Dev blog: Triglavian Technology - Ships & Weapons


(Tuttomenui II) #122

Those models were removed from the game a while back. A Dev flew one of the jove battleships in an event once before my time.

(Dyver Phycad) #123

@elitatwo Then the Eidolon was not watered down because it was flown by “Jove” (aka devs) and had the full potential (whatever that entails). I doubt, however, that players could fly this Eidolon without breaking the already breaking game balance.

(Tuttomenui II) #124

(Dyver Phycad) #125

Neat footage. :slight_smile:

(Benny Broadband) #126

Eve WoW…looks like instead of sorting out the issues that drove CCP/Sony profits down by 19% recently, the brains decided to make eve more like wow…prolly hoping to claw into the wow player base as the eve player base bails.

(Benny Broadband) #127

Eve content was PvP, when the guys that PvP’d in this game used their brains and did outrageous things with ships, mods and implants and managed to do incredible things like win 20 vs 50 fights, the people getting schwacked complained and the nerf bat came out and beat down those 20 man gangs to the point where the PvP squads called it quits, and I mean called it quits all over, to the point where CCP, which is owned by Sony, actually started to loose real world money, to the tune of 19% drop in profit, because players are tired of either getting penalized for being too good at PvP, getting tired of trying to do small squad PvP and getting dropped on by 100 Titan’s that have been tethered to some goon keepstar for hours just waiting to drop on a lone cruiser pilot who dares attack a miner, or the 50 man merc gangs that perma dec large alliances so they can sit on a gate endlessly, hoping for a newb ship kill.

The player base that drives the eve economy wants kill mails, and they are leaving due to lack of content. New ships and mods are not the stuff they want, and it shows when you log in to EvE and there are 20k players while World of tanks has over 70k online, World of Warships has 160k online, Stronghold Kingdoms has over 200k online and so on and so on. Video gamer’s in general play video games to blow sht up…to best the other guy or team.

New ships, weapons and skills will get nerfed and dumbed down, profits will continue to decline until the brains at big mega corp figure out the they are not getting returns on investment, and hopefully they decide that more is not better.

Strip this game back down to the basics, get rid of bubbles, titans, mom’s and a bucket load of bling bling that doesn’t go boom.

(A bitter vet)

(Arthur Aihaken) #128

Where do you get CCP is owned by Sony?

(Dark Engraver) #129

how would you feel if i shot you with cruise missiles off a kestrel if we go back to ye old days?

(Arthur Aihaken) #130

I think the operative word here is “gangs”. Players got fed up with constantly feeding the low-sec gank machine and choose to remain in high-sec and become risk averse, ventured out to the real PvP frontier in wormhole space or moved to null-sec and build a better sandbox. And now you’re bitching because null-sec kicks sand in your face.

Do you know why low-sec is dead? Because it generates zero content. It’s the equivalent of 1000 spiders all sitting around waiting for that one fly. The only “gud fights” are where you guys can pewpew the hapless shuttle in a smartbombing battleship before he even lands on gate, then troll him in local and email for the lols.

You’d be advised to take a cue from nature. When you hunt the wildlife preserve to extinction - you starve.

(Anderson Geten) #131

That’s a bit extreme.

You can totally explore in null sec kinda safely.
I did some missions in NS and it was very quiet.

sure the people in LS are just risk adverse that jump a carrier on any occasion to get a defense. But that’s because people are used to feeding them.

Just deny them the content. be risk adverse as they are, use a noobship to scout and dock at the slightest risk of someone in local.
Deny them conversation too. Right click -> block them if they start trashtalk /mails.

(Xerxes Fehrnah) #132

You mean like allowing capsuleers to fly the Marshal, Enforcer, and Pacifier? It’s ruined Concord?

(elitatwo) #133

Like it was 10 years ago when the Manticore used to be the best stealth bomber in the game

(GameGuardian Kion) #134

’Argo’ huh? Looks like it has a pretty of DPS and it has a cool design. I think this ship is of Dead space area.


Plus the ammo is pretty expensive, it definitely not a rookie ship, everything on it cost some isk to really make it shine, but it is a hell of a tanking ship(s).

(Marcus Gideon) #136

Speaking of expensive ammo… Here we are, 3 months later. And after a bit of poking through

Size Weapon Type Ammo Type Jita Price / Charge
Small Missile Inferno Light 9
Small Hybrid Antimatter 24
Small Projectile Phased Plasma 25
Medium Hybrid Antimatter 50
Medium Missile Inferno Heavy 70
Medium Projectile Phased Plasma 93
Large Missile Inferno Cruise 130
Large Projectile Phased Plasma 197
Large Hybrid Antimatter 207
Small Laser Multifrequency 2189
Small Precursor Tetryon 4186
Medium Laser Multifrequency 7950
Medium Precursor Tetryon 10996
Large Precursor Tetryon 21999
Large Laser Multifrequency 54893

We’re looking at prices comparable to Laser ammo, which means buying a single Crystal and shooting it forever. But instead, we’re buying a single round of ammo, when the guns hold 500 rounds at a time. We’re paying 110x the price of the most expensive consumable ammos (200 for Antimatter L, 22000 for Tetryon L).

