Dev blog: Triglavian Technology - Ships & Weapons


(dewk) #244

god what crawled yup you @#@!?

I asked a simple question, after looking through the Dev blogs, and you go like this!?!

If you can’t say anything nice don’t bother

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if you ref to something it’s expected to provide details or a direct link to it.

common manners

(Ildrara) #247

Isn’t it common manners to be a big boy and look yourself instead of being lazy and expecting others to do things for you?

You must be a treat to work with.

(Jeremiah Saken) #248

Balance pass

(dewk) #249

Thanks @Jeremiah_Saken

(dewk) #250


that extra mid-slots is nice, but why they sacrificing an low slot, these are armour ships, it would have made more sense to use a high instead.

(Arthur Aihaken) #251

That was kind of my point, yes. Losing a low for a mid doesn’t improve the Demavik. Losing a high for a mid (as suggested) would’ve been a better choice. The Leshak could also benefit from another mid with one less high. Give it another year. CCP will eventually come to the same conclusion…

(elitatwo) #252

Exactly that!

I do not believe that the Damavik will benefit from this change at all.

Or that Leshak pilot knew how to fly battleships.

A few years back I had a Crow orbiting my Nightmare and he believed that is was a good idea to sit in front of me, you know tachyon beam tracking is bad amirite?
Well that was, what he was thinking because when he witnessed an involuntary disassembly of said Crow with one shot, he did not understand what happened (I alphaed him).

(Spc One) #253

Why is Large Disintegrator Specialization selling for 600mil ? this is insane.

(dewk) #254

In the dev blog CCP noted the prices on the market were higher than they expected. So they plan to increase resource drops to help reduce prices.

But its subject buyers, if players continue buying the higher priced items then the salers will maintain higher prices. Supply and demand.

(Sylvia Kildare) #255

I look forward to the increase in supply of the t2 weapon skillbooks, still only possessing 1 small, 1 medium, and 0 larges myself (and needing 3 of each!).

(dewk) #256

They are out there, just have to hunt them down and hope they’re at a good price.
I was luckly to get all 9 books early on, still yet to train the large specialized, only one not trained.
Though just training from lvl4 to lvl5 is close to a month.

(elitatwo) #257

I have been studying those Triglavian ships on SiSi for a while now and if the Damavik will swap a low slot to the mid, it will become worse than it is now.

At least now with the 2 mid slots and 4 lows I can make a logi configuration that would rep another Damavik and vice versa.
I was not able to make smartbombs work on either of the ships but all 3 of them can fit neuts but the Vedmak is restricted to small neuts and the Leshak to medium neuts,

(Sylvia Kildare) #258

I haven’t had to buy any of the t1 weapon or t1 ship skillbooks due to getting about 10 of each of them from running the abyss myself.

I also built 3 Leshaks, 3 Vedmaks, and 3 Damaviks and have plenty more BPCs where those came from. I ended up buying SOME isogen to hurry the builds and some ZPCs for Leshak ammo building (as the ammo needs way more ZPCs than isogen whereas the ships are more balanced)…

hoping to avoid spending a single ISK on skillbooks, would much rather just start seeing more specialization skillbook drops myself than just the 2 I’ve gotten so far.

(dewk) #259

not been in abyssal space for a while myself, but hopefully with the new balancing pass, skill books will be included in the increased items

(dewk) #260

Got large smartbombs working on the battleship with cpu module, and powergrid rig.

To be honest the frigate didn’t have much issues with fitting, only in powergrid and low EHP. With lowslots at least you can address those, but removing one for midslot defeats the purpose of being an armour tank. And just adding a midslot for tracking computer isn’t a good enough reason to loose a lowslot, when you could mount a tracking enhancer that increases not only tracking speed, but also optimal range capacity, which is needed to count the no falloff range capacity.

Not sure why CCP decided on this route, you just need to look at the punisher as a reference and that frigates one of four of the oldest frigates in eve.

(Marcus Gideon) #261

Vedmak definitely could use more PG. Every practical fit I’ve seen involves a PG rig to make it work.

(dewk) #262

Yip and loosing a low slot for a mid-slot makes that harder to do. As it is most mount rigs or lowslot modules to increase cpu, powergrid and armour.

I wonder how long till CCP realize the mistake they are about to make.

Played with the “new” frigate slot setup, it’s nice having the extra midslot, but the loose of the lowslot, is a way too big of a cost. It extremely limits what you can do. With three highs lots in the new setup you’re looking at nuets or necro with the turret, or smartbombs with turret. Didn’t get a chance to play with RR. But you notice the lack of lowslots, specifically if you need extra cpu or powergrid. You can more or less forget about lowslot weapon upgrades or making a good armour tank, it’s one or the other, I was lucky to get damage control, a small armour repair and a energized membrane on, but it cost me a rig slot for powergrid boost and had to sacrifice a high slot to keep under 100% cpu, and mounting a t2 turret was a nightmare to fit with any decent sort of tank.

(Ildrara) #263

Can you tighten the low slot?

(dewk) #264

All three have issues with power and cpu.

As to if CCP will address it, not so sure based on the frigate changes.