Dev blog: Triglavian Technology - Ships & Weapons


(elitatwo) #142

The Triglavians are said to be an Amarr sect, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to have that disintegrator gun work similar to laser turrets.
The tech 1 ammo would have infinite cycles like the tech 1 laser crystals but faction ammo and tech 2 (mystic and occult) would wear down like laser crystals do.
And before the economists are crying rivers of doom with their utter “belief” that life forms can only exist with currency, let’s make the tech one disks a build requirement of the tech 2 disks (mystic and occult).

(Omnathious Deninard) #143

High price of mats is what will increase the popularity, i was just talking last night with players who recommend abyssal sites because they are so lucrative.

(Kushinade Saru) #144

They could also try to mix it up, if they want to keep the content as is.
Keep it ammo based, however change it to it uses one per target.
So if you’re using on a target and it takes a while to die it uses up ONE charge till it dies, you lose target, etc.
While annoying if you’re using it on small targets that die fast, larger targets could be better.
That and/or up the ammount created on a run.
Going back in to try and rng a 5 blueprint run for ammo that will last 30 minutes is kinda crazy.
However i’m unsure how much they should up it.
Even at 10x the current rate (5k to 50k off a 5 run) it would keep more mats for ships but would the costs drop enough?

(Matthias Ancaladron) #145

dont think these ships are guns will ever be popular. the ships are ugly, you gotta learn new skills. and the weapons have no effective application in any game aspect. and we knew all that before they even came out.

(Marcus Gideon) #146

I agree they’re not the best looking ships. At least, not the Frigate and BS. Personally, I think the Cruiser looks awesome! But the other two are too… snub nosed.

And the guns are an interesting twist. Waiting to build up DPS, means you want to shoot at things with a lot of HP rather than the smaller targets which will die “too quickly”. But then again, if they die, then you still won.

And the complete lack of Falloff is an interesting twist as well. Tons of people like to use Projectile weapons b/c they have a reasonable chance of hurting people just as much up close as they do from far away. But with these, so long as you’re in range, you know you’re going to hurt them.

And as for new skills, boo hoo? I have nothing against having more things to train. My only issue is the way people overcharge for the Frigate and Small Gun books, since those are the introductory hurdle.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #147

i like skills that improve things across the spectrum of ships. like capacitor management.

not arbitrary skills that are used as a gateway into niche items.

(Marcus Gideon) #148

Sure, there are those. But what about all the other “niche” skills?

4x flavors of racial Frigates, Cruiser, BS, etc.

Hybrids, Projectiles, Lasers… and several variants of Missiles.

It’s not like introducing ship / T1 gun / T2 gun skills is unheard of.

(Sylvia Kildare) #149

I’ve run over 700 sites myself, I’m having tons of fun. I keep recommending it to my friends in game but only 3 or 4 have tried it. The other dozen or more express some level of interest but most haven’t gotten around to it/too busy with the usual incursions/our wormhole experimentation.

I like that I can run them in HS or in a WH or wherever. Adaptive.


Not sure but have you used T-2 on the ship yet, is it worth training, the occult, mystic, I know the T-1 is really good but not sure how much improvement vs investment.

(Sylvia Kildare) #151

I’m using the faction large guns, modules-wise. Ammo-wise, I’d like to at least try out the t2 eventually (though I hear the tracking is worse? so I’m kinda enjoying the tracking of the t1 ammo) but there’s just one problem: I’ve only gotten 1 small tech 2 spec skillbook and 1 medium tech 2 spec skillbook. 0 larges and really I need 3 of each again like I injected 3 of the 3 t1 ship books and 3 of the 3 t1 weapon books, so…

Prices on the spec books are iiiiinsane, so waiting till I farm up all 9. 2 down, 7 to go!

Anyway, if they ever come out with faction radsinks and 1/2/3/4/5/6% damage implants for the triglavian weapons specifically… watch out!

(Marcus Gideon) #152

I have the Medium T2 guns, but I rarely bother with the T2 ammo.

Both the Occult and the Mystic reduce the tracking. And the trade off for range or increased DPS doesn’t seem to make it worthwhile. Occult would be decent for Structure bashing, if it weren’t so expensive. Mystic might be decent for really long range targets b/c it hits as hard as the medium range T1 ammo but further away.

(dewk) #153

I’m a little concerned that the Veles faction disintegrator is available, but no Veles Plasma ammo is available.

