Dev blog: Balance Update With EVE Online: Lifeblood


(Dior Ambraelle) #103

I’m not saying they are primitive, but the whole faction was the slave of the Amarr right? I don’t expect them to have the same supply of resources and technology that the other three factions have, but they can compensate with intelligence and efficient design.
Having the fastest ships also fits the logic of the lore: there is barely any material in their ships, because they use shields. This naturally makes their ships lighter and faster.

Don’t get me wrong, my problem isn’t that we have a faction that is able to dual tank. We also have SoCT and now Concord to do that. My problem is that one of the main factions is able to dual tank since the very beginning, while the other three clearly had to specialize towards one type of defense.

(Nou Mene) #104

The whole faction was not Amarr slaves, some were.
Also, Gallente is armor+hull. It used to be more obvious when hull was legit.

(Dior Ambraelle) #105

Seems like currently only the freighters and jump freighters have hull tanking bonuses, and also the Hecate for some reason.

Wouldn’t it be better if the ships of the main factions were actually balanced 4 different ways? I know Minmatar always was like this, but I don’t think it ever made any sense.

(Lukett MyDabb) #106

why thank you, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind

(Arrendis) #107

Minmatar were always considered the ‘most versatile’, able to work with anything they could get their hands on. The backstory indicates that before the Amarr invasion, they had the most mechanically advanced civilization in the cluster. What they didn’t have was up-to-date weapons’ technology—or sensors, apparently, since the Minmatar Empire covered at least 10LY (Pator to Arzad II/Starkman Prime), but they never managed to detect the Amarr watching them.


(Lukett MyDabb) #108

I mean, alphas don’t start out with both shield and armor skills when their minmatar right? plus they’d have to train to “git gud.”

(Nou Mene) #109

In the old days, Minmie was considered more sp intensive for the same. Dual Tanking, few ships with splitted weapon systems, still heavily reliant in drones, low ehp, dmg selection, fallof, etc.
Back then your attributes were linked to your faction/tribe etc… (thats why many old ones are caldari/amarr) and no remapping.
It does seem like CCP has made great efforts to equalize the field tho.
old memes

(Arrendis) #110

Minmatar alphas can train both, yes.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #111

I dont think I’d like to see marauders with XL turrets but I would like to see them have more pvp use.

Theyre way too expensive and take too long to get into for what they offer in pve with some tractor beam bonuses a slightly different siege module that is increases tank instead of damage.

Also to the other guy marauders are Bs? So idk what the purpose of that statement was about what about marauders lol.

I think battleships are too slow, too expensive, not high enough tank to compensate for how slow they are/big the Sig is, and have too poor tracking against small things. It seems the warp speed and allign time was nerfed long ago. That’s a start right there. If a dread can get a few mil HP, and a cruiser can be anywhere from 20-50k+ and bcs maybe above that up to 100 conservatively a battleship should be capable of up to 500k-1 million once fitted. Ive seen carriers and drwad starting at 1m and going up to a few. Super caps cna be tens of millions right? I dont see why a Bs is so low on HP in the sub cap pool.
Basically a disproportionate gap between the Bs and everything above than what exists below the Bs.
At least at the t1 level since there’s no t2 caps.

Not sure what I’d do with the marauder. Personally I’d like to see it as a multi gun platform, loses the tractor/salvager stuff but has bonuses to all turrets and massive tracking bonuses to the large turrets.
4 large, 2 med, 2 small turrets example, bastions out and those small guns are getting a comparable bonus to what the big guns are getting so it’s effectively a big ship of the line that’s not going anywhere but it has multifaceted guns is a giant point defense that can annihilate anything getting close. With a 200% bonus to medium and small turrets and keeping the 100% on larges. It’s effectively having 8 larges, what… 6 meds and 6 smalls.
Doesnt seem impossible since they cost about what a carrier is and take about that long to get into if not longer for sufficient skills. If dreads kill caps it would be a sub cap equivlant dread for killing small stuff. Rather than just having larger guns against frigate swarms which need to be nerfed

(Davis TetrisKing) #112

This is the kind of comparison I love to see, actual data. My first reaction was that the extra low would be much more versatile than the utility high but I didn’t actually go check the numbers against a rocket launcher, so thanks for that.

