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(dewk) #265

actually found a very sad fact today, when comparing the Damavik with other frigates (standard, naval and faction) I found the Damavik was one slots short, most other frigates have 13 slots (shared among the high/mid/low slots, and three to the RIG slots) also found the specilized ships had ether the default 13 or an extra slot for 14 slots (this was found on the special edition ships only), there is 5 with 12 slots (but this would questionable as to if they have other bonuses to their stats, will compare all frigates soon)

Punisher 4/2/4/3 = 13
Atron 4/3/3/3 =13
Vigil Fleet issue 3/4/3/3 = 13
Caldari Navy Hookbill 3/5/2/3 = 13
Current Damavik 3/2/4/3 =12
suggested Damavik 3/3/3/3 = 12

so CCP could have fixed the issue without removing a lowslot or even the suggested highslot, just by adding the missing default/average 13th slot.

got to wonder who’s doing the QA on these releases?!

(Ildrara) #266

3/3/3/3 = 12
3/3/3/3 = 12
3/3/3/3 = 12
3/4/2/3 = 12
3/2/4/3 = 12

Weird huh. Got to wonder who this dewk guy is and why he has to lie.

Should I also correct you on the October Balance pass page or do you think you can handle it?

(dewk) #267

and your point is?

we’re talking about an factional ship that has less slots than the average frigate, you bring up the 5 that have the lowest possible slots, I could have done that too and even included all the 14 slot versions too.

but instead pointed out the default=average number of slots frigates have, and mentioned that there were higher slot count frigates!

you do really have an issue with me don’t you? how old are you 12?

are you trying to help or just flaming for the hell of it?

(dewk) #268

here we go @ Ildrara is on the attack again! :frowning:

(Nevyn Auscent) #269

Now take the average number of turrets each frigate uses. And how many the Dam has.
And work out the effective number of slots actually beats most frigates

(dewk) #270

@Nevyn_Auscent I have been thinking about running a comparison like what was done for the Leshak for the Damavik and Van.

but most likely won’t be till Sunday my time. but have a feeling it’s be very similar to that of the Leshak, just with smaller numbers to compare! :wink:

(Ildrara) #271

You said “all other” not me.

And you ignored them or intentionally lied for a narrative.

Read what you typed again. You said “all other frigates have 13”
Stop lying already
Do you understand what “all” means?

Nope. I just point out lies, stupidity and put in my thoughts. And I am 40 and have played EVE since my late 20s.

Yes. By pointing out your lies and backpedaling.

(dewk) #272


in your forties, but act like a 12 year old in your manner and posts.

you fail to accept the sometime people post things at a late hour and make a few mistakes, instead of a polite note about a mistake you got for a full-on attack post calling people liers and the such.

do you have any forum educate, or do you believe the forum is your sole domain and anyone else is automatically a lier or wrong??

I don’t care if you’ve played EVE since you’re late 20’s, mean nothing to me.

before you start up with something stupid about I have no idea and I’m a noobe, I’ll tell you something, I have player EVE off and on since Beta testing, I have beta tested and alpha tested many MMO and other game since the late 90’s, and even do a little bit of game programming for myself (owning @3 game engines), and think on that for a bit. then add to that I’ve been in the IT trade since the early 90’s and managed a number of departments over the years, to the put I decided I can make more money contracting my services. I’ve possible forgotten more than you could have learnt, I have a IT degrees and also Engineering quals in most automotive engineering fields.

so becareful who you decide to pick a fight with and think before you post, as you seem to jump the gun way to often for your own good. I suggest you have a break and cool your heels down, before your nice post, as if you post in a hothead manner I will report you, and possible even put in a formal compliant about your manner on the forums. and don’t expect me not to, as many have made that mistake before and learnt the hard way I’m no-one fool.

this is a friendly warning.

if you decide to talk in a more mature manner you might be surprised what you might find.


(Ildrara) #273


So much irony in your post.
You say I act like a 12 year old, yet you type like a five year old. Could you try again? I am not going to make the effort to read your dumpster fire if you’re not going to make the effort to spell simple words correctly.

(dewk) #274

Interesting how 13 days ago you were a nice normal forum poster, then 3day ago when I asked you a basic question about a reference you refered to that I hadn’t seen you went septic.

Even asked you polity about it, and you got even worse. No idea why. Yes I was a little hot under the collar when I responded, but still no-one deserves your response.

So I question your motivation as you’re not been an active member of this topic, other than a single sentence, or to attack someone.

(Nana Skalski) #275

People age doesnt matter, its their character and what kind of cranky feelings and thoughts they have at that particular moment.