Is this something that’s to be added later and will it be like faction ammo for other weapons?

Also how limited is the Hydra and Tiamat event reward ships? are these the first set of new ships in a line of a whole series for the Triglavian faction?
And was there plans for an Battleship version of these two ships like the Concord versions with the Marshal?

(Marcus Gideon) #154

There’s a good chance they’ll get around to Faction ammo eventually. They also don’t have any Rigs for these things either.

As for the Hydra and Tiamat… if they keep to the spirit of the other AT trophy ships, there will NEVER be another release of those. What gets handed out for this tournament, is ALL there will be.

However, we can hope that maybe they’ll come out with some other variations down the road. But they may also treat them as they have the other Faction ships (such as the Serpentis or Blood Raider lines of ships). And this is all we’ll get.

(elitatwo) #155

Ohh so they are tournament ships? Shame I spend 2 hours making a recon-logi-hunter fit.

(Marcus Gideon) #156

They’re listed as the Prizes… =)

You can still go out Recon Hunting… if you’re prepared to risk a 500 Billion ISK ship exploring.

(elitatwo) #157

Hahahahaha I think not :smiley:

I didn’t read the tournament blog because of the rumor from earlier this year that this was the last tournament and there were no ships planned.

Now I get why they are only “slightly” overpowered.

(Sylvia Kildare) #158

So Mystic is an expensive Scorch with worse tracking… and Occult is a way-too-expensive Conflag. Roger.

I mean, there’s no faction versions of the three t1 ammo types yet, either, right? with large beam lasers, you’ve got your Gleam / Imperial Navy Multifreq combo and then the longer range ones if needed… with large pulse lasers, you’ve got your Conflag / Imperial Navy Multifreq / Scorch combo and who needs anything else.

And the t2 are cheaper than the faction crystals… but the faction crystals last what, 4 times as long before they break? and ofc then there’s the t1 crystals that last forever (or until ship death)…

I miss that level of choice with these triglavian ammo types.

(dewk) #159

Have to agree the Leshak is majorly hungstrung with its slots and specs.

When you consider it’s limited to one turret(sure it’s a great turret if you can maintain target lock and hit) which limits it to one target. You could throw drones on it, but that a limited effect item when you’ve got only 100mb/s drone bandwidth, this is about the average for most Battleships with Drones.

When compared to other ships of similar design (yip Amarr) she’s more or less identical. Same resistance % for shields, armour and hull. And the HP’s are more or less similar, the Leshak with 2k more armour than the Abaddon, but 2.5k less shield than the Apoc (the lowest Amarr Shield HP of all Amarr Battleships), it’s Hull HP is the same as most the Amarr Battleships. This make the EHP less than the Amarr Battleships with the excpetion of the Apoc which is less in Armour and Hull HP. The Shield recharge time is shocking 2500sec to recharge 3500HP?!?! Really!!! and Abaddon recharges 7,000HP of shield in the exact same time, something not right here!

As for speed, she’s identical to the Apoc and as in Targeting specs, most of the other specs is average with the Amarr standard Battleships.

Now getting back to slots. 5-4-8 for the Leshak, both the Abaddon and Apoc have 8-4-7, and both can mount 8 turrets, the Arma is marginally better than the Leshak with 7-4-7 and 5 turret - 5 launcher setup.

Like others have said above, the Leshak is lacking.

Personally I see with CCP is going with the Precurors ships. But I agree that due to the limited armament the ships need to have something to fill the gap. I agree with those suggesting increasing the med slot to 5, but for a different reason. I think it would be useful to have that extra slots available for ECM/ECCM modules, we already know they have issues with tracking and range of it’s one and only turret. I suggest CCP increases the med slot of all Precurors ships by one, and have a reduced activation cost and fitting cost for Electronic Warfare, Electronics and Sensor Upgrades in the med-slots.

Be interested what others think on this. I’ve looked at a number of fits and found this is one area that could make the balance to the one turret issue.

(Dark Engraver) #160

Leshak is more than fine

(dewk) #161

how so?

if fine to say it’s more than fine, but an example would help.

I could happily say in it’s current design it’s crap, but haven’t.

Instead I’ve said it’s lacking, and sited a number of places where there are areas of concern. Even providing comparisons.

saying the Leshak is fine, is a standard answer.

and post explaining why you think its fine, goes further to back you up.