My feeling is that small ACs are in a bit of an odd spot. Compared to blasters and pulse lasers they seem alright, they apply damage over a much larger profile than either, but with overall lower damage, so if you know what the other guy is using you can adjust how you fly to mitigate his turrets while yours still work. But rockets are really strong in the meta at the moment and they seem to overshadow ACs. A standard breacher (1 BCU) puts out 140 dps between rockets and it’s 2 drones to anything within 10km. 105 with just rockets. A Kestrel does 114 dps with 1 BCU. Both these fits beat a Rifter at any range.

I’m not a dev so this is all just armchair speculation, but I feel like ACs should outdamage rockets by a lot more in close range, and taper off into fallout, with the graphs crossing at about 5km.

(DeMichael Crimson) #113

I believe according to Lore, the Amarr were the first to go into space and develop warp drive technology as well as produce working Jumpgates which they reverse engineered from ancient Takmahl tech-based Jumpgates that were off-lined by the Eve Gate collapse. The Amarr were dedicated to expanding and colonizing space which is why they control the largest area of space.

The Minmatar were the next ones to go into space but hadn’t developed warp drive technology. Instead they developed Acceleration Gate technology which enabled them to find a few ancient Sleeper tech-based Jumpgates that were still operational. That helped them expand to a few other systems. The Minmatar weren’t really interested in expanding and colonizing space and without warp drive technology they were easily enslaved by the Amarr.

The Gallente were the next ones to go into space but hadn’t developed warp drive technology. However they did develop Jumpgates based on ancient Yan Jung technology. They then met the Caldari and shared space travel technology with the Caldari who quickly expanded on it and developed warp drive technology which they shared with the Gallente. The Caldari then developed their own Jumpgate technology based on ancient Talocan technology. They both got into a race to expand and colonize space that started a Century long war between them which stopped their expansion into space.

How do the Empire Navies, as a whole, compare to each other?
(Bjorn Tyrson) #114

I should mention that I wasn’t meaning to imply that dreads should fit xl guns (although at their price point I wouldn’t have too much of an issue with that idea either)

i do like your idea more though, it would also help to differentiate it from a dreadnought and give it a unique roll. which is something I feel it is sorely missing right now. outside of limited amounts of pve, and… HS citadel bashing maybe? (i haven’t payed much attention to hs citadel shenanigans so i’m not entirely sure what they use to bring them down)

(Arrendis) #115

Dreads do fit XL guns.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #116

your right marauders (needs more coffee)

(Sam Qirna) #117

I actually logged in to point out the same mismatch – as a T1 drone cruiser, the Arbi falls WAY short of the performance of a Vexor for an alpha clone. Adding a missile hardpoint would help a little, but only if the character flying it can use missiles, and currently, Amarr alphas are not allowed to train offensive missiles – only the Defender missiles for destroyers. Rather than (or in addition to?) modifying the Arbitrator, perhaps it would be better to allow Amarr alpha clones to train, say, light missile skills?

(Arrendis) #118


(Ivana Screwyou) #119

Really, alphas should be able to use anything up to BCs, not cruisers, this would give new players a reason to get involved in 0.0 alliances and they will have a reason to continue to play eve. Forcing ships useless outside empire space ensures they will never be team focused, and quickly get bored.

(Ivana Screwyou) #120

Really should allow all skills up to medium mods for alphas, and no limits on support module skills at all (including T2). Let them fly anything up to T1 BC size as good as an omega and nullsec alliances will actually find them useful, meaning they have friends in eve to keep them playing and buy omega.

Eve is a team game, forcing useless equipment does not encourage inclusion in a team.

(Neugeniko) #121

If you want to see the effects of this devblog. Just save the text below as file “overrides.csv” and import into pyfa overrides.


(Arrendis) #122

We already do. Tackle, support, ewar, T1 logistics, alpha clones are great.