Dev blog: Balance Update With EVE Online: Lifeblood


(Jeremiah Saken) #183

They are not second tier hulls.

(JC Mieyli) #184

i think thats the only useful thing that could come from it
i cant see any reason why anyone would want medium size weapons on a destroyer hull
not trying to sound dismissive i just cant think of any logical application for it

(Arrendis) #185

Well, like I said, it’s a way to start the training that gets you into cruisers without doing ‘Well, I can train cruisers and then not use that skill while I train a weapon skill for my cruisers…’

(Tonto Auri) #186

The second set of destroyers is not “second tier”, it’s “alternative weapons’ platform”.

(Flyinghotpocket) #187

why? they already do far to much damage for their class and the classes around them. they already are the attack bc’s of destroyer land if there was ever low dps destroyers (cough 25% rate of fire buff)

(Ascentior) #188

An Omen with 5 Heavy Beam Lasers and nothing else with all L5 skills uses 96.52% of its powergrid.

Big, long-range weapons are hard to fit. The stabber isn’t alone in this.

(Nevyn Auscent) #189

To make it work decently you would need to lock weapon slots to a particular size.
Imagine for example, (no claim this would be remotely balanced) a 3 M size, 4 S size weapon destroyer.
Firepower vs frigates would be lower due to tracking issues which would possibly allow AF’s a space in the meta again, while against cruisers it would be higher or the same as now.

I don’t know if it would be an ideal way forward doing this, though I will say I personally would like to see it, but it would lead long term to some pretty dramatic changes across all classes introducing that kind of concept where slots are size restricted on top of general PG/CPU restrictions. Which may end up being too much change to be acceptable even if the end result ended up ‘better’.

(Pestilen Ratte) #190

Nerfing the Tristan will do irreparable harm to the long term viability of Eve.

Everyone knows that Gallente drone pilots are the life blood of the game, the real warriors who lead the rest into whatever glory exists in New Eden.

How does anyone benefit, when the cream of the player base leave to player unknown battleground?

Stop the Gallente hate. Unnerf the Tristan!

(Arrendis) #191

Hmmm. Now there’s a silly idea that just makes for more silly ideas, isn’t it?

(BayneNothos) #192

No doubt. Was more commenting on the person asking about the Zkill Guide line and how accurate it was.

Having said that, The Omen has +2 lows and a higher base PG (+262.2 to be precise) which allows the %age based PG boost modules to make life easier actually fitting the ship.

(Cameron Lytle) #193

YOU HAD ONE JOB CCP amnd that was to keep OP STUFF

(Garresh) #194

I like the changes overall, but there’s definitely some oddity wrt the rifter. Tbh I don’t think moving high to low will fix the rifter’s problems. I don’t like to discount something without going over it in pyfa or something, but giving it an extra low is a seriously weird choice. If anything I would have expected an extra mid.

If Rifter gained a mid it remains not the fastest, or the sturdiest, or the highest damage, but gains nearly infinite potential for build variation, which is what the rifter always shined at. Shifting a high to a low can potentially result in a slight speed or hp or damage boost, but its going to be really marginal with its limited resources for fitting, and will still be fairly outclassed by other races equivalent ships.

And either way, a minor boost doesn’t do enough to close the gap. I’ll run some numbers but I’d advise giving it a mid instead. And the reason I say that is because we’ve seen almost that exact layout in the Firetail. It’s basically a faster rifter with more versatility and better damage application. Give the rifter a mid and it becomes a worse firetail, like it was back before tiericide. Minmatar needs to have at least one open ended ship in each tier. Rifter was always it. I’d kill to see those days return.

(Eric Lemmonte) #195

It’s already interceptor speed. And the nerf isn’t as bad as you think.

(Eric Lemmonte) #196

lol… corax with rapid light launcher or heavy assault
No. And I’m a missile lover, lol.

(Sylvia Kildare) #197

Well, SOE’s nullsec stations aren’t exactly in between Amarr/Gallente areas of null.

Thukker should be ze next pirate faction ships released… and it should be Caldari-Minmatar.

(Alekseyev Karrde) #198

Heh if you thought a single unbonused rocket launcher was going to “take care of” anything that you cant hit with bonused autocannons, the only thing I can suggest to you would be actually going out and trying that. Because obviously reading and numbers will not drive the point home.

(Arrendis) #199

Well, totally setting aside the question of ‘why would the Thukkers use inferior Caldari technology?’… there’s already Thukker ships in the game.

Nomad - Developer: Thukker Mix
Mastodon - Developer: Thukker Mix
Panther - Developer: Thukker Mix
Vagabond - Developer: Thukker Mix
Scalpel - Developer: Thukker Mix
Cheetah - Developer: Thukker Mix
Jaguar - Developer: Thukker Mix

Soooo… yeah, pirate faction? Not so much.

(DeMichael Crimson) #200

Heh, don’t know what your problem is but I’ve been using Rockets on my Rifter for years. Also there’s plenty of other ways to apply bonus to Rockets than just with ship bonus, such as skills, implants, rigs and modules.

Rockets are a fast short range supplemental weapon that work’s great with quick up close brawling tactics by adding extra DPS to the ships overall stats. T2 Rocket Launcher with T2 Rockets can take out a Frigate with a couple of volleys.

(noone kun) #201

4 missle 4 turret hardpoints for arbitrator should be fine

(Garresh) #202

So I looked into the potential Rifter changes some more. In all honesty, these changes are actually a nerf to Rifter DPS, not a buff. The potential for a second gyro is heavily offset by the increased CPU cost of a Gyro over a rocket launcher. And in most rifter fittings there’s the option of rigs for compensating damage. With regards to power and CPU limitations, it does appear rifter can produce somewhat more tank, but it’s a marginal increase. Likewise, it can go for slightly more mobility, and this is pretty useful for arti-kite fits. But in general that 4th low isn’t really what I would call a buff by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just a change.

Rifter loses some firepower, in exchange for slightly increased tank or mobility. Meh. I stand by my assertion that if you wanted to bump the Rifter up in power you’d give it a mid for a high. Mid means room for tracking computers(which help arti-fits), or extra utility mods(which help all fits), or dual prop(which helps brawl fits), or any number of other things.