Devblog: New Launcher Changes Coming!

How do I even log in. It loaded a number of things and then popped up this window with all of these news items and asking about all these settings, but I see no where to simply log in. Now I see a really slow download bar again showing up. What is this thing? How do I get into the game? Is this thing downloading a whole new client?

This thing is as clear as mud unless I guess you are a computer scientist.

Oh, finally get it. Add Account is not for creating a new account anymore, it is for logging on. How very clear and descriptive. I though, “No I do not want to add a new account, I already have 5”. Clear as mud. I had to read a lot of entries in this forum to finally figure out that Add Account doesn’t mean that any more, it means LOG IN. Geez Dudes!

a) Put EVE time back on Launcher - PLEASE
b) Make it so I can shrink the Launcher more
c) The download progress bar is ok, but you MUST add size of download to the bar (or as hover over, if that’s easier) Particularly as the launcher will download information that is not needed at that time. Those of us on less than ideal internet connections will thank you. Bonus points for a button to pause the background downloading

Please make it possible to use old launcher untill you fix all bugs in new one, seems like new one is very unstable, laggy and slow.

(Yes I’ve tried reinstalling several times, clearing cache etc)

I tried the new launcher it great I havnt had to add my account again and I don’t see anything wrong with the launcher and I had no issue loging in so good job ccp

Loaded new launcher no problems log into game no problem , only to find it has lost all window settings , drone groups, overview , module layout etc , not pleased

My launcher issue mentioned here. Connection Failed issue on startup

Is still occuring.

The bug report for it is EBR-170589 and it hasn’t yet been looked at. When will I expect it to at least be looked at?

After logging in, I noticed that the launcher used the default location of my profiles folder instead of the old one that I want to use and where my settings are. So I closed the client and changed the location under “Profiles”. This however fixed the problem only until the next time I log in, after which the profiles location resets to “Default” folder again.

If you don’t utilize the “remember me” function, you will always have to adjust settings for the account post login. We do not retain information between sessions for accounts that aren’t meant to be remembered.

The remember me function is available as checkbox on the login form, in the settings cog next to each username, and/or as “Automatically remember accounts after login” in the launcher settings (cog bottom left).

Users that have “remember me” enabled will display a thumbtack icon next to the username.

pls pls pls return the evetime clock to the launcher, I can’t tell you how often I check it for ops and timers. Launch groups aren’t particularly useful to me either, let me have the slider back so I can pick my accounts on the fly. The new launcher has basically taken away the main 2 launcher features I use and takes up more screen space to show my full account list.

Would you then tell me where is the location of the default “Profiles” folder, so I can move my settings from the old folder to there?

Click the cog wheel next to your username, then you’ll find a “Manage Profiles” button. There you can create new profiles, make copies, rename, or delete.


If i have more then one groups, - how launch only one of them? Button says “Launch groups(2)”:slight_smile:

I have already deleted the default profile, in hopes that will cause the only other profile in the list to be selected, but alas, it didn’t.

Click the button to get the option of which group to start.


“Default” will always be selected as a profile, unless you set a custom profile for the user (using the settings cog next to each username). If you have a custom profile that you want to be launched as the default one, rename/replace the “Default” one from the manage profiles menu.

What is the maximum number of accounts that can be configured and “remembered”?

3mm thin scroll bars may look sexy but they’re difficult to use. I wish up/down arrow or page up/down could be used to scroll. A hand injury with degraded

It would be nice if the escape key could close configuration menus and return to the same position in the account list. Currently it resets to the topmost position. Configuring more than a handful of accounts is tedious requiring frequent switches between typing and mouse, typing and mouse.

A configuration export/import to csv would be fantastic. It took over an hour to set up and I’d like to save myself from having to do it again if a MS update bricks my PC again.

A master password to encrypt stored credentials I think should be a must-have feature.

As mentioned already the animated billboards are distracting and annoying as hell.

It’s already patched in :slight_smile: