Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

(MacGregor Orlenard) #749

From 40k active players or more? Now the numbers are not so big.

(Teinyhr) #750

From the perspective of all the replies in the whole forum? Yes they are. More people have had their say about the removal of CQ than about:
-Moon mining revamp (202 unique replies - 8 Dev replies)
-Plex being expensive right now
-Exoplanets (118 unique replies - 4 Dev replies)
-Ship redesign: Rupture (75 unique replies - 6 Dev replies from 2 devs)
-Improvements to the map and UI (1 Dev reply)
-Structure improvements (1 Dev reply)

And so on, and so on. Just for the sake of being argumentative, lets see how many unique replies… Ok got bored halfway through, and my math skills are wonky but should be accurate to about a ±5 error margin.

So, as I see it, a lot more people bothered to voice their opinion on the forums about the CQ than any of the above, which are “core gameplay”.

Incidentally, almost all of those had several dev responses (4-8), this one doesn’t have enough to show up on the frequent posters list despite being more popular issue than any of those mentioned. Thread search shows 2 replies from CCP Falcon.

Just saying.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #751

I know and understand your math. You are 100% right. Just don’t get why people so complain about feature that was not used in game for most of people?

Never mind. I will probable never understand this since I don’t used it and never pay attention to look more than my chat avatar.

(Kolmogorow) #752

This thread tells you how many players wanted to use the CQs if they only had been developed forward. That’s the flaw in this 3% reasoning. If Strategic Cruisers had been introduced into the game but with the flaw that they can’t jump through stargates and cynos and wormholes people had been saying “wow, great ship class and fantastic idea but this inability to leave a system is crap”. Then nothing happens for years, people don’t use it, except 3% who fly around in their home system. After six years developers say, “look, people don’t like Strategic Cruisers, only 3% use them, not worth the maintenance, let’s remove them from the game”. How huge would this thread be then?

(Jill RE-Valentine) #753

I certainly liked the captains quarters. Having my characters in a 3d environment was far more interesting then watching a ship in the station. In a way I could connect more with the character I was using. The ability to customize with the various pieces of clothing further reinforced this connection. If the captains quarters had been developed more and expanded like they wanted it would have been even better. Then maybe get to interact with more station tools and other character avatars.

Sadly the captains quarters are gone. Now I just see what ship I’m using all the time. The space environments are great. But you can’t make it or your ships unique like your character. Other threads have discussed replacements for the captains quarters so I will give a different type of suggestion. Allow for increased ship customization, cosmetic of course. Then perhaps we can connected with our ships and not think of them as just another ship.

But I would still be excited if they made a real replacement for the captains quarters. And get to see my characters in station once more.

(Nana Skalski) #754

Hats, haircuts and boots for ships? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

(tasman devil) #755

And beards … and boobs… just to call her HMS the bearded lady :slight_smile:
(and thereby triggering some folks)

(Jill RE-Valentine) #756

Hats, haircuts and boots for ships? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Not what I was thinking. I’m thinking of improvised armor look, like you slapped on extra plates of armor. Customized paint jobs that could add a small bonus not unlike Fallout 4 power armor. Maybe like Armored Core mix and match pieces of other ships. Just adding in random things like spikes. Or could take stuff off of the ship making it look bare bones. This would have to be cosmetic so they would not have to re-balance the whole game.

(Maxi dela Tierra) #757
  • No resources to develep CQ any further
  • 3% using CQ

Removing it makes perfect sense.

My main reasons for not using CQ were
a) my avatars always looked way less appealing in realtime 3D environment than they did in the portrait
b) performance issues. don’t want to have 10 seconds of black screen everytime i dock


(Praevus) #758

Well. To be honest, I haven’t really played Eve much in the last two years or so, but the client still sat on my hard drive and I logged on different alts from time to time to see how are you all doing. Also, nostalgia.

But this wonderful bit of news finally made me uninstall the game. No, I’m not a space barbie boutique or a x-rated hot tub chat fan. It’s just that by removing CQ, CCP has officially acknowledged that their “future vision” - the future of Eve - is no more.

Eve will live on, of course, slowly withering to a fossilized piece of gaming history, maybe even for another decade. Its place is now among the games like Ultima Online and Everquest. People still play UO, you know?

I guess ultimately that’s what the spreadsheet mob wanted.

Have fun!

(Yiole Gionglao) #759

True, people still pay and play Ultima. PvE people, specifically. They play the game because of the game… Something no sane EVE player ever did. :smile:

(yellow parasol) #760

You need to consider quality of posts as well, not just pure numbers.

That’s how it is; not taking a side here. Definitely not saying nullbears create higher quality posts.

(Teinyhr) #761

I think most have been mournful of losing yet another way to immerse oneself into the world of EVE of the individual posters, there’s been plenty of anti-wis raging, but mainly from Jenn_aSide and a few select others.

(yellow parasol) #762

i meant the other thread, actually. :slight_smile: the one you compared it to. :smiley:

(Teinyhr) #763

Oh, right.

(Nana Skalski) #764

That would only mean this is the greatest thread on new forums.
Behind LAGL. :kissing_heart:

(Lulu Lunette) #765

LAGL was the first one I muted :pensive:

I’m sorry

(Kruz Mariner) #766

I am one person that used the Captain’s Quarters a lot. The main reason I will miss it is that I did planet mining and production. I used the interface in the CQ for visiting each planet and resetting the mining every few days. I would only need to visit the planets when I needed to collect the items I was building. Now I have to fly to each one of them to do anything on the planets. I would be nice to have that feature in the hanger.

(Lulu Lunette) #767

On your Neocom, click the “E” (above your character portrait) then mouse down to Business and then click Planet Management or whatever. This is equivalent to clicking on the right screen by your couch in CQ :slight_smile:

(Kruz Mariner) #768

Thank you Lulu Lunette - I looked everywhere but there lol