Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!

I did this 3 times now,also i renamed my old profiles as “default”, but don´t work for me.

my lancher dont remeber what profile to use on diffrent alts, everytime i restart the launcher they all use the default one, even after i have picked a profile for all the toons

Guys, the EVE clock is ON the launcher quit asking… its at the bottom of the launcher beside how many players are logged in…

No, no its not

I see it.

To settle the clock matter, users on the beta can already see the clock. It has not been shipped to the release version yet. It’s coming back.


Maybe I’m overlooking something, but launch groups don’t appear to include profiles. By that I mean: the abillity to have Character A with profile A in one group, and Character A with profile B in another. Switching profiles has become harder now, and I switch profiles quite often depending on which screen I want a character to run on. As it is now, groups have no added value for me.

Also, when my computer comes out of hibernation with the launcher still running, any launch I attempt then crashes. I have to restart the launcher every time.

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Okay, first, on a mac with Wine. Yesterday I could only log in one of two accounts. Seems the first one locked down the ability to add the second. I could still log in to the website, etc., so it wasn’t a server issue. Saw the Web cache work around, that worked.

Today, same problem. One account logs in fine, but I am again asked to “Add Account” even though they were both in at the end of yesterday. Add the first account, the second one won’t be accepted.

Also, I get the purpose of the Launch Groups. Made two, they wouldn’t show up on the Launcher Screen. I read all of these great comments about having a list of accounts that you just click on, no such luck here. Back to dumping the two cache files and resubmitting new account log ins with requisite email number keys, etc. Though currently, it is behaving more like the previous launcher which would never remember an account no matter how many times I had logged in and played…

I see a reference to World of Tanks herein. I must say, they have a similar problem, every update, some little thing breaks. Next step, delete the game and redownload, “the 2x4 approach” as I call it.


tell us if it works the next day. for me, the fix worked. Today, back to unresponsive second login…

put the eve time back on launcher is the only thing what matters on this thing.

WOW CCP, For the first time in 19 years I couldn’t figure how to login to my account. @CCP_Avalon, I am really curious If there is a reason as to why the UI design team varied so far from ISO interface standards and changed the universal triangular ‘play’ button to an ‘add’ function button. [

IMO Its kinda like replacing the “?” for help with Stop sign, unusually confusing and unneeded
Mabey it just me. but I would expect hitting the ‘Play’ icon would, well, start or “play” the game.

If this was my first intro to the game, I would have gave up right away and moved on to something else. Unfortunately for me and lucky for you , you have my money already and Im just to lazy to cancel the regular payment

I think I posted this in the wrong spot. Limit on Max Clients
TLDR: I can’t log in all my clients. Please help!

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And another terrible UI bug: The accounts have no indicator any longer if they are starting up. There is just this useless popup “1 account added to startup queue”. Great step backwards.


i understand that u need increase login statistic, but please, take back button for manualy choosing which account in group i need launch.

I can no longer log in. Using Mac and Wine. I fill in account name and password hit enter and everything returns to blank. Damn you

But I don’t think that’s how the old launcher operated. It would remember the different profiles for different accounts without the need to be pinned or remembered or anything of the sort.

It is put the news and advertise right in your face. It is obvious what the point was. The fact they took away the auto launch feature when you open it is the dead give away. not you have the add right in the middle of the screen when you open it and have to look at the window to find the launch button that is off the bottom so your eyes cross over the advertisement of PLEX SALE or NEW SKINS FOR SALE. Subs isn’t enough dough for these guys. They want any customer surplus you got.

Notification popups cover the button to close the settings window. Perhaps they could be repositioned?


It might also be nice to be able to remove accounts from groups through the groups menu, instead of going in to the settings for each account and scrolling to the checkbox.

you can still auto launch when opened. its under launcher settings

for a whole, what 3 seconds you can’t wait for it to leave the screen to close the settings? Why are you opening the settings after launching anyway?

Launcher seems alright.

Good work.