumbs and got hypnotized by the slow buzz of mining lasers. A ship warped into your belt and cloaked up, or warped in cloaked. The cloak ship then gets close to you. The other player warps in his other accounts to the cloaked ship and they land right on top of you. Boom, scratch one barge.

CONCORD is there to protect regular people from US.

–Space Goddess Gadget

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Here’s the thing, a 911 button would require people to be at the keyboard.

Looking at zkill one of the OP’s losses had a 2 minute gap between his ship exploding and his pod exploding, while there is a chance it’s an api error, if he was indeed afk it certainly wouldn’t have helped him.

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No they won’t, who is going to make them pay? I doubt you will.

If you are genuine, your best bet would be play something else for the next 200 days.

There’s a lot of bad blood in the player base in this game, which is why PvE players in high-sec get picked on a lot. As you can see in this thread, there are those that blame PvE players for changes that PvP players don’t like.

If you think the situation will improve you are more likely to be disappointed.

transcript of @Ogariaz 911 call

–911 how can i help you
–uhhhh… there is a girl , in a pony tail , saying she will murder me if i don’t have a permit
–do you have the permit sir?
– ahh, no
–why not sir?
– i think they are not required by law…
– one moment sir let me check…
MUSIC tum tum tum tum da da da
–ty for your patience sir , she is asking for a permit to do what?
–a permit to mine …
– are you in a mine sir?
– no , I’m floating in… uhhh… space on a … uhhh… hulk
– a hulk you say sir , just one more minute please …
MUSIC tum tum tum tum da da da
–ty again for waiting sir… i think you are correct , there is no law that requires a permit to float in space on a … uhhh… hulk
– i told you that …
– wel sir , is she armed ?
– she is in a … uhhhh… catalyst i think
– what kind of weapon is that sir
– i dont know i think neutron blasters
– can you get away from her sir?
– no , i move 100 m/s and she can do … uhhh… 2km per second i think
–two kilometers per second sir???
– yeah its about one mile … i little more…
– o ne mi le per se cond… "writhing "
– hey can you send concord quick , she is coming with ten more tugs
– keep calm sir we already sent a patrol ship to check …
– are you all right sir? may i ask to stay in the line with me?
– Sir?


I was going to make that argument initially, but then I realized that what the OP is asking for isn’t a distress beacon sort of thing, but an ability to summon an NPC police force to attack and destroy a target of his choosing.

People who demand more realistic policing mechanics are right up there with people demanding more realistic bumping mechanics in terms of not having any semblance of a clue about what that would actually entail, for them.


Realistic bumping mechanics:

I can’t wait.

Pretty much anything ever proposed for this game had or has problems to overcome.

Take for example the “backdoor” 911 call to Concord. That IS RIGHT NOW being used by gankers who use their free corvettes to do it…two abuses in one.

Fact is, all a person needs to do is gank ONCE and they already have a clear record of ganking. Do that and then no more 911 calls for that person, or, at least not without a significant amount of grinding to regain that ability. Also, 911 calls ON that person are more likely to be valid right? Two ganks is more valid. Three eve more. And I know that won’t solve every issue but seriously, people give up on these ideas WAAAY too fast.

Also, Concord is not needed to be on the spot to prevent ganking. NPCs have other items at their disposal. I see no special reason why gate guns are only at gates for example. I am pretty sure they have automatic weapon disrupter platforms as well, or could. And those could be placed at mining belts.

And now I know I need to repeat this and I always will: I don’t want to end ganking. I just high sec to either be high security or change the damn name already. As it is, it is misleading on purpose. High security New Eden is on the level of a ghetto and isn’t remotely high security.

(Ugh. Jar Jar Abrahms breaking Star Wars canon and the entire franchise along with it.)

I don’t think so. Light speed (or close enough as depicted) is outside the realm of current reality and barely in the realm of theoretical reality. Bumping would generally not slice ships in half.

But as I have said many times, we are all prepared to accept a bit of unreality, but there is always a high degree of reality even in our fantasy games. If there were nothing but fantasy in our fantasy games, we literally could not play them…they would be unfathomable…like you cannot read a single character of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and even if you could, that leaves hundreds you still can’t.