Daleks are technically the first aliens ever shown in Eve

EVE is dying precisely because of stupidity like the Dr. Who event.

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The anger I’m seeing is because of Scarcity. As well as other balancing changes.

The Doctor Who event is just a two week event nobody has to participate in the rest of the game is still there as is.

CCP has a team of devs specifically dedicated to in game events. They made this and I think it could be a great event. They don’t design the lore or the new ships or the game updates, they work on in game events like Winter Nexus and this new crossover.

If you are angry because of Scarcity or balancing changes, by all means talk about it and be angry about it but this event is not why people are upset right now, this is just a new reason for them to vocalize their anger and stress.


I’m guessing you’re 2 years or less in the game then.

I think I found a dev alt!

I started playing during the winter nexus shortly before Scarcity started so like 3 years ago now?

I didn’t play for those three years at all so I consider myself a newbro/nooblord/whatever you want to call us.

I’m currently trying to get my friend back to Eve who got me interested originally. He sold his Rorq and spent way too much money on this game and I’m currently convincing him not to sell his account on d2jsp for “forum gold” as he calls it because I think that’s ridiculous and against TOS.

I’m not a bittervet but I’m not a complete virgin either. I’m just an experienced newbro who doesn’t really know anything relative to a 20 year bittervet.

What I do know is the game get’s more new players and income during events and I don’t see the new event ruining anything. It will end and the game will just be exactly what it was before the event except some people will be wearing scarves and bowties. Not really a game breaking change in my opinion.

So then why is the PCU plumetting?

That’s because you don’t know EVE Online and probably never will.

I’m pretty sure more people were playing in December than November. I’m also sure a lot of new players come here during every winter nexus event.

If you think players getting the option to wear a bowtie or a long scarf is going to break the game then I don’t know what to tell you but I think you are being silly.

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Oh okay.


That’s because you don’t know EVE Online and probably never will.

The graph would be a little more accurate if you were showing only 2021 it’s hard to really see the numbers for december when the graph is that small and has 10 years of data on it.

Ah I forgot you’re only 3 years old, and so you have a short view.

This is obviously designed to make players quit the game rather than attract new ones.
Prove me wrong.

Short memory span aside, that rapid jagged peaked line for most of 2021 tells me that the in game events were bringing the count up, then it immediately fell off until the next in game event that rewarded players for coming back and logging in (and upgrading to omega for better rewards).

So again, I am not arguing about Scarcity or players leaving the game, I’ve done it, I know someone who has spent an absurd amount of money and years who did it, it’s happening and it happened not long after I first played this game 3 years ago. The in game events are not the scapegoat you are trying to make them out to be. There are real problems but fun in game events are not the real issues that you are upset about.

I think a lot of people are reaching their breaking point and they are just so stressed out and fed up with the last 2-3 years plus everything happening outside of the game that they are finally done. They have more games than ever to play and they are at the point where they are more than willing to scream about how much they hate what CCP has done and quit the game to go and do something else.

I can totally relate to that. I’ve done the same thing. Now I just casually play multiple games including Eve.

EVE is dying because your tears :smiley:

Exactly. The secondhand embarrassment I get from watching these bruvs cry is just ick. They are so dramatic ROFL.

We actually hit some pretty big numbers during the winter event.

LOL, its clear you don’t know how to EVE bruv. Your bitterness pleases me :smiley:

Just because the bro is new doesn’t mean he’s wrong. You are also discounting a ton of other stuff in terms of player count dropping. But then that would shred your narrative huh? :smiley:

Exactly. The gaming landscape has changed, and it has changed due to the players. What’s funny is they don’t want to accept that the playerbase itself has changed.

Not as many people playing now can handle what EVE is. And therefore EVE itself is changing to accommodate that change. Its sad, but it isn’t CCP’s fault. CCP is simply responding to player demand.

hope CCP secured the copyright not only for BBC but the production company and from other companies / distributors that have used/helped produce doctor who - or there could potentially be BIG copyright lawsuits and other issues that could KILL CCP games as a company…

You mean this jagged line?

Which is jagged in the same way the PCU is ever year?

That word… I don’t think it means what you think it means.

lol You’re such a slimy shill. And telling me what I’m actually upset about? lmao you can sit the ■■■■ down right now.

@Gix Firebrand - Make a substantive post with content and you’ll have my time and attention.

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Yeah I am also amazed, yet not at the irrational anger of Eve players. They will come back. They always come back lol

The rest of the game, like 99.9% of it will carry on aside from the Dr. Who event. You’ll just be inconvenienced by some side banners here and on your launcher for like 3 more weeks.

LOL why would I care about your time and attention? You’ve already produced a nice amount of salt because of a scarf.

It is delicious :smiley:

Preach on brother.

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I like the in game events and if people hate me for that then that’s ok.

I want to learn more about Eve and maybe I’ll keep doing that over time.

I like Doctor Who in general, haven’t watched the original stuff from the 60s/70s and I haven’t watched the newest Doctor but I liked what I did see.

I don’t see this event breaking Eve or ruining it or anything else I’ve seen in the vitriol. It’s just another in game event, it could be really fun, get some nice screenshots, get some more experience, get some nice little rewards like some new skins and some clothes. Not a big deal to me, should be fun and I look forward to it. Not everyone has to agree with me, some people will use this event to freak out and yes, they will scapegoat this event because I know what that word means and I see many people doing that already. Whatever. It is what it is.


*#METOO literally translates to: Pound Me Too.

Oof. That sexism again.

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Oof. That noob nolifer again.

Sad he spends hours a day on a forum for a game he doesn’t even play.

What a loser.

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