[Critical Horizon] [USTZ WH PVP]

--------- Who are we? ---------

Part of the [Beyond the Breach] WH alliance, Critical Horizon [S-BOM] is a USTZ PVP C4 Red Giant -> C3/C4 Wormhole corp striving to grow our ranks. Led by pilots with years of combined experience in wormholes, we’re looking for J-space newcomers and veterans alike.

Elite C4 PVP Videos

--------- Philosophy / Culture ---------

While it is difficult to convey a corporation’s culture in a few bullets, the highlights include:

  • Improvement - We expect you to learn over time. Don’t know how to roll a hole? No problem. Don’t know how to roll a hole after 2 months? Problem. We’ll provide the teaching, you’re expected to provide the learning.
  • Bottom-up Leadership - My goal as CEO is to lead, not manage; resilient teams rely on the bottom, not the top. No ideas or opinions from our pilots will be ignored, regardless of seniority. Within reason, you can have as much responsibility as you’re ready to assume. That said, if you just want to point and shoot that is 100% fine.
  • Fun - At the end of the day, Eve is a game and if we aren’t having fun then we’re doing it wrong. Fun for us is PVP and activities that enable PVP. We’ll take fights there’s a good chance we will lose in the name of Bob if it means having fun.

--------- Recruitment ---------


  • Prior PVP Experience - We are more than happy to teach you wormholes, just not basic PVP concepts. You don’t have to be an Alliance Tournament winner, but this is not the place to get your first kill.
  • Personality - We want our pilots to enjoy hanging out with each other on comms.
  • Initiative - If you’re looking for somewhere you can fade into the background and be a ping warrior, we may not be a good match.
  • Training - Willingness to train into our doctrines. There is no hard SP requirement - your skills will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Omega - Unfortunately, Alpha accounts are not conducive to our playstyle.

Bonus Points:

  • Prior FC experience
  • Pyfa Wizards
  • Video editing experience
  • Memes

We Provide:

  • Discord for text, Teamspeak for comms, & privately hosted Pathfinder for mapping
  • Citadel Infrastructure
  • Partial SRP
  • Moon Mining!
  • P4 Planetary Interaction

Would you like to know more? Join our Discord or join our in-game public channel “S-BOM”.

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Still recruiting.

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Always pews to be had in J-space - come do it with S-BOM.

Come by our Discord and chat!

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Still looking for pilots.

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Come pew with Critical Horizon today!

Join our Discord and say hi! You too can:

-Stop a random eviction by using two assault frigs to shut down a myriad of battlecruisers, bombers, and an interceptor!

-Engage in trench warfare and hole control antics for days against some tenacious Russians, stopping them from bringing massive reinforcements while also bulldozing a low power fortizar!

-Try to engage in solo PVP in Kspace;! Try being the operative word… oops, oh well… 'Tis a silly place! Let’s just stick to wormholes lol :wink:

We look forward to speaking to you soon!!!

Still recruiting - come by our Discord today.

Always pews to be had in J-space.

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Still recruiting.

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Want to be C4 scum? Come join Critical Horizon today!

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Still recruiting.