My EVE Online story

I started the game at the end of 2004 and I tried joining Solar Dragon Nest but got sent to the Academy - which in those days was like bootcamp; you couldn’t main corporation unless you passed. After that, we got dragged into the Curse Alliance war which involved the whole universe. The only corporations that we didn’t touch was Morsus Mihi which would become the original Northern Coalition and Iron Two something. (Curse Alliance fell apart due to internal drama and people start space-grabbing whatever they could. RUS corporation was given Cache, Insmother, and Scalding Pass. (Oh by the way, Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek used to be NPC space when I started playing.) The name Legion xXDEATHXx was created as a joke as you couldn’t have an alliance or corporations set standings towards just a single player and picking it, I never thought I’d get as far as I am today. When I ran for CSM 6, I was leader of Legion of xXDEATHXx and I ran with TheMittani because there was no nullsec representation and there were urgent matters that required CCP’s attention.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

I represent the Russian community. We are the oldest non-english speaking group in the game; and at the end of 2005 I was their leader for many many years. As far as my expertise, I have been elected to CSM 6 and 7 as well as organizing and leading these communities. Also as a player, I’m the first person who used capitals in a fleet fight. My group was the first who killed a Band of Brother’s supercarrier (called a mothership in those days) and was thought to be indestructible which gave hope to everyone in the entire universe that they were vulnerable.
As for organizing and leading a group, I am one of the oldest still playing. I am the first person who created and organized rental empires in Eve, having a vertical management structure of over 25 people under me to do. I could write pages and pages of things that I have done but a little taste of some of my history you could listen to the interview I did with Matterall here: https://www.talkinginstations.com/2020/05/uaxdeath-and-grath-return-to-eve/

Why are you applying for the CSM?

First of all, I believe I have a fresh view of current conditions since I’ve returned after a long break, that hasn’t been corrupted by view of current events. I have a vast pool of experience and knowledge of the past I can apply today. A sitting member of the CSM is serious business and I know exactly what it takes.

What can players expect from you?

Honest, sincere devotion of myself not only to the game but development that is beneficial to the players. The best way forward is if CCP listens to the player base and makes informed decisions. I have always served on the CSM with that in mind.


Welcome to the race, Death. I wish you luck in the running and I hope that your community rallies behind you. It would be good to have one or two members of the localized play groups with direct representation.

Голосовать или не голосовать вот в чем вопрос. Проголосую за кого нибудь тем более старт голосования назначен на день моего рождения. Сделаю себе подарок.

а можно это как то подтвердить?)


Если ты забивал на игру, забьешь и на КСМ совет


I’m Russian and this guy does not represent me in any form or maner.


о из мавзолея вылез таки.

а ты правда в евку логинишься или только на словах?

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Господи вылезло чудо в перьях - как там машина которую ты купил за проданные иски? %)))


злые вы, сами бы хотели второго шанса, если он не 14ый.

Как ни крути Death известнейшая фигура в RU сообществе. его и iBeast знают все.
так что он может представлять нас в CSM, моё личное мнение

You are one of the least active CSM members in history of CSM.

Which makes you almost a perfect candidate.

Please promise to ignore CSM as much as you possibly can, and I’ll do whatever I can to bring you votes.

Этого человека интересует только RMT


So he’s a typical CSM candidate then.
They all RMT and ruin the game at the same time.
If he’s gonna RMT without touching the game, he’ll be the best.

Насколько далеко нужно быть от Евы, чтобы даже не знать в какой коалиции состоит твой альянс?


I gotta say, every russian comment so far makes him more and more appealing.

If he doesn’t know which coalition he’s in, isn’t that kinda good CSM-wise?

Not for guy, who talked too many about themself

You can stay on russian mate, me and my friend google translate would rather read proper russian than garbled engrish.

I honestly don’t give a flowing puck about what kind of guy he thinks he is. If he’s interested only in RMT, that’s fine, all CSM candidates are.

All what’s said here shows he’s not interested in the game, which is the main advantage of his candidacy. Of all candidates, he’ll do the least harm.

citation needed

oh come on, how long have you been in this game?
What other reasons one might have to even want to be on CSM, other than leet RMT leaks?

If he’s at least half honest about it, that makes him half better than every other candidate.

I have NEVER RMTed and I have no interest in doing so. I am also running for CSM.

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