Devblog: Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

(Isihukone Thara) #869

Hey, give us back the Captain Quarters! You don’t have to do anything with it, you already have that part developed! It’s not just me, many people complaining and you know that was a real bad way to go. It was something, which connects you with something else than just your ship!!!

Oh come on, give it back to us, just the way it was done before… Thats all! Hope you understand me and thousands of other players!

But to be straight, I won’t believe that our feedback will do something, but I even tried to write a ticket as well. If they won’t get it back, than Eve never won’t be the same again for me… :frowning:

I am sorry for lettin Walking the Stations project go as well, but still, at least the quarters meant a lot for me… I understand that it needs some server space same as some other things as well, but they gived it us once and now developers just took it back not asking their players… they just realised on some basis, that there isn’t much people using it.
Anytime I opened that subject on any local system, many people joined the discussion and wanting it back… some of them considering leaving the game for good, because they don’t like the developers stance to them. When I was told that WiS have been abbadonned it was something like betrayal to me… So many years of waiting and now what? They just decided to remodel the ships (which is the least important for me), but why? It have nice graphics till now! Ah, I really don’t know what to think now to be honest. At least, I badly want the quarters back :(.

(Jian Mira) #870

(The White Witch) #871

I remember the last time I had to leave EVE (that was due to work commitments) and gave away all of my stuff and isk to other players. I regretted that when I came back with this character. So I’ll keep it all stored until, by some obscure off-chance, CCP do decide to re-introduce CQ in some other form.

But it does seem like a streamlining move by them as they restructure the game. However, in this case, it does seem to favour the male gamer, whilst alienating the female one, who appreciate personal touches like that. Yes, they’re follies, but they do attract the female gamer due to the connection that’s made with them. After all, they create them, sculpt them, name them and dress them. Then they take them for a walk around their quarters. What’s not to like about that? It is like being a little girl again with a doll. It’s that mad, but it was fun and added to the EVE experience. Isn’t that what good gaming is all about?

I used to like dressing up my avatar and having her strut her stuff on the CQ cat-walk in different outfits :grin:

Without realising it, CCP had tapped into the “virtual doll’s house” genre in this game, a genre so successfully done by games such as The Sims. But they should have expanded on it and promoted it more, instead of retreating from it, because it did attract female gamers to EVE.

Me, being one of them.

So it really is a shame that it’s gone.

(The White Witch) #872

…Oh, and I suppose I should say “action figure” instead of “doll” for all you boys :wink:

(Kepakh) #873

Wouldn’t it be possible to look more closely at what an actual maintenance of CQ features entails and then come up with some better solution(ie. cutting off just the hangar) instead of shutting down the feature completely?

(Rek Seven) #874

Oh yeah, i see the fundamental difference of our opinions there :wink:

That is really dumb. Do you think the game mechanics appear out of thin air or that players create them? CCP create everything so that you keep playing and giving them your money.

(John Poland) #875

I want to buy a set of “Navy Capsule”, but I’m wondering what is there, and is it worth buying it?

(Yiole Gionglao) #876

From the CSM meeting minutes:

"CCP Vertex asked the CSM what they had heard and what sort of sentiment they saw with regards to the removal of Captain’s Quarters, to which they replied that they had not seen many people making many complaints. "

That’s a true testament to the value of the CSM. Well done, @CSM

CSM 12 Summit 1: Minutes Discussion
(Ptraci) #877

The Captain’s Quarters with that door were possibly the second worst game tease ever, right after Duke Nukem Forever. And pretty much with the same ending :stuck_out_tongue:

(Krima Sumyungi) #878

Don’t worry, we all know CSM’s are worthless. The only ones who think noone knows are the CSM’s and CCP.

(Buoytender Bob) #879

Avoiding the issue of the value of GQ, unless you hang out in the same chat/mumble/alliance channels of the CSM , Devs, or Alliance members, it is unlikely that they will notice any dissent. A few are actively starting to reach out to those outside their normal contact group for opinions and ,hopefully, this trend will spread and continue. The result will be a more accurate read on the player group as a whole and , Bob willing, a better game for everyone.

(Rain6637) #880

you know how EVE’s spaghetti code has been explained as requiring 150 people full-time for like ten years or whatever. I’m curious how that figure compares to however many people have worked on Dust, Valkyrie, and Nova.

I’m not trying to incite a bitter rebellion or whatever. I just want players to maybe accept CCP’s priorities and move on from this dream of ambulation and move on with their lives.

It was started but then cut short for reasons. Maybe if we acknowledge what those priorites are, we can become better-adjusted players. I see a lot of dreaming in this thread and I share some of those sentiments, but dreams can stand to be tempered with reality sometimes.

I just re-subbed another annual because I’m okay with EVE more or less. I hope Incarna-supportive players will do the same.

(Nevyn Auscent) #881

The dream of ambulation isn’t a bad one, it just needs to happen in a way that supports the space ship side of the game, rather than subtracts from it. Bars in every station which just exist to show off clothes would subtract from it since they would have no tie into the spaceships.

