Covid Making Exploring Hell

4 weeks ago i was profiting very good 100m to 200m on data and relic sites… Last week or so most i can get in a 2-4 hour explo is like 20m. I have been to hs, ls, ns, and wh space. Most be crap tons of people playing right now… Might take a few months off…Anyone else noticed this

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Yeah, more people playing and now that the Gurista Easter Egg event is gone, it’s open season on Cosmic anomalies. I feel your pain…

Those god damn new players!


That is the core of the problem. You are not supposed to ‘profiting very good’. I am. Period.

If more people do exploration, exploration loot should drop in price. Does it?

Try another activity? EvE has many things to do…

Oh really that’s why scamming and extortion is perfectly fine for profit in eve. If its not worth my time I’ll just let me sub run out and come back later…end all fix all for me. Its ccp’s loss of revenue for a few months. You’d think certain things in the game would be static…

How can something fixed by the players be static?

Became Space Dictator and force everyone to apply your prices.

Pvp Quote:
‘Every other content is only pvp content’
Quote end

As long as pvp can say this unpunished and ccp is bowing down like good dog to it every other content than pvp is doomed and this will only lead to a constant player loss.
Corona is only covering it so not many are able to see the reality behind the curtain and the ‘good numbers’ are distracting way too many here…

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Certain things in the game ARE static. Exploration is not one of them. Exploration is heavily dependent on player activity, and loot scarcity.

If that makes you want to unsub, then so be it.

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And here you are, spreading BS again, as always.

The whole reason why his PvE activity is loosing value right now is because too much people are doing this PvE activity.

The OP said it itself.

But as always you argue with your imagination.

Useful reminder:

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You really have no clue what you are talking about…

I do.

Exploration value is diminushing because too much people are doing exploration. That’s what the OP itself wrote, even in the very title of his thread.

Nothing to do with PvP. On the contrary, killing explorers would help solve this.

This is a problem that every game with no destruction (or not enough) face: Things loose value super fast.

But I guess you are once again going to somehow find a magical way to say that you know the truth and that the real facts don’t count.


Omg, cause and effects! No way! :rofl::sob::sparkling_heart:

Your my new favorite person now.

Dude continuing to stalk my posts with just another alt is pretty obvious…

Your writing style is so typical it’s a pain in the ass that you really think nobody would notice…

Wow, Balos…just…wow…


Erm…you are aware that i confessed that i am an alt on every single of my 2 alts i used here minutes after i made my first post with them?

Just saying…

No you did not. People remember. Gaslighting won’t work, friend balos.


And you are ‘people’?

Well…your immagination about recent events do not count…others remember better than you…

You wouldn’t even confess this if i would quote you the exact post with a timestamp of the alt creation time…and this denying of a reality you don’t want to be true is sad…

I’ve noticed a big influx of players in the game, people that are new to the game or players that came back from a break (such as myself), and this influx will of course have an impact on the game. Some things are improving, such as fleet sizes and the amount of fights that I can join. Other things may be negatively impacted, such as PVE activities with limited resources such as exploration.

Your post has given me some good inspiration! I was about to pick up exploration again, but it sounds like I should camp exploration sites instead. :smiling_imp:

nope. still netting about 350M per hour high sec data/relic sites this week…