Delay Local

Is immediate Local intel that crucial for you?

Answer my last post, don’t ignore it.

I’m not answering any more posts from you after the insults you have made towards me personally:
“You strike everyone’s nerves because you are an ignorant imbecile.”

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Except you did answer my posts since then. So basically you are picking and choosing when you want to answer which means you can’t come up with an answer to what I wrote, so now you are playing the victim card in order to avoid points you can’t contest.

Very slimy of you.

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I have no interest in discussing with someone that cant follow normal civility and engages in insulting personal attacks.

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Because you have no argument so have to rely on the victim card.

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You had to rely on personal insults long before that.
I will not discuss anything with someone that doesnt treat others with common decency.

Lets face it. If you had a good answer you would’ve gladly replied with it. However you don’t so you are trying to avoid it at all costs.

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Yes it is, the balance is right, it makes hunting hard and people still get caught, you need ISK production to make the Empire game work. But it then gets too easy to catch and kill PvE ships and also slows down the rapid response reaction of jumping into PvP ships to go kill them, which I love.

Over time with PvE ships being so easy people like PL and Goons will just camp the hell out of others space and they will start losing ships and go backwards and not be able to compete at the high end. Now my alliance would be fine as we have superiority in the AU TZ, but all those poor chaps in the peak periods for PL and Goons would be toast and then it will be a very stale game indeed.

That is how I see it developing, it would be a catastrophe for the game.

People roam now and catch stuff, it is not easy and a lot of people dock up, yeah, my alliance drops caps on anyone coming in and we get a lot less roamers because of that. But they are always around and getting kills.

This would be a very bad move, take interceptors for example, they would be able to move around without interdiction and no reporting in local because of their speed. It is too powerful.

So while at a personal level I could operate in it, hell I think at this point I would not be bothered to play, I ratted in a contested system in Stain, and it was fun, but most of the time it was people living in system next to me so it was D-scan stuff and knowing they were around. Not so much with cyno’s and hotdrops, seriously, it would be an absolute blood bath of smaller alliances and very bad for player numbers.

0.0 is quite healthy, Province is sad, all those people who were there and now it is a wasteland with bored PL players looking for content, that is what 0.0 would look like.

Im sad to hear you are so reliant on something as automatic, free and that requires no effort, as immediate Local intel.

0.0 relies on it, don’t make it personal, you are better than that.

Still avoiding my post I see.

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Your statement was your personal view.

If you think you have a valid argument you have to answer these points.

Depends on the trade offs. If it gives back instant local and some other stuff, yeah OP. If it gives you say number of pilots and lets you have 1 or 2 other functions…maybe not. As the saying goes, the Devil is in the details. We don’t have any details so we need to wait.

And while we wait…keep the status quo.

It might let you get them all back, but nothing else. It might let you get some back and do some other things. Even finding a cloaked ship that lingers too long at a safe spot. Depending on the various functions and the system in question alliances/corporations may want to fit them in different ways. An entry system might have OAs fit one way, ratting/mining systems another, and systems that connect a region yet another.

Prove your claim that the current state is imbalanced.

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I think you will find a number of people have said what I said, your reply was

Remove cyno’s except on Citadels, so no hotdrops, remove local entirely and all the map data on people on system and NPC’s killed and I would accept it. Otherwise, no way, it will kill the game I and many others currently enjoy. Still I don’t know if I could be bothered with it to be honest…

You shouldn’t even talk to him unless he establishes, with evidence, why the current state is imbalanced. If he can’t do that then he has no basis for his argument and is not worth talking to.

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Thats reasonable.

I believe you, but believe me as well when I find it seriously problematic that Player NS so crucially depends on an automatic, free and instant intel source.

Immediate Local intel should not be such a massive crutch upon which everything else depends.

That people think Player NS would collapse if merely immediate Local intel is changed to Delayed Local intel, stinks of systemic rot to me.