Dev blog: Balance Update With EVE Online: Lifeblood


(Mina Sebiestar) #223

Projectile / drone boat is missing all other variations are in game.

Proper projectile / missile hybrid (4/4) is missing.
^imagine 8 hardpoints BS bonuses for both weapon types and add tp and web bonus to top it off…glorious pain train of destruction.

Shield rep nestor counterpart/variant is missing in game.

(Frostys Virpio) #224

OR a complete turd because you have different mods for damage and application to fit to get any decent numbers.

(Nana Skalski) #225

Are those changes meaning so much that so much words have to be written? Wouldnt everyone just play it and be used to it in few days?

(Frostys Virpio) #226

People are unhappy when CCP change stuff without putting in in blog posts, forum posts and patch notes. The player base’s demand lead us to those posts.

(Dogsplain) #227

Lol: "Nerfing Gallente"
Yeah they knocked the Tristan around a little, but they failed to notice it’s the Vexor Navy, not the Vexor that’s the most commonly used variant.

I guess you’re right, but where are you running into Vexors instead of Vexor Navies?

(Jaquan Wessette) #228

They focused on alpha worthy ships. And in current state of Alphas (not the future one) Regular Vexor provides more than VNI in terms of DPS, when you’re locked into medium drones, due to its bonus to turrets. Yes, VNI is commonly used as a ratting ship and is pretty good in that but only if you have access to your heavies. Without that its only saving grace is its tank because Brawling Fit Vexor with Blasters and Medium Drones will outdamage it.

(Dogsplain) #229

I see what you mean, I disagree with you on “Vexor is better”; as part of the cancer in my opinion is drone boats being crazy to begin with.

Or to better clarify drone boats auto-aggressing will always beat out manual dps in terms of “usable ships”

(Jaquan Wessette) #230

Won’t deny that though paired with travel time and sheer fact you can blow them up they can be bit unreliable. Especially if target is carrying smartbombs to fend against smaller targets. Here’s the catch with regular Vexor though - it’s not too far behind dedicated cruiser sized blaster platforms even without its drones. And without heavy drones as a factor it easily wins the dps race against VNI even if said VNI packs 3 DDAs (and Vexor takes 1 DDA and 1 Magstab).

(Trespasser) #231

so what is the status of the heavy missile damage increase that was delayed a while back? also the status of allowing subcapital faction weapon systems the ability to use t2 ammo?

(Mr Bowers) #232

Rorquals with T2 mining drones move at 2500m/s with max skills. Run industrial mode at station then run your pulse mode if they want to hot drop you. Also makes great bait for mining ships too pulse mode runs out to 200km area of effect. The hunters will become the hunted :slight_smile:. With no risk and make great tank for the miners. If you sit 5 or more rorquals out you will never have to worry about being attacked from gankers! Rorquals can beam in the cans too for you!

But if you want to dock your rorquals then you must buy the 7b stru :).

(Jin'taan) #233

Most likely to come with weapon Tiercide, which is on CCPs todo list, don’t worry :slight_smile:

(Flyboy Jones) #234

Wow,so you give everyone else’s ships a buff,and the two gallente ships you touch you not only nerf HARD but outright break for their doctrine roles??? Hmph,some “balance”

(Jaquan Wessette) #235

Because Vexor and Tristan were not much stronger than anything else in their class. In all seriousness Triss will be just slightly slower while Vexor will need to dumb down its guns to Ion and probably fit PG rig. Nothing too game breaking

(Abyss Azizora) #236

Ugh, the tristan will barely see a slight speed nerf, it actually deserves a bit more of a nerf, as it’s one of the two best T1 frigates in the game along with the atron.

Vexor nerf is mainly just reducing it’s options for oversized batteries or larger guns. A solid nerf and well deserved as the most popular T1 cruiser in the game by a wide margin.

I know it sucks to have your favorite flavor of the month (or year) ships get nerfed, but they needed them, and they are really minor actually.

(Flyboy Jones) #237

I respect your opinion,but its bullcrap. These changes aren’t “balancing” and are purely politically motivated,and its blatant.

(Flyboy Jones) #238

How is stomping on two of the most reliable and versatile alpha hulls balancing for newer players? I refuse to believe even you posted that with a straight face…

(Feilamya) #239

The Rifter has ■■■■ for CPU, but it definitely does not lack a low slot. The utility high slot has its uses.

(Abyss Azizora) #240

Politically motivated? So like what, the nullsec power blocks are tired of losing titans to tristans and have convinced CCP to nerf their speed 4% to give the power blocks absolute power? This I gotta hear. (Dons tinfoil hat for the first time since 2010.)

(Ilana Crawford) #241

I like the changes coming but I was hoping some other ships would have gotten looked at as well. The Coercer seems fairly tight on PG just to put SFPs let alone beams. Also, some of the destroyers have short lock range for their potential “stock” engagement ranges with their long range wep platforms (i.e. meta rails/beams, etc. w/T1 range ammo. The Cormorant has a good 45Km range with max skills, but the Catalyst and Coercer are in the mid 30km. The Thrasher is even less. I think a range around 45-50Km (with max skills) would be better especially for ships with range bonuses.

(Soldarius) #242

Please please please CCP do this.