@CSM I wouldn’t mind seeing a few changes to try and bring these more into balance with the rest…

There have been threads already, suggesting that we shouldn’t need to load 500 individual charges into the Precursor death ray. It could easily be made into a single Charge like the Lasers use. It could even be made into a degrading Charge like the Mining Crystals. Then we don’t need to carry mountains of ammo in the hold, just a stack of Charges like Crystals. Implementation wouldn’t be too tough. Say each Charge is good for roughly 1,000 shots. That means you take a downtime, and turn every stack of 1,000 bullets into a single Charge. Any remainders are turned into one more Charge with that % used up already. Then you make the T1 BPCs produce a single Charge instead of a stack of 1,000 bullets. And either make the current T2 BPCs produce 5 Charges, or make the T2 Charges good for 5,000 shots.

There’s also the issue of only having BPCs that drop inside the Abyss. I’m not necessarily saying they should start seeding BPOs as they have with every other T1 ammo type… But it would be pretty awesome if they started seeding BPOs as they have every other T1 ammo type.

And lastly, there is the matter of requiring materials only found in the Abyss to even make them. We’ve got other examples of needing to go to very remote and challenging locations for materials… Like seeking out Ice Belts in order to get fuel for your Citadels. Or wandering off into Wormholes for the materials to build yourself a T3 Cruiser. But the Ice Belts aren’t that hard to come by, and you don’t really need that much Ice to get by. And gathering Wormhole mats may be challenging, but you only need enough to make the Ships themselves, not every single bullet you fire.

So… I’d love to see something done about that aspect. Whether that means removing the need for Abyss mats. Or coming up with alternate ways to get those mats. Since the ammo is Plasma-based, maybe we could get into Solar Mining the way we do Moon Mining. Extract plasma from the stars, refine it somehow, and either turn that into the Ammo itself, or at least turn that into the Mats for the ammo. That way we can make the Ammo without having to risk life, limb, and ridiculously over-blinged ships on RNGesus in the Abyss.


They actually did increase the drop of materials and stuff from the abysmal sites, but I think it’s just too few people farming them keeping prices higher.
Some things have decreased a bit but others are still high.
Add to that the sites are not always easy the higher you go, so many don’t want to take their shiny stuff inside because if you die in there you’re done fur.

Plus going suspect coming out of it with anybody able to attack you.

Few want to trouble themselves because of these reasons as it’s not all that profitable in comparison to other activities.

(Sylvia Kildare) #138

Suspect for entering tier 4+5 sites is currently off, there is (for now) no suspect flag (started last Tuesday morning at downtime).

I just built each of my main toons their own set of Damavik/Vedmak/Leshak about 10 days ago once I finally had all the BPCs I needed… and while I ended up buying extra isogen-10 to be able to do so without waiting 2-3 more weeks to gather enough from the Abyss, I had already farmed up just enough ZPCs myself thankfully… and then I spent the past week training up the ship + weapon skills to 4… and I’ve already tested out the Leshaks in a few L4s one night this week (glad I was multiboxing multiple BSes, as the mass tracking disruption in Sansha Blockade can take a Leshak’s Meson range down from 75-85km to 7 to 9km… jeeez!).

I didn’t want to make the ammo from my own BPC collection just yet because the ammo needs crazy amounts of ZPCs to build and I’d used almost all of mine up just making the ships, so I went ahead and bought a starter pile of all 3 types of t1 S, M, and L ammo from Amarr/Jita (2 mediums were cheaper in Amarr, all 3 smalls, all 3 larges, and the 3rd medium were cheaper in Jita at the time).

And yeah, the ammo prices are kinda crazy. Part of that could be what Garegin said about the lack of enough people farming. Part of that is undoubtedly the ZPC/isogen needed to make all these ships, modules, and ammo. The drop rates on both ZPC and isogen in the abyssal sites needs to be upped like the drop rates on the red loot was.

Or yeah, make them like t1 laser crystals and let us fire forever. OR… like t2 laser crystals and let us fire for a decently long time before they break, either way.


I do got to say the Leshak is really nice, expensive to use as far as ammo but it is a strong ship.

(Sylvia Kildare) #140

Yeah, I had fun with it my first time out. Doing armor RR and remote cap with those extra high slots so the low slots can be all armor resists and radsinks. Fun putting each Leshak’s laser on a different BS rat and having a contest to see which rat would die first as the damage ramped up.

Not QUITE as fun vs. the frigs and cruisers at range, but the drone bay is quite generous and I’m very glad they gave it 100 m3 drone bandwidth. rolling with 4 sentries, 4 heavies, and 2 sets of lights atm, but might experiment further going forward.

(Yiole Gionglao) #141

Those ammo prices tell the truth about how popular are abysmal sites. Since that ammo needs abyss stuff, high price means that supply is shorter than demand, which CCP might balance by increasing drops, or… well, that’s about the only thing they can do, since making the abysmal sites more popular is out of question.