Dev blog: Balance Update With EVE Online: Lifeblood


(elitatwo) #163

So I have tried to look at them ships and my first impressions are mixed. The Arbitrator has a really capacitor and could use a nudge. The Omens are really cool now and can be nasty laser kiters.
I still need to check out the Dragoon but I already have a fit for her. The Corax look okay-ish but not fast enough. A little nudge in speed would go a long way.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #164

I feel that corvettes should get a rig slot to at least teach new pilots what rigs are, how they are used, and the setbacks some can cause.

(Butch Microdis) #165

To be clear, I suck, and I never claimed otherwise. Newsflash, compared to ppl like you, the bulk of the people playing the game suck. New players compared to u ESPECIALLY suck. Do yo have any doubt that you could kill a 5 million SP character anytime u wanted? If anything I would say you are so experienced that you are too far disconnected from what it is like to be a new player to make your assessment.

You’re looking at what I was saying through the eyes of an old player with an awesome killboard. When you talk about the slave sets at 25% and exile sets at 20%, you have to realize that you know what implants are. I’ve been playing this game for a little over a year and I’m just starting to learn about stuff like that. Most of the new people in this game that get swatted, get frustrated, and leave do not ever reach the level of experience to even know that they exist. How would you feel if I had some secret weapon that I could use to trounce you any time I wanted that you neither knew about or understood? Then imagine you only have an hour or 2 to play three times a week to figure it out… So yes, being 20- 25% tougher is a game breaker imho. Also I’ve never seen a 5 million SP character fly a capital.

Your point about killboards is valid, it is value to the players. If you take away the value of killing newbies, it would have an impact. I get that it’s fun killing newbies and watching them flip out and rage-quit the game and never come back, however it hurts the game by ruining player retention.

As for my points about t2 frigs vs t3d those were two seperate points that perhaps I worded poorly. T3d’s were extremely powerful when they came out, and a new player could get in one quick and actually be competitive (unless they came across an old player with implants and SP). It was a fun ship that I loved flying when I was a young (er) character, and it really ruined a lot of the game for me back then. When you are that new and that one ship is your entire universe, that sucks. That was right around the time I shut down all the multiple training queues for all of my other characters. And to this day I have never reactivated any of those other training queues…

The second point was that those and rapid lights were about the only defense a poorly skilled player had against an interceptor flown by an experienced pilot. They were overpowered in experienced hands, no doubt. But rather than wimping the ship, they should have wimped the force multipliers.

The point about the faction webs… those work great for stopping the frigates, but if you asked a large group of new players what a faction web was, they wouldn’t know. You know, you’re an experienced player, you are truly better than most of us. But the reality of the situation is the population of Eve is dwindling. When was the last time you saw 45,000 people logged on at once? You can argue with the exact language of my suggestions, but I cannot imagine you haven’t noticed the dwindling numbers.

I also noticed you didn’t level any criticism against me for the comments about scamming…

(Butch Microdis) #166

I think Arrendas said all that needed to be said about that.

Yes, I built a sucessful business from scratch, if you are ever in New England, drop me an Eve Mail and you can come over and see for yourself. In spite of your comment I would still greet you with open arms as an old friend and buy you the best meal of your choosing the area has to offer!

(Tonto Auri) #167

And what will be the trade-off?

(Arrendis) #168

If nothing else, there’s the fact that it’ll be useless in any large-scale engagement, both because lol active shiled boosting and missiles have a way if forgetting where they’re going as soon as you get a little bit of tidi. Yeah, that only effects one part of the game, but then, so does any other set of trade-offs, really.

(Daichi Yamato) #169

No mate. Plexes cost more than subs. A player that plexes makes more money for ccp than one who subs.

Get it?

(Butch Microdis) #170

You aren’t thinking that ppl buy plex then apply it to their account for the subscription are you? Nobody that knows how to do math would do that. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s rare. If people buy PLEX it is usually to auction or sell it for ISK to buy skill injectors, skins, or have isk to buy ships and such. The old players then spend their in-game ISK on the PLEX on auction or private sale. They don’t need to buy PLEX for real world money and sell them to make isk cause odds are they have plenty of ISK.

My point is still that a larger cashflow for CCP is possible if they increase the new player base instead of catering to the old players

(Arrendis) #171

And based on CCP’s statements, there’s no way to demonstrate which segment of the population raises more money, only that more people subscribe than use PLEX for their game time.

So all you’re doing is speculating without actual data.

(Daichi Yamato) #172


But if one person pays by subscription and also buys 500plex from ccp to sell to another player, ccp makes more money than if both players were subbing. Are you with me now?

I never said getting new players isn’t worthwhile. Just showing you that players that plex are not mooching off of ccp. Their time is paid for by other players. At a higher rate as well.

So it wouldn’t make sense for ccp to try and discourage players from plexing. They should do the opposite.

(Daichi Yamato) #173

I’m not talking demographics. Just that a month of gametime paid for in plex transfers more rl money to ccp than a month of gametime paid for by subscription.

Or put simpler,

500 plex costs more rl money than a months sub.

(Nevyn Auscent) #174

Yes, now consider if two people sub and one also pays for a Plex for a rad ship skin. Now CCP makes even more money.
Just because Plex is going up in game does not automatically mean CCP is loosing RL cash, because those plex may still be getting consumed at the same rate or even faster.

(Daichi Yamato) #175

Yep. Even better.

But the reason i posted was for this:

(Tonto Auri) #176

If PLEX going up ingame, it means CCP making cash. Not losing.
Supply and demand in their classic interaction.

(JC Mieyli) #177

how do you figure

(Arya Alderian) #178


And lol@ing at the ~175m/s nerf of the Vexor.

Take your Plex ■■■■ out of my RIFTER RAGE!

(Flyinghotpocket) #179

Good changes. i would have been a bit harder and nerfed the atrons speed as well. everyone is a little tired of derpatrons.

on the larger changes. heres something to keep in mind ccp. amarr is the only race whose tech 2 destroyer line does NOT use its primary weapon system.

battlecruisers are in need of some serious revamps especially on the imballente side. i seruiosly made a pilot just to fly the brutix navy. since the only sp you need is hybrids and tackle it was less than 5 mil sp and able to have something like 200kehp and 800 dps no problem (hull tank). i dont remember the exact numbers but suffice to say it is far to powerfull for ships of the same class.

(Ioz) #180

I think that the second tier of destroyers (Corax etc.) should be using oversized weapons.

(JC Mieyli) #181

lol why

(Arrendis) #182

It’s an interesting idea, using a set of the half-step hulls (destroyers, battlecruisers) to bootstrap people into the next hull size through gunnery/missile training. I’m not really sure that was the intent behind the Attack Battlecruisers, though. Personally, I read them as a desire to make… you know… battlecruisers, instead of Heavy/Armored Cruisers. (Battlecruisers (CBs), from a general history view, being fast, lightly-armored cruisers mounting the same calibre of gun found on their slower, more armored Battleship (BB) brethren.)

I’m also not sure, though, that you really want the catalyst-gankers shifting to Heavy Neutron Blaster gank ships that still cost less than 20m each.