Connection Lost Frustration

hi guys, i had the same issue tonight (playing on mac, disconnect as soon as character selection screen pops up) and resolved it by removing and re-adding accounts to my launcher. seems to work normally now

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Worked for me as well. Good call.

hey guys, having the same problem here south coast uk havent tried a vpn yet i dont know enough about them to be confident in using one i started playing again yesterday after years of not playing bought omega etc and now i cant log in for longer than two minutes i cant open market or fittings etc and it crashes out when i try to do anything it worked fine yesterday all day until about 2 am this morning it started crashing out figured id go to bed and try again today and boom cant do anything still

don´t let this pass!!! the quality in a paid service is essencial, otherwise we are just a bunch of addicts…!!!

No connectivity issues for months and today, after being connected for over 5 hours since DT, disconnected and haven’t been able to connect ever since.

I’m not paying for a VPN to play a game I already pay for.

I have problems too, I can stream myself painting or watch a movie on Netflix or fall asleep to YouTube autoplay and it stays on forever but with eve- I play a couple hours and then get D/C, then my internet doesnt work for 30 sec-2 min, comes right back and works fine until i try to play eve again… then it will start to dc every 15-20 minutes and I’m basically done for the day. i got new equipment from my ISP, had a guy out who put in a signal amplifier, I’ve dumped the DNS cache, turned off access to every other device, idk what else to try but i bought 1500 plex and went omega for 3 months so it would be nice to actually be able to play… instead of just training skills ill never use again. any ideas what else I could try? idk anything about VPNs but i think they cost $ right? not really willing to do that.

and nothing from CCP, no acknowledgement if they working on the issue…
really feels like they just ignore it, or have no clue how to resolve it

today’s D/Cs are ridiculous, 4 DCs in a row one after the other in close succession ( 3-4 minutes after relog )

Is there anything done about it ??

There are 3 basic parts of this that needs to be addressed for troubleshooting

  1. Your end
  2. the internet (ISP everything in between)
  3. CCP servers

Logically if the problem is at 3 we’d be seeing tons of threads with tons of people complaining about disconnects.

Which generally will leave 1 or 2. Keep in mind for 2 you have a lot of variables. I literally had a client once who could browse any website except one. When I would traceroute i would get about 15 hops in and then get stuck in a loop. Funny enough the building housed MAE-EAST (the hub that spreads the internet across the east coast of the USA). So we could literally walk downstairs and they found an issue with one of the routers.

Death Ellecon, u are addressing a network engineer right now

Of course I am. It doesn’t change the basic principles of troubleshooting.

You made a 2 sentence post that does nothing to imply you troubleshot to confirm it is at CCP’s end or even if you understood the basics of internet communication. But I’m somehow a mind reader and knew you were a network engineer anyway. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

the point is all possible troubleshooting was tried.
also if you read forums you will find that my complain is by far not a single occurrence, there are RIGHT now multiple topics and multiple posts in each topic regarding disconnects that started happening since about June 10th server issues.
These issues are experienced by multiple people in a very wide geographical locations. Some people already did some pocking and it seems to point to cloudfare being extremely sensitive and dropping connections “too eagerly”

of course these are just players speculations, the real reason can only be known to CCP

Yet we have absolutely no feedback that this issues has been acknowledged and being investigated.

if you look at the eve Tranq status it clearly shows that it experiences sudden service drops to hundreds of people.
For example here

this is about 500 people drop

Up until June 10th the connection was very stable, and this same exact symptom was reported by multiple people. So id say it is hardly my connection.