Having some rare central hubs where you can have huge strategy rooms with in game map tools for FC’s to explain the campaign in a cool briefing, and other people not in fleet but with alliance permissions can watch some camera angles of the fleet, or look at strategic data and continue to make campaign plans for the day. That would be cool and supports the space ship side.

Now sure you could third party tool it, but just because it can be third partied doesn’t mean it’s not worth implementing in game, ideally the game should have as few third party tools as possible so that it’s not about who has the best out of game programmers to make your alliance tools but about how you actually play the game.

(Ptraci) #882

Not only that a fundamental in game design is the eternal question “is it fun?”. There are lots of things that sound good in meetings and planning sessions because they’re really cool, could really show off some graphics technology, or could increase bragging rights because no other game does it, or theoretically could increase game depth somehow - but they fail that fundamental test. If it’s not FUN, it should never be included in the roadmap for a game.

Walking around in your player character is fun for about 5 minutes. Then unless you plan on including a FPS - with all the necessary actions your character must be able to do, plus all the terrain requirements, plus all the actual goals for your character… there’s not much else to do. A couch. Oh wow. I can walk down this hallway… etc. Nope. Not fun.

Making toons walk from place to place to do things - even like you say - to view maps for a group “strategy” session, etc - become tedious after a while when you have to do it every single time. Players will say “but can’t we just do it on comms like we used to?” - because it fails the fun test. Neat the first time. Then boring because it’s not fun.

(Nevyn Auscent) #883

I would disagree that it can’t be fun or must be tedious.

If there are large screens hanging from the roof, your characters are on a balcony and the main map is down in the ‘pit’ below the balcony such that you can see it from nearly every area with only 5 steps of walking, and you can just teleport into the room from the ship hanger, then it is not tedious, and it is very convenient.
And it provides advantages to doing it on comms in a third party application since you don’t have to alt tab out or own a second monitor. And you don’t have to have someone program it in your alliance also.
The other ‘social’ uses then become players choosing to interact in the available space rather than being a dedicated social area.

So it is perfectly capable of being done in a manner that is good for the game. Now exactly how much developer time that would take to make the particular scenario I am envisioning vs the benefit it would bring, that is a different question about cost analysis.

But trying to pretend that there is no way to do it that would not be fun & easy is just silly. (Fun for most people obviously, you of course may simply hate anything that takes you out of the pod, and that’s a valid opinion for you to have about your gameplay)

(DeMichael Crimson) #884

Besides just having social areas and dance bars, there was also a lot of other different ideas given to CCP for WiS gameplay content.

I’m talking about stuff like solo and team FPS arena / obstacle course style combat to infiltrating and clearing out enemies deck by deck in locked-down stations.
Or stealth type Ninja Assassination attempts to Kamikaze Terrorist action with exploding bomb vests.
Or smuggling and trading contraband in smokey dimly lit rooms to dissecting corpses for Implants in secret station labs.
Or buying detailed info about other characters from shady Intelligence Agents to hacking into and stealing other characters assets.

The list goes on, CCP definitely had no shortage of suggestions for WiS content. Unfortunately they missed their chance to make game news headlines and in my opinion will never recover from that missed opportunity.

(Jenn aSide) #885

You probably don’t want to hear it, but they are right. Not many people care. Even in this long thread about the issue you get maybe what, 25-30 WiS types posting their dismay over the issue?

I’ve been arguing with the space Barbie crowd since 2010 and one thing I know for sure is that they think there are more people like them than their really are, to the point where I think the average WiS advocate might be experiencing the ‘False Consensus Effect’.

Of course it not just WiS, just about everyone I’ve ever met who was ticked off at something thought I should be ticked off too, saying “doesn’t that just burn you up” and the like. Telling them “nope, don’t really care” just seemed to make them angrier, like my lack of outrage was wrong or something.

(Jill RE-Valentine) #886

So according to you the captains quarters and walking in station are pointless. At least that what I gleam from your post. Maybe they are but I liked the captain quarters and still do.

perhaps now they can fix another more broken and useless system. Like the bounty system. Honestly it may be more broken then the captains quarters.

(yellow parasol) #887

bounties are great, if you do it right, aka by suicide ganking. if you don’t want to do that, then that’s not the fault of bounties. vOv

(Aelavaine) #888

Well, if you avoid such a “controversial” topic because otherwise you might be branded as a space barbie lover, of course you won’t hear many complaints. The only contribution to this issue I remember, is from an ex CSM member and that tells me enough of the worthiness of the current CSM’s reply.

I agree with you in parts here. Yes, not many people care about the removal of a feature CCP made intentionally useless. But if those people could choose between an EVE with or without useful avatar gameplay, the majority would choose the first one. And that’s the question CCP Vertex should have asked the CSM! If the people want more explosion effects and more skins in the shop or more usefull avatar gameplay? But that leads to my paragraph above.