(Ildrara) #276

How do you ask someone polity?
Could you make a basic attempt to make sense?
When it doubt it seems you just face roll your responses.

(dewk) #277

Here the original post you went so septic on!

“Which one?” Clearly asked what you ref to.

“Sorry don’t see…” Clearly says unable to find what you ref to.

Yet another member of this community was able to supply a link to what you refer to, with no septic response.

So the question araises what trigger you series of attacks, as the original post couldn’t have been the reason, as others understood it for what it was, a simple statement of no finding what you ref’d to and asked for more information.

I have no hate towards you, I just don’t put up with attacks against others. I don’t expect others to have the level of community spirt as I try to achive, though I see it every now and then.
Sadly I see more haters and antisocial people in forum groups I belong to. I hope I’m not wrong in thinking you’re not one of these, and have just jumped to the wrong concussions and make the right choices from now on.

(elitatwo) #279

Astero - 13

Atron - 13

Caldari Navy Hookbill - 13

Conder - 13

Crucifier - 12 -> ewar

Crucifier Navy Issue - 13

Executioner - 13

Federation Navy Comet

Garmur - 13

Griffin - 12 -> ewar

Griffin Navy Issue - 13

Heron - 13

Imperial Navy Slicer - 13

Also weird, no?

So with my 150+ IQ I can see a pattern here, can you see it??

(dewk) #280

Thanks @elitatwo , that’ll help me get started with the Damavik comparison research.

plan to do it similar to the last one I did for the Lashak. if have time I’ll do the Vedmak too this weekend.

Be nice to have some feedback from @CCP_Falcon on what we’ve found and if CCP have any plans to look into these concerns?

(Marcus Gideon) #281

Hey @ISD, any of you folks mind stepping in here and dealing with @Ildrara and their confrontational attitude?

When a self-reported 40 year old has to parade around making fun of people’s spelling, possibly because not everyone is as fluent at English… They aren’t contributing to the topic at all, they’re just trying to start a fight.

(Ildrara) #282

How is that weird?
All I see is that not all frigates have 13 as claimed by dewk.
You can see that there is more than 1 frigate with 12 slots with your 150+ IQ (lol) can’t you?

(dewk) #283

@Ildrara can you please stop with this?
It’s not productive to the topic, and just causing the community question your goals here.

You’re not helping yourself. As it is you’ve been flagged to @ISD attention by someone else.

As it is the post you ref to has been amended to cover this minor fact you’re so happy to promote, so it’s no long appicable.

(Erethond) #284

While I agree that it looks like the damavik is missing slots, and that it might be a kind of underwhelming ship, the thinking behind it is kind of obvious:

Needs only 1 turret compared to 2+ for other frigates: Has most high slots free
Intended for use with 2+ ships (remote rep bonus): Fewer lows (worse solo tank), more utility highs (for remote reps).

So yeah, if you are trying to fly a damavik solo, it’s not so great because that’s not its intended use. The bonused remote reps are useless and you are missing the other slots.

If you simulate them as a spider tanking pair versus a pair of other frigates, they should compare quite well.

And they scale even better with numbers: the more you have, the more remote reps the primaried fleet member gets on them to keep them alive, whereas other small gangs without a logi don’t get any help when focused or, if they have logi, you know who to primary and they won’t get any remote reps from their fleet mate.

In a regular fleet, your DPS scales like N and your tanking stays at 1 (local repairs). If you have logi, then it’s N-n DPS (logi have little dps) and n (+1 maybe if you local rep + logi) for tanking. Damaviks scale like N for DPS and also N for tanking. So yeah, they start low and they’re bad at low N, but as you increase the N, they should surpass many other fleet compositions.

Trying to argue that it should get more slots to be better at low N will just make it a monster at high N. Obviously, CCP went with the “start underwhelming and buff if necessary” rather than “start OP and nerf”. That’s generally the right way to do things since it does not upset the meta and buffs are well received. Otherwise everyone starts flying damaviks and gets pissed off when the nerfs kick in. Unfortunately, CCP is kind of slow at doing adjustments and I am not sure if swapping a slot will help all that much, but it does make it an ok pvp ship (sram, web, prop), while further emphasizing the spider tank vs local tank.

(elitatwo) #285


I came to the same conclusion, when I played with fittings on SiSi. If you use frigate bling, you may not have the rep power of a Thalia or Deacon but the more you bring, the better the reps will be.
Now here comes the bad part, the 4th low slot that moved to the mids allowed the Damavik to fit a 400mm plate instead of a 200mm plate.

I can’t see how one would need web when there are 2 of those or more.

Just for the fun of math, if you have 5 Damaviks with bling remote reps, you have the rep power of 2x fleet Augoror.