Dev blog: Triglavian Technology - Ships & Weapons


(Zachri) #102

So … basically conventional ship doctrines parallel to old style Titan / Carrier tag teaming but now with accessible ship classes. Owk.

(Sobaan Tali) #103

Indeed. Dark, allow no harm to be done to that banana…it is a gift from the Gods bestowed upon us – the unworthy, the unclean – only out of their generosity and love.

(Nocobo) #104

immediate activation of the new dungeon after the invulnerability of the previous one, does not save from pirates. way to catch found :-(((

(Dark Engraver) #105

You talk a lot of crap my good sir the trig bs spawn as well as the vedmak rush were updated yesterday.

If you weren’t too busy spamming misinformation and actually tested something you’d know.

Also this defeatist attitude serves no one and as a matter of fact faction and deadspace fits push the boundary of what we’ve been able to test with t2 fits by a lot we’re talking 1k dps hacs with better tank and rep power by alot compared to t2.

By the changes to various npcs we can easily tell the balance team put tons of work in this

(Sebat Hadah) #106

See I did test that. But you werent there. I know a screenshot would have been helpful but this is what we’ve got. So sorry to disappoint you. But tell me what is one lone zealot supposed to do against 10, yes I counted, 10 Leshak battleships?

(Vollhov Jr) #107

P,s Speed 1.25 :ok_hand:

Why is the mysterious technology immediately available to CAPSULARS ?
Why is this technology initially is not interested in the four main faction ? As it was with the technology of the “Sleeper”:

As without the help of four main factions, the capsuleers were able to decipher the drawings of ships and guns ? Technology T3 provides us with four main fractions. Technology T3 is available to us through the study of four main factions.

Why are these ships immediately available as capsule technology ?

All ships, weapons, and modules available to Capsuliers is the Export option. Is a mere mortal so easy to give an unknown technology immortal? They are tired of living ?

(Dark Engraver) #108

There will be database items dropped in the sites which I asume the empires will buy and we’ll see what else shows up.

(Vollhov Jr) #109

Great, why do not they do their own development then, as it was with T3?
Where is the Federation’s prototype?

Where is the prototype of the Empire?

Where is the prototype of the Republic?

Where is the prototype of the State?

Why does T3 technology relate to Fraction, and Triglavian does not.

All T3 ships are Sleepers’ technology, but at the same time it was adapted to the faction fractions and modified for Capsules.

(Anderson Geten) #110

they need time for research.

Why only capsuleers go in trig ? Because you most likely die. Capsuleers don’t mind.

(Dark Engraver) #111

Why must you want all this immersion but I got an answer

The sleepers were basicly dead there were no ships to salvage for our own use on the other hand the triglavians are alive and kicking they are producing ships for actual pilots not sleeping their existence awaY
So we get to steal the finished products from them

(Vollhov Jr) #112

True, but here the technology is available immediately, and without changes. How did it happen to copy the unknown ship? Why then did not copy the Drifters?

Capsule technology is not easy to implement in any ship. Read the scientific article Capsule and clone.

(Dark Engraver) #113

Read the devblogs I’m pretty sure it says somewhere their pilots are capsuleers too
Drifters are reanimated corpses tho

(Vollhov Jr) #114

Sleepers are not dead! They are sleeping. But already awakened = Drifters.

I want as in the good old days DIVERSITY!
Different kind of ships for each Faction.
But most importantly, it’s not in any case not to give these ships capsules. As enemies YES! But not under the player’s control.

(Vollhov Jr) #115

And by chance, their Capsule technology is similar to ours.
Wow, what an amazing coincidence.

Yes, even Zombies, I do not care who these Drifters are, for me they are a tool for rewriting history from 2015.
Then it turns out that the old awesome words of Marcus: The sleepers are awakened! (Empyrean age) Also changed on Zombies stand up? CCP when you have time?

(Shadowlance) #116

Anyone have hands on the blueprints from sisi already?
Link some pls. I’d like to see what it takes to build these ships/modules.

(Tuttomenui II) #117

Dont need to get a hold of the bpc to know this, the ships are in the sisi database and so you can view their info on sisi and look at the industry tab. It is quite easy to get on sisi these days, why not try it yourself. I am sure someone with the time can come and post some screenshots for you though.

(Shadowlance) #118

Oh didn’t notice that this is so easy now. Thought that i need another copy of client like it was before.

(elitatwo) #119

Wait, the Eidolon™ was watered down??

(Dyver Phycad) #120

Can players fly the Eidolon or have access to it?

(elitatwo) #121

Not that I know of.