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The December Release brings the new wallet UI, HyperNet Relay and the Kicking Over Castles update.

This release also includes a substantial number of fixes for gameplay, graphics and the user interface.


How do I search market transactions? This option has disappeared?

How is that an improvement?


Under the Market Transaction tab you can actually type in the Item Type drop/down menu, but In my opinion that is not an improvement. The good old search field would be better, instead of drop/down menu.


Haven’t been able to play for about 2 years since the old launcher switched to the new QT library ( grr )

Did something in the Mac client change? I can’t right-click anymore.

On my Macbook, I can’t ctrl-click to right click anymore. I had to pull out a bluetooth mouse. I would really like that back.

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Glad I’m not the only one experiencing issues. :slight_smile:

Did you notice that change when the 64 bit eve came out? I missed the initial transition.

Removed some off topic posts.

Yes, it seemed to come with the 64bit update.

We are investigating a display issue with the latest Mac build running on the MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019).

When selecting certain resolutions in “Fullscreen” mode, you may experience severe display problems. Waiting several seconds to restore your old settings may help.

Workaround: In the graphics settings menu (reached by pressing Esc) select “Windowed” or “Fixed Window” mode with an appropriate resolution instead of “Fullscreen.”

And modules yet again don’t cycle properly.

I would like to point out that if I walked into the Apple Store right now and spend $4000 on a new laptop I couldn’t play Eve on it because it currently assumes I always walk around with a external mouse, jus so I can right click, let alone be bothered about my screen resolution being ‘flaky’.

The issues regarding right-clicking have to do with a switch we made to use the main branch of Wine rather than retain our own branch. We consulted players about this in May, 2019, and here’s the feedback thread.

As that thread indicates, you can enable “Secondary Click” in Trackpad Options to allow right-clicking using part of the trackpad or a special gesture (usually two fingers on the trackpad when clicking.)

Current right-click behavior in the Mac client is not a bug, but a known choice to use an unmodified Wine implementation without CCP-specific key assignments.

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Damn. and I mean like damn in surprise and damn like you just stood on a nail.

On one hand I didn’t even know that was a thing, though on the other hand, in that exact menu I can see I’ve disabled tapping to click, due to it going off every time my plam brushes against the trackpad when I try to type.

It seems with tap to click disabled, two finger tapping ( which is enabled ) to get a right click doesn’t work either, though in safari it seems to activate some kind of zoom function.

Guess that means its more Apple’s fault ( the trackpad is the size of a damn postcard ) or mine ( disabling tappy-click because it sucks ) than CCP’s.

Reading my last post, it might seem like I was implying that you should already have known about that setting because of the existing thread. That wasn’t my intent; I just wanted to share some information that might put the issue in context.

I think there may also be a separate setting that allows clicking on either side of the trackpad to be treated like left and right mouse buttons. Might be worth checking whether that works for you with “tap to click” turned off. (I will check on this and come back and edit this post when I get an opportunity.)

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Thanks for the response. I’m going to try that trackpad option. I too had disabled the “normal” trackpad settings as I found them false triggering too often.

It did not seem that way at all. In this case it was a default setting I disabled, so anyone who normally used two finger right clicks would have had no problem.

Regarding drawing issues in Fullscreen mode on the MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019):

This issue appears to be resolved by the update to MacOS 10.15.3. If you experience any graphic issues after applying the 10.15.3 update, please submit a bug report and we’ll investigate.

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